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  1. Holy Moses, thats alot of food! I'm thinking the fast needs to go out the window. Don't know if I can eat that many calories in one 4hr window without resorting to garbage. I'm thinking I'll start following it on Monday as we do grocery shopping Sunday nights. I only have a couple other questions: What if I eat under for some reason? Should I be trying to get as close to all of the macros without going over? What about refeeds? They came up alot in this thread. Should I worry about them at this stage?
  2. Welcome Ash, good to have you aboard. This morning weighed in at 406.2 Rest day today but I am planning on doing some archery with a buddy tonight. Might not sound like a lot but pulling a 55lb draw bow 50-60 times can be a pretty good workout.
  3. It's only been about 3 weeks on 1500. What I do is start a diet plan and then after 1-2 months my body seems to stabilize and it stops working so i switch to something different. So i have been cycling between doing keto (really dirty i'm ashamed to say, eating whatever as long as there weren't carbs), primal/paleo, and low-cal. When I'm doing keto or primal i don't really count calories but I'd estimate as taking in 2500-3000/day... ish... Sorry that it's so imprecise. It gets very frustrating doing it that way as i've never really understood why going low carb can make the pounds melt off for a couple weeks and then produce no results for another couple weeks. I'm looking forward to a more scientific approach. I should also mention that I'm doing a kind of Warrior Diet-esque fast with a 20/4 fast/feed. So I'm basically just drinking water until 6pm then eating 1500 cals for dinner. I have powdered BCAAs being delivered by amazon right now (should be here next week) with the intent to start drinking them before/after lifting and every couple hours after until I break my fast. Don't know if any of that makes a difference but I'm open to change. You clearly know your stuff so I'm willing to change it up to what you think would be best. Thanks Courtnie!
  4. No rush. I appreciate your help. Up until this week I had been lifting twice and trying to do one long walk (5-10mi) per week. This week is my first time lifting MWF. As for what my workout looks like, yesterday I did: Squat 135x3x5 (Really focused on going deep.) Overhead Press 100x1x5 (First time doing 100. Couldn't get the second set off my chest. Last week did 95x3x5.) Deadlift 275x3x5 (Felt strong.) Then I usually finish with a 2-3 biceps and 2-3 triceps lifts, because who doesn't want big arms? Yesterday was: Barbell curls 55x3x15 Hammer curls 20(i think)x3x20 Skullcrusher 55x3x15 Triceps pulldowns 80x3x15 Tomorrow I'm planning on: Squat 155x3x5 Bench 140x3x5 Deadlift 295x3x5 And then whatever arm exercises seem like a good idea at the time. Reading this thread, I think I'll probably want to incorporate rows to build up my back as that (my abdomen in general i suppose) is where I carry a vast majority of my fat.
  5. Hey Donar, I'm new to the forums and I have digested all of this thread today. Alot of information, a very good read. Congratulations on the success you've had so far, its a huge motivation. I'm wondering if you'd be so kind as to help me out with my macros? My long term hope is to do what you did this year with your recomp on a much larger scale. I've lost almost 100lbs this year but I'm still at 408.6lbs as of this moment and if I'm measuring right, 36.2% body fat (measuring neck, hips, forearm, wrist, and waist just above the belly button where it hits the biggest parts of my love handles). In a perfect world I could continue to lose fat but put on the lean mass. I am 26, a fellow 6'5"er, and am currently doing Starting Strength with some additonal work if any of that matters. I am very new to lifting but I'm loving both the feeling of lifting heavy and the differences I feel in my arms. I've just been eating a huge deficit to get my losses so far (my daily goal is as close to 1500 as I can get). It's hard for me to find my maintainance as even at 1500/day, I'll have a full week or two were I don't move at all or go up even. Have never really paid attention to my macros up to this point. If you need any other info, just let me know. If you're too busy or just can't, no problemo. This entire thread has already fed my brain and gotten me thinking about it so I thank you for that either way.
  6. I think I'm gonna lurk around a bit on the challenge posts, get acclimated and get used to keeping up my battle log and then probably get into the next challenge. It's good to know I'm welcome. I appreciate it.
  7. Just an update. I was real careful about squats this morning, did 3 sets of 5 at 135 but they felt good so I did went back to 3 sets of 5 at 275 for deadlift and felt strong doing it. Feeling a bit sore now that I'm sitting at work but nothing like I did the other day. Thanks again Exorcisto.
  8. Yep. Been eating a big deficit for awhile now. That's most of how I lost my first ~100lbs. Doing the lifting thing because it interests me more than endless cardio. I get more enjoyment out of it. Results are more tangible than just losing a lb or two per week. Might not be optimal but we'll see how it goes and how far I can push it while on a deficit.
