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  1. I'm sorry you had such a rough six months. You're a much tougher human being than me. Here's to resetting.
  2. It's so cool that you're a sword slinging badass. Depression happens. It's ok. It is your response that matters. Power through.
  3. I knew somebody had to have beaten me to it. How goes it Jon?
  4. What's up Puck? Wow that pasted way bigger than I thought it would. Whatever, no regrets. Your challenge title reminded me of that^.
  5. I should probably watch that trailer, huh? All the nerds at work have been buzzing about how much better it looks than Venom. How ya been Wolfie?
  6. Not yet anyway. Since June my life has consisted of the following: Full time employee. Full time online student at WGU. (I've finished 52 Credit Hours since October 1st!) Full time husband and father. (Married in June, she has a 9 year old.) Part time author. So... pretty busy. Last you all had heard from me I had made good progress after my wedding to just before I started school. (Weighed 435 on wedding day June 10th, had gotten below 400 by September.) With school I done fell off a bit and got back up to 416 by the end of the year. Wife and I joined Weight Watchers on 1/1 and have stuck with it. I'm not here to pimp WW but it's been the most consistent eating plan I've used, and actually feels like a lifestyle change. I've also been swimming, which has been great on my knees and ankles. We've consistently lost between 2-3.5lbs per week. (Both of us, even though I've got twice as many points. WW has that shit dialed in.) This morning I was 398.2 This challenge isn't designed to add anything more to my plate. It's more to ask you guys to help keep me accountable with all the shit I've already got going on. Based on my current goals this month should include: Launch my book! (And do all the stuff my marketing guys want me to do for it.) Ebook hits 2/15, paperback a week or so after that. Work out at least 30mins 5 days/week. Swimming or running is most likely but wife and I may make it back into the weight room. Track WW points every single day. I've found that when I do it is very difficult for me to let myself go over my daily points, let alone weekly and fit points. Finish at least 3 college classes. I'm shooting for Microeconomics, Quantitative Analysis, and Project Management. All the dad things and all the husband things. Take "me" time so I don't lose my mind. Could consist of Zelda, shooting at the range, even fishing if we get a day above freezing. Try to check in here at least weekly.
  7. Poor younglings. Good to have you along my friend. Hey brother. Luckily I've sucked at posting so you haven't missed much of anything. Thanks! Just getting started! Maybe not old. Definitely a bastard. Speaking of bastards... I'm still alive and it is going well. Some highlights of the past two weeks: Bucked bulls up at the family farm two sundays ago. Got a crash course in bullfighting (rodeo clown style, not matador) and then got to try to piss off bulls after each time my cousin got bucked off. It was a blast and we go to do it again on Labor day. Took the kid to Mordor Chicago last weekend for the first time. Shedd aquarium and rainforest cafe. I drove downtown all day and experienced zero anxiety. It was marvelous. The fasting went really well for that first week. I did really well with restricting the time I eat rather than what I eat. The second week Tammy took notice and asked me to tell her about low carb. She was interested in trying it so I switched back to make things easier for her/for support. Jury is out on whether we will keep it up or she wants to switch to just counting cals but I'm still getting results. Kept up the walking every day on lunch. Week-end Weight today: 389.2! 4.8 over past two weeks since last update here 7.6 this challenge 35.8 since wedding (June 10th) 14.2 from goal set for 12/31/17 111.3 overall (October 2012) I project something like 387 on my 30th bday this friday. 13lbs below the goal initially set for that day! Things are going well overall and the kid went back to school this past week so here's hoping I have a little more time to both post on here and get some more activity in daily to really torch some fat.
  8. I love the character concept Puck. Thought I had commented already but I guess not. Oh well, I'm here now.
  9. Possibly somewhere in America? (Ignore the fact that this is sent from IL.)
  10. End of the week weigh-in: 394.0 Down 2.8 week over week/this challenge. Down 31 since wedding. Down 106.5 total. 19lbs to goal originally set for 12/31. Trucking along. Work has been obnoxious as we have contracted with a company to strip our asphalt and put new stuff down. Long story short, they're douchebags and are disrupting my employees with their unprofessional shenanigans. Add to that a big kerfluffle with my boss about my work schedule yesterday and I'm in a fighting mood. Lemme at em!
  11. Could it possibly have some roots in the whole "D&D is Satan worship!" thing from back in the day? Like perhaps there's a rule (unspoken or not) at some of these publishing companies that they do not flesh out religious aspects of games for fear of some schizophrenic kid blowing away his schoolmates in worship of Baphomet or Orcus or something. I know many of my old-school gaming buddies lament the fact that Wizards have downplayed religion and the gods in recent editions.
  12. Very much most of what Jon said ^^. I just don't have the time to sit down and read so the audible books come in handy when I'm commuting to work and even while at work because most of my job doesn't require much of a brain to be productive (part of that is over 2 years of doing this. I can do it in my sleep if I needed) X3 I live an hour from work and have been walking on my lunches so I spend 3 hours 5 days per week either blowing through audiobooks or podcasts. It's the only way I take in books anymore.
  13. I failed to reply to @Wild Wolf's post because I just kind of suck at foruming right now but this is an excellent listen. My wife is most definitely not a nerd and even she was sucked into it. If you enjoy it I recommend the Magic 2.0 series on Audible as well. Very similar humor and it's a little bit of both sci-fi and fantasy.
  14. God I cannot wait for the day I intentionally eat maintenance. I know it's probably still a couple years off but what a glorious day that will be. Awww. You're always first in my heart Lags. ------------------- Weigh in this morning: 394.8! 30.2lbs lost since wedding, 105.7 overall. 19.8 to go to hit goal of 375 originally set for 12/31. It's only been half a week but I think IF is a viable long term plan during my marathon of a cut.
  15. Worst. Mascot. Ever. Period. SONOFABITCH! In all seriousness though, this reaffirms that I need to spend more time getting acquainted with Eberron. Every time you bring it up it sounds more and more badass.
  16. Laghail... Blood... Urge to make lame inappropriate joke... rising... Must... resist... Hey man, I really like the intro to your story. Really nice... flow. GODDAMMIT!
  17. Get those steps in yo!
  18. Greetings pal. Following along as well as I can.
  19. We had something similar happen. Lived in a cheap apartment with thin walls with my ex and the neighbor decided to pick that night to absolutely smash their way up the stairs. Considering how much emphasis was put on the baddie stomping up and down the stairs in the movie it scared the shit out of us. Hi Wolfie. Following.
  20. The true-est thing ever written on NF. I cannot wait to get down to 3XL and not have to go to a specialty section or store to get all my shirts. Congrats that you've made it there sir.
  21. Thanks for checking in. Glad to have both of you along, as always. I've had people actually get offended, like I was intentionally being an asshole with that answer. No one wants to believe that it really is that simple, that it can't be that easy. What they don't understand is that simple does not always equal easy. Good idea on the KB broseph. I think I'm going to keep it as simple as I possibly can for the moment though. Really the focus is nearly solely on diet. The walking is just a nice side effect to keep that extra 3-500 cals burnt every day. A link to Orkasm by Amanda Lorien will be in your PM box shortly. Let me know what you think. Note to self: I really gotta find some ebook retailer that isn't as prudish as Amazon and will let me list that smut. Ahem... Burn them. Burn them all! ... The calories that is. Heh. Good to have you along Puck. ---------------------------------------------------- Walking and IF were both accomplished yesterday and we are on track for today. Excited to weigh in tomorrow and see how the first few days of fasting has affected my weight.
  22. Excited to cheer you on through these races friend. Wreck it.
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