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  1. Understandable. Whenever you need someone to talk to you can message me here if that is ok? Or if you have a better idea! Take it easy & good luck with recovery!
  2. Thanks for all the extra advice and the yummy recipe! Everyone has been incredibly helpful and I REALLY appreciate it. Hope everyone is staying warm (or cold if that's your thing!) PS.. Jacksson, I have the same problems with wheat and it makes me really mean and grouchy too so I just avoid it altogether. I don't even 'cheat' with it anymore because it never ever ends well.
  3. War Moose! I feel terrible. I haven't been online much. Everything was crazy to begin with and then I got hit with the flu or something for 2 weeks. Just now getting over it. Happy to chat if you are still interested
  4. I'm fairly new to using forums..and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to insert a quote here so here is my best try at responding: Softsoul: I do not smoke and currently I workout on the TRX 4x a week (using the tactical/force app). The workouts are around an hour. I had been working out with a personal trainer for the 2 months prior doing about 45 minutes of circuit training 2x a week plus biking/walking wherever I could fit it in. It's funny you mention circulation as I do actually have some issues there (neurocardiogenic syncope) and I actually get pretty sick & dizzy during high intensity workouts. My blood pressure drops from low to superlow going from lying down > sitting > standing. Do you think that could be part of the issue? I have tried sodium tablets which sometimes take the edge off. And I definitely keep them on hand as well as saltstick capsules. Waldo/Duality: I try to eat at least 1300 calories and go from there based on activity. I do not keep track of carbs but I will start for sure! Phlox: I always have those things on hand (bananas, oranges) and they do help! Some of the things I eat during the day are, Chia Pods (fruit, coconut milk, chia seeds), almond butter (sometimes with honey) on a rice cake, eggs cooked in coconut oil, fruits & veggies, alt bars, almond milk, chicken and veggies for dinner. I try to stay away from junk food. There really isn't a lot of variety in my diet right now. Maybe that's a problem? I agree that I could be feeling much worse lol. I do my best to avoid caffeine. Other than almond milk..I stick to water and decaf green tea. I have had my thyroid checked recently and everything seemed to come back ok. Iron though..I don't think I've had that checked in a while. I do know my vit D is low..kind of slacked on my supplement heh oops! I appreciate all the great advice and I've actually been feeling much better lately although I'm not sure what changed. I will definitely start keeping track of carbs though. Is there anything else that I should keep track of? Thanks again.
  5. Pack healthy snacks that don't need cooked/refrigerated. We try to scope out what is in the area ahead of time and only dine where they offer nutrition information (or low calorie menu options) so we can keep track of calories (using Myfitnesspal). Have a safe trip!
  6. Hiya War Moose. I am pretty new here but welcome back. I am kind of falling back into bad habits as well. Kind of frazzled after some diet tweaks and figuring out a home workout plan. It's left me a little unmotivated. I'm more than happy to help out with accountability. I could actually use the same if you are up for it.
  7. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate the thorough example/explanation Waldo. It is exactly what I needed. I also appreciate the T-25 suggestion but have to use what I just purchased for now! I will keep it in mind though for after I get over the cost of the TRX.
  8. Hi there. I just started to workout at home after working with a personal trainer for 2 months. I thought I could do it but I have to say I'm really quite lost on what to do. I have the Rebel Fitness and Strength guides (I also have You Are Your Own Gym stuff but I really like Nerd Fitness guides better), a pair of dumbells (adjustable up to 52.5 pounds), and we just got a TRX today. We also have some other little things like balance balls and resistance bands. I have the motivation but I need direction. I am wondering how I can mix in the TRX with the Rebel guides or any other advice would be great. Looking to do strength/body weight 3x a week and walk on off days. Thanks!
  9. Welcome! I really like the workouts here on Nerd Fitness. I just started level/rank one from the Rebel Fitness Guide and so far so good ( I was planning on doing the beginner body weight posted above but broke down and bought the guides! ). There is also 'You Are Your Own Gym' which has a couple nice books and a really cool app. I think walking is a great idea too! Good luck reaching your goals!
  10. I was really glad to see this as I just ordered a set today. I have done a lot of reading the past few days before deciding. I couldn't seem to find any cons other than cost and concerns about some that are made with plastic parts. A few people felt they are unsafe (mainly the Reebok brand) or have actually had break and weights fall off. I went with the cheaper Bowflex pair (They go up to 52.5lbs) and I'm hoping for the best (as in..they don't end up really expensive paper weights!). Saving space was definitely one of the biggest pros! I can't say that I will ever be up to 52.5 lbs but it's nice to be able to if needed w/o purchasing any additional weights. I will try to get back to you on how we like them if you haven't already purchased something by then!
