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  1. I realize that many people have already said this, but your workouts look awesome! Very inspiring!
  2. Well, I feel like I've totally blown it! I barely charted food this weekend and didn't worry at all about protien at all. But when I sat down this morning and dispasionatly totaled the numbers, I really came out fine. I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness for math! Charting: I got my first B. Missed several meals and snacks over the weekend, but overall charted 86% of what I ate. So that is a solid B. Protien: The habits I've built up have really carried me through. I always chart my breakfast which is usually a protien shake, plus I had an outlier of 140g early in the week, so when I tallied up the protien I had charted I was still within A range, but just barely. Workouts: These are easy for me as I am really enjoying them. I moved up to body weight level 2 this week. Easy A. Anyway, that's my week. Not as sad as I thought.
  3. Ooops, I noticed I said I hadn't seen the folks at the reunion since december, i meant september. We all went to Europe together from Sept. 2-16th and just got together to share pictures and memories. So it had been 4 months since they had seen me. Otherwise I don't think anyone would have noticed. I've been loosing a pound every other week or so, it's slow going, but it's going.
  4. Good job with the sleep and sounds like you have a great attitude about work. Good luck this week.
  5. I'm pretty good at this too. I usually fall into bed exhausted by 10 on a good day, sometimes at 8 when I put the kids to bed. My goal this week will be getting up when my alarm goes off at 5:45.
  6. Yes, they are learning . . .though that is a good point, they are still anoying as hell. I never did "get around" to switching the wifi back on on the laptop. Eventually I'll have to do taxes on it, so it's not forever. A's all around last week. Although I only got on nerd fitness twice. In the first week I was on nearly daily. I need to kick it into gear or that goal is going to slide. Also, went to a reunion with folks I haven't seen since December, and two seperate people came up and told me that I was looking great! Didn't sample the deserts that day as per the inconvienent food challenge. That was actually not to difficult since the best cooks brought dishes that I could eat. Particularly tabuli and some curry shrimp (close enough and I didn't take the safron rice with it).
  7. Wow, thanks for stopping by, everyone. The encouragment really helps. The wireless internet at home is working on my husband's ipad and the phones, just not the laptop, so it's obviously user error. Something setting got turned off or changed. I could probably figure it out if I gave it a bit of time, but when it isn't working my husband doesn't surf the net while we are watching movies, and I have an excuse for not taking time from my evening to email my students' parents, and my kids don't beg to go on "educational" websites (they are only allowed to use it for educational purposes during the week, it's funny what they try to pass of as educational). I don't know . . . I'm seeing a lot of positives. But since I don't like to type on an ipad and going on NF keeps me on track, I'll probably get laptop back online this weekend.
  8. I am with you. My room is 8 steps from the faculty room door. That's like 4 seconds from the time the "there's cake in the faculty room" email goes out to when I've got a plate in my hand. I'm pretty good when we're in a challenge, at least until week 4. Then . . . I . . . start to . . .drift. . .
  9. I tend to do really well on week days sticking to a pretty modified paleo - yogurt is a go for me, so is protien powder, but when friday night hits I say, "Oh, just a little treat," and by sunday evening I've lost whatever gains I've made during the week. So this week I will stick to my plan, no going off. I think it's good to have treats every now and then but I need to moderate. I'm using this week to reset; no "cheating" whatsoever. Then next week pick a couple treats and stick to that.
  10. I'm glad you got your phone working. I couldn't imagine charting food without mine. Congrats on the last few days!
  11. Well, my internet is down at home so I will have to update from work. I averaged 99 g protien per day last week, did my three bodyweight workouts, and got on NF twice at the start of the week. So I get an A for week 2. Hurray! Thanks for stopping by Teirin
  12. I had some spearment extract that I ordered months ago. I made a pitcher of green tea with 8 tea bags, 3 drops spearment extract (that stuff is potent) and then i desolved two ginko bilabo capsules into it. I made it to keep me awake while I kick the soda habit for the 5th time in my life. The tea tastes good.
  13. Great Job in your first week Teirin!
  14. Here's my update for last week. 3 Body weight workouts done (A) charted calories every day - though two of those days were abysmally high (abysmally high, that makes me smile) - (A) I haven't averaged my protien intake yet but my lowest day was 90, so I definatly got an A. Also, I logged on 4 days to either update my progress or encourage others (A) So: a good week 1, bring on 2!
  15. Good luck in this challenge. PS. My husband was going for his master's in philosophy and had to take German and French, but he switched to nursing and dropped out of classes. He's always wanted to pick German back up though. He loves that language. Also, Teachers Rock! (I'm an elementary Sped teacher myself)
  16. Hey, I'm in the academy, too. I really like it. I'm still on the tutorial level workout. Gotta work on my inverted rows, though today I may branch out to Bodyweight Level 1. Good luck with your challenge.
  17. Well, you got your slump out of the way early in the challenge. I have one or two days or even weeks like that per challenge. Now, go kick butt in the rest of it!
  18. I'm on it: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/42095-the-not-so-triumphant-return-of-fadagaski/?hl=kickboxing This person isn't new, but has recently returned to Nerd Fitness. They say they want to try kickboxing . . . and I ADORE kickboxing, so it is a good fit. PS. This is what my friends couldn't stand about me in highschool. I always finished assignments the day after they were assigned. I just enjoy homework.
  19. I love kickboxing! You should totally go for it. Though there are many other cool martial arts I'd like to try. Great goals. Good luck staying consistent.
  20. Good luck, Shadowcat1! And nice name for your first challenge. Allons-y indeed!
  21. I like your stress management goal: so important! I was about to ask what BJJ was, but then I saw it. Thanks for asking Piddip. Best of luck bananapeel!
  22. Oh, good to know about the protien. So if I start feeling weird I'll know what it is. The academy is going wonderfully. I wrote down my motivation and current measurements (stuff you know that you're supposed to do anyway, but for some reason when it's laid out linearly in a course and homework is assigned it goes so much better for me) First day is always the easiest and there was no school today so it was doubly easy. After playing a couple hours video games with the kids (Mario Wii, Mario Kart 7 and Lego Star Wars if you are wondering) I did my first workout. It went like this: 3 sets of: 10 pushups 15 prisoner squats 10 incline inverted rows 20 lunges 15 seconds of plank I also charted today and got 117g of protein. And I am updating this post for the first time. So there, one day down and so far everything's fantastic!
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