  9. Any loss is a good week. What I do for water is chug two big glasses of water right when I wake up, then every time I have to pee I replenish with another two big glasses or until I feel full. You'll find yourself running to the restroom ALOT but it also makes it so you don't have cravings. (At least it does for me, your results may vary.) Good to you. I'm excited to see how it goes for you.
  10. Thanks Ghostwolf. I've just started lifting this summer, fell off for about a month and then started up again a couple weeks ago so my PRs aren't too impressive but they are as follows: Squat 185x3x5 OHP... Actually now that I think about it, today was a PR at 100x1x5! Finishing all three sets would be 95x3x5 Deadlift 315x3x5 Bench 150x3x5 I believe... May have been 155. Last week I was repping 135 without issue. Good news is I don't have far to go in any category to start setting new records every week. I'm pretty stoked to see how high I can go.
  11. If you don't mind me asking, are you still putting on weight? I'm doing basically the same workouts but with the goal of slimming down while building strength so I'll be following your progress. Very interesting to see someone doing the same workout with the opposite goal as far as bw goes.
  12. Short Background: I've lost nearly 100lbs over the past year on various workout and diets. I'm now hovering between 405-410lbs. Long background. Didn't think it'd be appropriate to repost everything I'd already written. My experiment going forward is to see if I can lose weight while making gains in strength. I've been following Starting Strength and then throwing in lower weight/higher rep arm exercises to build size. I also try to go on long walks 1-2 times/week. My diet is currently as close to 1500cals/day as I can get, eaten from 6pm-10pm. Rest of the day is a fast with just water. I'm not eating very clean at the moment. We currently eat boxed meals and processed stuff a couple times per week. Working to implement the good stuff but its a slow battle. Also have BCAAs on order, will be taking them every couple on workout days to (hopefully) help preserve muscle during my fast. I recently had been experiencing some back pain that was mostly remedied with help from El Exorcisto but I took it a little easier on squats today and really focused on going deep just to be careful. Deadlifts felt good. Today's working sets: Squats: 3 sets of 5 at 135lbs. As mentioned before, really focused on going deep, keeping good form, and seeing how the back felt. I'm excited to replace body weight with iron here as the body weight is lost. Overhead Press: Only 1 set of 5 at 100lbs. Last week I had no issue doing 3 sets of 5 at 95 but just couldn't get the bar off my chest for the second set. Took it down to 95 and still couldn't so I imagine I'll be feeling it in the morning. Deadlift: 3 sets of 5 at 275lbs. Felt strong while doing so. This is by far my favorite lift and I'm glad I could do it confidently. Barbell curls: 3 sets of 15 at 55lbs Hammer curls: 3 sets of 20 at 25lbs Skullcrushers: 3 sets of 15 at 55lbs Triceps pulldowns w/ Rope: 2 sets of 15 at 80lbs 1 set of 15 at 100lbs I'm pretty much just going with whatever feels good at the time for arms. I'm seeing and feeling results so I must be doing something right. Weighed in at 408.4 post-workout. If anyone has any suggestions/encouragement/motivation/stories, please feel free.
  13. Holy Jesus. You are a miracle worker. Got rid of 75% is of the pain. Thank you much. Feel free to bill my insurance. So you don't have an issue lifting heavy as long as you do that now and again?
  14. After a good amount of sleep it's feeling a lot better. A lot of tightness all the time but still some pain when I stand up or bend at the waist.
  15. Thanks for the reply. It is definitely an aching. Located right at the base of my back. Feels worst when I bend at the waist and when I stand after sitting. While I was squatting Monday, felt very tight and sore but not as bad as it does now the night after. I shall update with how it feels in the morning.
  16. Btw, my post asking for programming advice is here if anyone is interested in chiming in.
  17. Thanks! I'm getting there. Looking over it briefly, it seems like Warrior might be the right choice. I shall check out all the options though just to be sure.
