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  1. Saturday is my next weigh in. Lets hope its better than before. So far i've been trying to keep unter 1250 calories, but not that hard. Have a put luck today so I'll try to reign it in. I seriously need to say no.
  2. To summarize my new goals: Weight Goal = 175, Last weight-in: 190 Water Goal= 8 cups/day , been doing well on this. NEW Calorie Goal= 1250-1500 calories a day, including cheat days(?) NEW Exercise goal = M/W/F NF Beginner bodyweight workout; optional cardio Tues/Thurs/Sun Really want to be 175 by December 18th 2013. As of now that 15lbs in less than 1 month, about 4.5 pounds a week. Probably not realilistic, but I'm trying.
  3. So Its almost 2 weeks since posting last. What has happened? Not much. I am working out more but I can't say if I've really lost weight. I've been stressed at school and at home, which makes me want to turns to my old pal: junk/fast food. I've been looking for a hobby to relieve some pent up stress. After continually tell myself exercise is not a hobby, I've caved. I loved being able to just get on an elliptical, turn on my iPod and go- just myself. Now that I have a gym membership I think that is where I'll go when I need to let off some steam. Heck, maybe I'll even lose a few more pounds. As far as goals go, I'm doing well on the water goal so far. I've stopped calorie counting which probably is a mistake. It seems like a lot of work. I've been snacking much more during the day, but now that money is super tight, I think I can curb it by just being satisfied with what I have/bring from home. Maybe if I get antsy I need to find a better outlet than eating. Push ups in class? I know I keep flaking on this. it's seriously time to get my head in the game. I've been at this for a year and I'm ready to be "done" as it were.
  4. Thanks! I think that will help out as well!
  5. Well, I inadvertently lost 2 pounds in the process of not focusing so much on my diet. Been bringing almonds to snack on and a re-fillable bottle of water so that I dont have to focus so much on how muhc on drinking, just on refilling once its empty. I have a better outlook going forward now.
  6. Well, the last few days have been full of utter fail. I've sucked in my academics and I'm sucking in my goals and battle plans. I say I'm commited, then I go off and do exactly the oppostie of what I should be doing. Just like I need to focus on my priorities in school, I need to focus here. Hoping tomorrow is a better day.
  7. Battle Log 10/24 - 10/26/13 I'm not even going to post whether or not I met my goals for the past couple days; I was way off and screwed my progress for those days royally. Here's to focus tomorrow and some self discipline to ward off temptation.
  8. Goal 1: Weight Loss: - Goal Weight: 180 lbs - Current Weight: 193 lbs GOAL NOT MET Goal 2: Water Consumption; 8 x 8oz daily - 10/23/13: consumed 1 bottle of water GOAL NOT MET Goal 3: Calorie Intake; no more than 1700 calories consumed daily; aim for 1500 -10/23/13: 1600 calories consumed GOAL ACHIEVED! Goal 4: Daily exercise: complete at least 30 minutes of exercise daily -10/23/13: 0 minutes of exercise GOAL NOT MET 10/23/13 Battle Log: While I reached my calorie goal today, I ate things I shouldn't have, and snacked when I wasn't hungry. I am going to focus on being tough and saying no to temptation! Can only go up from here!
  9. If this is in the wrong area I apologize. I consider myself a druid, one wishing for a spiritual/introspective fitness and health journey. I would say that I am a spiritual person and enjoy the concepts one thinks of in the Druid's guild... I just suck at practicing them. Right now I am working towards eating clean/paleo. I love the idea of it, the freedom I perceive it to have. My problem: I don't practice it. I eat processed food every day, if only for the regulation of calories. I also enjoy eating junk, even though I know it is not good for me. Case in point: went in to the cafeteria for a salad and walked out with a burger and fries. To my more esteemed friends of the Druidic (or other) persuasion: how do I fight this junk food addiction?? -MJ
  10. Welcome to NF! Hearing from gamers makes me wish there were better games for Kinect or similar movement based controls that would work you out without you noticing you were exercising
  11. Thanks! I kinda feel bad about this post- I didn't mean this in a bragging kind of way, only that if I can transform myself everyone certainly can! There is hope!
  12. Hello Everyone! My name is M.J. and I am a student Pharmacist in WI! I started my weight loss journey a year ago when I met my girlfriend. She inspired me to stop just existing and start LIVNG! Since then, I've lost 130 pounds and I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes! I'm excited to lose more and develop more friendships along the way here at NF! Below is a pic from last Halloween (2012) and a picture from yesterday. I don't even look like the same person! Best, M.J.
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