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  1. Whole lotta "doing" going on. Very little "trying". ------------------------------------------------------------- Went on a deer scouting hike on my lunch today. Kicked up three deer on a mile hike in a heat advisory. Getting that movement in while also putting together a plan for October.
  2. Black Spidey disagrees. I've not seen it yet. Wife is demanding we see Wonder Woman first. Hoping you are right and it's phenomenal. Also, I was just giving you shit about the "only" 6 miles thing but don't you ever undersell yourself on that man. If ever that 10k feels like a disappointment you just remind yourself that your disappointing day is better than most people will ever run in their lives (in one go anyway.)!
  3. That struggle is a real one. Stuffing your face with lean meat all day every day gets cold quick. I'm very interested to see your results/hear your take on how the IIFYM based on your goal weight after you've done it a few weeks. I've always felt something was off with running macros based on a supposed TDEE at 400lbs rather than the >300 I want to be. Squats look strong. Keep it going.
  4. Good to have you sir, regardless of time. Spoiler alert: My mettle is being tested this morning as I had some carbs this weekend. More about that in a bit. Thanks! I think so too. I think it's really important to get some momentum rolling on it. ----------------------- Had an awesome weekend of basically nothing for the first time in about three months. We decided to do as little as possible to let ourselves unwind a bit. Only thing we ended up doing was to go fishing sunday afternoon. Ended up catching a bunch of catfish. That one was the biggest one of the bunch. Big enough that I could only wrap one of my gorilla hands halfway around its head. He looks a little rough because he flopped out of my grip just before the picture. We took three of them home and fried them up for dinner using a wet batter and they were absolutely delicious. It marked a couple firsts for us. It was the first time Tammy had ever fried fish and it was the first time for me that I caught, killed, cleaned, and ate something from start to finish. My dad had cooked us fish before when I was a kid but I had never done it all on my own without his help. I'd always practiced catch and release since becoming an adult. It may sound silly but it felt like a big deal for me. A rite of passage or something, if you can have those two months before your 30th birthday. Hopefully we have several more such dinners this summer, because that catfish was better than any deep fried fish I'd ever had in a restaurant. I'm not sure if I put it in the first post but I've been giving myself dinner on sunday and dinner on monday as variances or carb meals. So the fried fish was sunday's and monday we made stuffed shells with garlic knots. Unsurprisingly, my weight jumped up 9lbs to 416.4 this morning. Despite not being surprised, I was still slightly taken aback. That scale has so much power over me it's not funny. Even though I know it'll fall off in a day or two when my glycogen depletes, it's like a shot to the gut seeing the jump. It's likely that I'll switch up to weekly weigh-ins to avoid seeing the jump that carbs give me.
  5. One handed farmers are a thing as well. Works your core in addition, I believe? Get your bodyweight in one hand and run around with it until failure a few times and I guarantee you'll see grip strength results. Plus that shit is just plain fun. Just be sure to chalk up before and be wary of torn calluses. Those will set you back.
  6. Regarding grip strength (without having read any of your thread, so sorry if it's already been discussed): Heavy farmer carries, heavy deads, heavy DB rows. I used to do all three in one day. It'll wreck your forearms and that grip strength will skyrocket.
  7. How are you tracking progress? Little tip that's worked for me: Do all the tracking. Track everything you can. Lbs, inches, pictures, mile/km/interval time PRs, distance PRs, etc. The more things you track the more opportunities you have for small victories. Sometimes my weight would stay the same for weeks but I'd hit a huge PR or I'd take progress pics and be able to see the difference. Doesn't seem like much but for me it can mean the difference between feeling proud and reinvigorated or giving in to "what's the point?" and scarfing down sweets.
  8. Idk man. I can't even sew sober. It's pretty damn cool. I'm imagining a weird take on the Legend of Drunken Master. Lots of flying needles and crochet sticks and shit.