  18. Hello all. For the longish get-to-know me, click here. Alright, as I said in ^there^ I've been pretty much following Starting Strength. However, about a week and a half ago I think I hurt something in my lower back. Was deadlifting 275x3x5 and squatting 185x3x5 and didn't feel the pain until after I was sitting at my desk at work for awhile later that day. I gave it a week or so then went back in today. I backed it off on my squat to 135 but was still experiencing tightness/soreness and felt really weak. Wasn't going as deep as I wanted so I didn't bother to deadlift. Just benched and did some work on my arms. So, my question is: What do you think is the best course of action. A friend suggested going to a low weigh - high rep program and focus on one body part per day for awhile. Should I maybe do that? Or give it a few more week rest before starting up (really don't want to do that as I just got back on the wagon a month ago or so) and stick with Starting Strength? Or something totally different? Here's my requisite stats per the forum sticky: 26yo Male 407lbs 6'5" My main interest is in powerlifting but as long as I have tangible results (gains in weight lifted/reps/felt muscle) I will stay motivated. As stated, as far as lifting goes, I've only been doing this since just before summer. Mostly following Starting Strength with a little bodyweight stuff in there and a little bit of time being lazy and doing nothing. Currently I'm lifting 2x/ week for 45-60 mins/session and taking a long (5-10 mi) walk weekly. Before the back soreness, my lifts were as follows: Squat: 185x3x5 Bench: 135x3x5 (Today I did 135x6 twice and then 135x5 once just to switch it up) Deadlift: 275x3x5 (Had reached 315x3x5 earlier in the summer before taking a break) Overhead press: 85x3x5 I follow the general Squat Bench Deadlift then Squat Overhead Deadlift program described in Starting Strength. After finishing my compound movements, I will usually do at least two biceps and two triceps lifts with weight as high as I can doing 3 sets of 15-20 reps. Why? Because I want big arms and I read somewhere on the internet that low weight-high rep will do that for you. These include: Preacher Curls Barbell Curls Hammer Curls Triceps pulldowns on the machine Skullcrushers Narrow Grip Bench etc. My diet is currently trying to get as close as I can to 1500 calories daily. However, I do it in a 20hr fast/4hr feed so I generally have one big meal to keep me satiated at night. I've ordered BCAAs and I'll be starting to use those before/after my workout and every couple hours until I break my fast. I honestly haven't been paying too much attention to macros as I find that when I mess too much with cutting out carbs and increasing fats, my stomach goes nutso. I have a really nice gym membership with access to just about every kind of free weight, weight machine, cardio machine and pool. They have yoga, cycling, crossfit, etc, classes but I've never taken part. I have many paved trails and country roads nearby where I do my long walks. May venture into hiking this fall as I have a plethora of parks and trails nearby as well. I work 9-6 MTThFSat. When I lift, I usually do so from 7-8ish before work. My long walks are generally on Weds on my day off. There you have it. Let me know what you think my next move should be. Any suggestions or encouragement are appreciated. Just let me know if you need any more infomoration.
  19. Hey everyone. Longtime follower of NF, first time poster. Here's a little about me: Oct 5th 2012 I weighed in at 500.5lbs at a Dr appt. Seeing that 500 really crushed me. Never thought I'd let it get that bad. Made some minor changes over last winter (less soda, less eating out, nothing major) In January of this year (483lbs at the time), I found NF and grabbed the Rebel Fitness guide. Since then I've gone through quite a few different workouts and diets. Just a quick sampling: Diets: Calorie counting with MyFitnessPalLow-carbPaleo/Primal with and without dairyIntermittent fastingCurrently doing a 20 hour fast/4 hour feed while staying under calories and will be introducing BCAAs next week. Workouts: Started doing the workouts included with the fitness guide in my living room, using a 20lb case of kitty litter as a dumbbell.Moved in March and started running. Ran my first 5k the week of July 4th with my little sister. Changed from running to walking as I get bad pain in my ankle around the 3 mile mark while running, even after shelling out big bucks to switch from my beloved Vibrams to Brooks Beasts. Currently taking one long walk (5-10mi) per week.Around the time I moved, I got a gym membership and started lifting following a plan similar to Starting Strength. Stopped lifting heavy for awhile to do some bodyweight stuff with a friend but honestly that demotivated me as its difficult to do bodyweight stuff when you're over 400lbs so I fell off the workout wagon for about a month.For the past month or so I've been back on the wagon, doing Starting Strength and walking. Actually started the Hobbit challenge a few weeks back and am 25 miles into it. Will be putting a post up in programming for recommendations as to what I should try next. Anyway, the payoff for all that is that I stepped on the scale yesterday and was at 407.4lbs! I'm hoping to be down to 400 in the next couple weeks so I can say I lost 100lbs October to October. I am 6'5" so my ultimate goal is to be around 275 and Hulk-like. Any suggestions to help me get there are definitely welcome. (That may not be realistic but right now that's what I'm keeping in my mind to get me through the 300s. Will reassess when we get there.) So, with all that in mind, what guild do you think I belong in? I haven't spent a whole lot of time looking at the different options but my motivation comes from gaining in strength and muscle and seeing those numbers drop on the scale. I'm pretty excited to get involved and try something new. Looking forward to interacting with you all.
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