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  1. Crosstraining: full body strength. Done. And I'm super tired Chuck taylors are for strength
  2. DAY 1/14: Street run, though it was one in the afternoon. It was cloudy and not very hot (South hemisphere, it's summer up here!). It was an easy run, not a challenge to my condioning level. Yet 10' WALK + 6x (2' TROT + 3' FAST WALK) + 10' WALK
  3. I just started running! Today! After a period of contemplation and a couple false starts, I finally got it going, just this morning. I'm not really a beginner here. I started the sports & exercise thing a few years ago (2014). Back then I was right here, in the Rebellion! I must still have journals lying around the NF's server. I've been off for a while but now I'm back bc I need the exchange. I'm an adult-onset athlete, and when I started out, I wanted to try everything. I was/am so freaking curious. I've done beach rugby, swimming,
  4. and as a sober person on a diet, I drink a shitload of diet soda and have no issues with that
  5. Every person is a special snowflake, and their neurological makeup is always different. As such, you expose different people to different substances, some will get addicted to some shit and other to something else. That's how you get all those people saying they're hooked on marijuana. I don't doubt them. They say they need help, they should be given help. That's the thing, when people say they need help with stuff, they should be given help. Even if some time later they realize ity was not that but something else, people should be given help when they find themselves struggling wi
  6. I haven't disappeared! Haven't given up either. Against all hardships, I'll finish this challenge the best I can. And since I'm not even near getting good at pushups, Imma need myself another one. So I took "the bar" (license examination for practicing law) last Sunday and I didn't go well. I put an enormous amount of effort into getting prepared, as you can imagine, specially on the last few days. The thing is I'm pretty proud about my grades, and I have been working on them for many semesters (my avarage is 8.7/10), and I wasn't about to just give that up so I could focus on the
  7. Hey, Kiki, thank you for the encouragement. The important thing is to not wait till *then* to starting working on strength, conditioning & skills, because we don't want to be unprepared when the time to have time for the gym finally comes, right? A little bit right now is better the all of it in the future --> New week starting out! Week number three, new chance to do it all perfect and get a high grade on the challenge! Hehe! Everything is salvageable still! Week two was kinda bad. Here are the numbers: Pushups: 3/7 days - Accumulated week 2: 70 - Accumulat
  8. I like lawyering and getting good at Law too, and I am, getting pretty good at it. But I miss the other side.
  9. I just have to put this out there: I can't wait for the semester to end and for law school to end for good and for me to have time to dedicate to sport & exercise again! It's just so great! I miss it like fuck. I was just at a restaurant now and saw this superstrong dude wearing a crossfit t-shirt and I was like envying the guy. I want people to see the strength in me too. I want to irradiate this piece of my identity. I want to be able to work on it for real, and to improve and to get good at it. *sigh* Back to the work desk.
  10. Lots of people said lots of stuff, here's my two cent also. You will have to quit soda. For good. If you let yourself have one glass of the stuff, you'll make it alright to have a second one, even if the next day, or week, and before you know it, you'll be right back where you started. I have had to kick both tobacco and alcohol, and believe you me, you have to give shit up for good. Maybe diet soda won't destroy your life like alcohol does, and maybe it's not as hazardous to your health as tobacco, but if it's bothering you as in you have even tried to kick it before, but can't, p
  11. *dancing around the office and singing* I can see cleary now the rain is gone.... I can see aaaaaall obstacles in my way... One thing that can be said about PMS and midterms both is that they pass... I'm tired, but I'm still an A student and already making plans for graduation (at the end of the year). Got my CV updated yesterday and I gotta tell you, even I am impressed with myself. People should definitely hire me. I rock. Imma make a million for some lucky firm someday. Or maybe I'll live in material poverty and intellectual wealth for the rest of my life, which is f
  12. I feel really shitty today. I have one of those energy-sucking PMSs combined with midterms anxiety. I got a stiff neck and sore feet and knees and trouble focusing and difficulty sleeping. I just wanna lay down and cry. Still I push. Did really well on last Friday's and today's tests. Got still one test on Thursday and a presentation on the same day. I'm so tired I can't even look up the judicial decisions I need for the presentation Thursday morning. And I still have one more round of work this evening. Thank god it's menial stuff! #halfabrain Slipped on the pushups du
  13. Challenge related: 10'' top hold + 8 reps yesterday and 20'' hold this morning. It was six o'clock. I didn't find it in me to push. Muay thai related: I saw Ong Bak on netflix last night. So. Fucking. Cool. It's such a good movie it has replays, as in football matches? It was like "look at this backward flip again, it was just too good, or this fall, or this jump, or look at this explosion three times". Really good stuff.
  14. Hello everyone. Me, I'll be doing pushups this time. Pretty excited about it yey! So you people here are all martial artists, is that it?
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