  9. Thanks! It's compound so not nearly as hard as with my recurve. I'm only good to paper plate sized groups at 10 yards or so with that. I've spent every shooting session up to yesterday sighting in my pins out to 30 yards. Yesterday I finally got it where it was more accurate than I was. Got to spend the whole time just working on my actual shooting rather than where the sights were pointing. It was nice. Hopefully the groups tighten up a bit more over the next few weeks as I work on form but if not I feel comfortable shooting at an animal out to 30yds. ----------------------------- Shoulder isn't sore today. Well, not sore past the normal everyday suspected-torn-rotator-cuff soreness anyway. Scale dropped again to 407.0. I guess the big drops still aren't out of my system yet. I'm not complaining. Go ahead and keep dropping 3lbs overnight body. I dare you. 18lbs down since respawn 6/27, 93.5lbs down overall. 7lbs from the goal I set for September 1st.
  10. DON'T CARE HOW I WANT IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! You're right of course. One of my biggest struggles has been simply being patient and staying the course. Just need to stick with it for a good year/18 mos and i'll be down where I want to be. ------------ Got some chafing occurring on my thighs so I nixed my lunch walk in favor of some archery today. My shots are dead on out to 20 yards and within 6" or so at 30 yards. Would like to be "hunting accurate" at 40yds by october. Still got some work to do. Shoulder is good and sore already after the 30ish shots taken. Excited to see how it feels tomorrow.
  11. I remember waaay back when you had the most jacked bull on the face of the planet as your One time I (or someone else, idk, it was like 4 years ago now) asked about it and you explained in great detail how this breed of cattle was genetically manipulated into being fucking stacked. I don't really have any important point here, just thought I'd share that cool memory because your discussion of your grad school reminded me of it. Biggest advice I can give is that life is too short to spend doing something that you hate so much that you need to leave in the middle of your day.
  12. Oh how I miss 4 plate deads and 100lb stone to shoulders. I'm just gonna go ahead and live vicariously through you for awhile, k?
  13. I got it in, despite the 90*F+ weather. I was drenched after but got over 2 miles in. Scale dropped two pounds overnight so it was worth it for sure.
  14. 410.2 this morning. Slowly chipping away. 10.2lbs from the goal I set for Sept 1st. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  15. Welp. There's only one opening. You know what that means...
  16. Well done. Ain't nobody looking at your feet at a wedding anyway, even if you're in it.
  17. Good job getting your walk in despite the heat. I'm in the same boat today. Brought different clothes to change into as I anticipate drenching what I wore this morning.
  18. Chiro perhaps? I don't know if you're into that kind of thing but mine works wonders.
  19. My audio tastes alternate between obsessively listening to podcasts or enjoying a few audio books on my commute/walks. Problem is I keep buying the audiobooks on my goodreads whenever I see a ridiculous deal on audible so I have a huge backlog. Those "1.99 for the book plus 1.99 for the audible" get me every time. Right now I've migrated back to audiobooks but I'm listening to a huge book called Super-Powereds so it'll be hot minute before I revisit American Gods for sure.
  20. That makes two of us. If you had told me 6 mos after splitting up with my first wife that I'd ever be married again I would have laughed in your face. Crazy what love does to us. It took me awhile to figure it out. Honestly I probably wouldn't have if the missus hadn't point out I was moody every single day I was hung over. So far I've definitely had less anxiety but I've been grouchier than usual anyway, which I believe is due to lack of carbs or this other thing that's going on with my stepdaughters dad that I can't really talk about online yet. We will see how the rest of the month turns out. I can guarantee I don't want to. I guess this is really a fact finding mission more than anything. I'm hopeful for a day when I am 275 and can eat carbs and drink beer in moderation. Sure thing. Bedtime is at 8:30 and your chores are vacuuming, cleaning the toilet, and running a 5e game. -------------------------------- Little to report about yesterday other than I was exhausted when I got home and went to sleep at 9:30. Weight this morning was 412.4. Tuesday Tammy made me a breakfast casserole with egg, sausage, and cheese and I grilled up a huge bag of chicken. Add in string cheese for snacks and steamed veggies as sides and food is all taken care of until this weekend.
  21. Bangarang Rufio. Let's get this shit back on track.
  22. It's been sitting on my phone for like 2 years waiting for me to listen. Let me know what you think.
  23. This is the main reason I'd even consider buying a switch, to be able to play skyrim at work.
  24. Seems like you have plenty of followers but...
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