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  1. Too late. I bought was because... well, I didn't want to hurt her feelings. It's a poor excuse. But I did tell her I just want to be a consumer, instead of being a distributor. I still believe that improving my eating habits and exercising my body be done first. Good point. I weigh 54kg. the reason why I tried IF was to remove the belly fat around my waist. Though I've started to eat more vegetables and eat less processed stuff. Thanks
  2. Okay. Just curious. Any Rebels here who have taken Usana, and what are their thoughts and experiences about it? My relative invited me to attend their talk about it. They never mentioned the brand, until I was inside their office. Since I had spare time, I just opened my mind and listened. And as I listened, the talk just strengthened my belief to transition my diet (from processed to more vegetables), practice intermittent fasting (which I've done for 3 days), and of course, exercise every other day. My belief is that... why should I supplement my body? If I ear & move right, the
  3. January 11-12, 2015 Diet - ate a lot of mango float - had steamed broccoli, carrots and asparagus for lunch Fitness -rest. my biceps were very sore. Level Up Your Life - applied for a student permit needed in Driving School
  4. I second this! Her books are easy and entertaining to read! I never expected it. My friend load it to me during our elementary years, It was the a hardbound version of "In the Hand of the Goddess". I finished it in a day!
  5. Invalidation. That's an interesting point, now that you mentioned it! My fitness goal isn't the only one being invalidated. Like this one: Me: "I'm selling coffee and biscuits to augment my income." Them: "what? But you come from a rich family!" They assume I'm rich because my mother is the head of a government agency, but experience and a couple of financial bloggers like Mr. Money Mustache have made me realize that to be rich/wealthy does not equal income). The truth is, I like to sell because I like the feeling! I came from a background where almost everything was handed to me
  6. January 9, 2015 Diet - ate a lot of stick-o (wafer sticks). I consumed 12 sticks. (uh-oh) - drank a glass of milk Fitness -rest day Level Up Your Life - drafted an article someone commissioned me to finish by January 10 January 10, 2015 Diet - ate a bibingka for breakfast -ate a delicious home-made ice cream mom brought home - ate KFC 1 pc. chicken for lunch (uh-oh) - ate 2 pcs of steamed Broccoli and a slice tofu, with siopao for dinner (steamed broccoli tastes good! It's my new favorite veggie!) Fitness -today was supposed to be my zombies run routine, but I had a nasty migraine.
  7. I had a friend I had to cut out too (for personal reasons). Since we live in the Philippine Archipelago, we're 7,106 islands away. I blocked him from my viber, SMS (but not facebook. I opted not to use FB anymore). He discovered that I have a blog, and has made a reference to it in his blog (yeah, I check his blog from time to time too) "Cut Out" to me, means I will no longer talk, or share any personal or private information with you. So when he would send me IMs in FB, I would sometimes check them, but I wouldn't respond to them. I don't know what story happened between the two
  8. Hello! I'm just wondering if there are any Philippine Nerdfitness Rebels here? Make yourself known!
  9. Because some people love to give unsolicited opinions? ooh, you're right! I should rephrase that to make it quantifiable: - learn how to hold a knife to cut, slice & dice food - learn how to control the file to fry, saute and steam food thank you for your comment! thank you too fellow feline! yes, I guess they're just expressing their opinions! Opinions are free to give after all, right? And yes, it is my body. I have control over what I do with it (as long as its safe and healthy). thank you for the support!
  10. Re-reading Brock Lesnar's Autobiography, "Death Clutch". I won't deny that I was curious if he would narrate how he met or proposed to Sable (Rena Lesnar)!
  11. Can I share my experience? I discovered this book mid 2014. I applied the results starting December 25, 2015. Renegade is correct. It's a hit & miss book. Either you'll love it, or you'll hate it. I'm willing to try anything new, as long as I can benefit from it. Here are the things which i applied and the results. #1 Decluttered My Closet I didn't exactly follow what was written in her book. I gathered all my work clothes, house clothes, and undies. I put it on a pile. Asked "joy" for every item. It took me 3 hours. I ended up giving 2 large bags of clothes. one bag weighed 5-8 k
  12. I'd like to post something marvelous, something entertaining for my first entry... but then I remembered I like to keep things simple. I'll save the marvelous and entertaining ones for the future entries. I might use the template Stacy mentioned in a post which I forgot. *** January 7, 2015 Diet - ate 2 eggs - drank 2 cups of non-fat milk -ate something I don't know if it was healthy or not Fitness - 3 X 20 bodyweight squat - 3 X 4 Bodyweight Pushups - 1 x 20 kettlebell swing - 2 x 10 kettlebell clean and press - attempted to do chin-ups...ended up hanging on the bar. Level Up
  13. thatBrownCat here! My story I created an account here in late 2013/early 2014. I created a lot of big promises, which I never fulfilled. But I realized it's nice to be in a community with like-minded people-- you're pushed to keep up with them. You become more accountable to yourself. That's why I decided to post here again. I've been out of shape for the past few months. Everything I've gained when I started to work out in late 2013? It's all gone. I stopped going to the gym. I've skipped on doing the simple bodyweight exercises. Though for the past week, I've been making li
  14. I know how you feel! They also make you feel that you can tackle any problem in the world (in my case) Good luck on making a new landmark for your set of push-ups
  15. yep! Aeris had a rod for a weapon, and when i noticed that the bars at the gym resembled her weapon, i was like "Oh my God, she must have used weights!" I'm a halfling too! (Chinese on my father side) Thanks!
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