  11. Welcome! Man, I'm kind of jealous! If I cheat even a little with my diet I seem to pay for it every time. Can't get away with anything lol. Great job on everything you have accomplished so far and good luck reaching the rest of your goals. Little ones are excellent motivation for getting healthier That is certainly one of my main motivators! Keeping up with a 2 year old is tough business.
  12. Thanks for the replies! I keep pretty close track of how much I eat so I would say that I'm not eating too much. Even small meals seem to have the same effect. Maybe you are right and I just need time to adjust! Jimbo, it is definitely glum around here but this has been going on through the summer. It certainly doesn't help though! I will keep it in mind just in case. Thanks again!
  13. Snack ideas (These are my new 3 favorites..hopefully safe for tree-nut allergy): Eden Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Pods, and Earthbound Farm Roasted Organic Sweet Potato Slices (You can easily make all that yourself too..I just took the lazy route). Also veggies, fruit, dehydrate your own apple chips, homemade guacamole, etc. Sunbutter is really yummy. I wanted to add that I have been trying to cut out grains the past couple weeks (not rice though!) and my weight (which usually hovers forever) has fallen much faster than usual! It's kind of tough but I'm definitely trying to make the move towards replacing bread & pasta with veggies and better stuff! I think the only other thing I might change or check is that you are getting a good quality lunch meat (especially if you eat it often) like Boar's Head if you can. I really like Steve's idea to eat good during the week and enjoy yourself on the weekend (still in moderation of course!). That is my goal eventually lol...planning on pizza myself this weekend! Whatever you decide to do, it helps to take it slow. It is really easy to get overwhelmed when making diet changes!
  14. I have been slowly cleaning up my diet for sometime. We very rarely eat out and no fast food at all. I've given up pop, candy, most junk food, wheat, dairy 99% of the time, and now I'm working on getting rid of all grains minus rice. I'm running into a problem where I seem to get fatigued within an hour or so after eating. It seems to happen anytime of day, no matter what I eat, and it lasts and lasts. I also seem to get pretty foggy ....(well that's pretty normal for me but still...) I would appreciate any advice. (This makes it so hard to keep up with my 2.5 year old!)
  15. Helloo there. I have to say that I can totally relate! I'm usually completely worn out after only an hour of keeping up with my 2.5 year old. I definitely agree that cleaning up diet is a great start! I lost most of my weight through diet changes alone then added in physical activity after I got closer to where I wanted to be. I'm really glad to see a fellow 'new(ish)' parent here! Good luck
  16. http://www.marksdailyapple.com/how-to-go-primal-with-food-allergies-and-restrictions/#axzz2jKpjE7j0 I think that you should still give it a try. I have been browsing Paleo recipes the last few days and there are so many that do not require tree nuts. It was mostly baked goods that required almond meal (pizza crust, etc) but those are things you can easily go without! Did you have a goal or outcome that you were hoping going Paleo for 30 days would help you reach?
  17. Thanks for the welcome I'm really glad you found a way to balance life/fitness and were able to integrate your workout @ home. Really looking forward to getting to that point! My daughter loves to exercise too. She is crazy about the balance ball. I can't get down on the ground for anything without her climbing on my back either. Makes for a tough workout so everything has to happen after bed time because I am definitely not a morning person! Thanks again.
  18. Newly 30 (sniffle) stay at home mom to a toddler here. I've been working at weight loss for about a year now by easing into permanent lifestyle changes. I got most of my results when I started counting calories and by changing how/what I ate then eventually adding in more activity. I am on my 2nd month working out with a trainer. I really love it but it's so expensive which means it's time to figure out how to stay on track at home. I am down 33ish pounds since starting and about 1 pound away from my goal weight of 125. I am 5'3 and it seems like a good place to stop and work on the squishy! I have browsed NF before but didn't think to join or maybe I planned to and totally forgot 5 minutes later My goal now is to continue to keep up on nutrition, cut out all the junk food (so tough!) and keep strength training a regular part life (and hopefully tone up in the process). It's really great to meet everyone. Looking forward to using the forums!
  19. Nagged him until he submitted of course! Hehe seriously now, I'd like to think that I set a good example. It wasn't until I gave up on him for a bit and started making changes for myself (I gave up soda and then he did. I gave up candy then one day after a while after he decided to as well). After that he was the one suggesting things to give up like fast food. We changed even more when our daughter was born with a severe milk allergy. We struggled at first but to support our daughter our house is now totally milk free! That really opened things up for eating healthier. We very rarely eat out although we do smash on Hot Head Burrito more than I'd like to admit (after the little one is down of course). The worst thing is telling him 'No, you can't have that'. He really had to come to it on his own. I'm trying to give up all junk food right now (chips,cookies.....do you know how delicious vegan junk food is? lol) and he is making it so hard! He will sit by me and eat half a box of cookies and never fails to ask if I want some! My best advice is to try the same and set a good example/show off those good results and hopefully he will join in! And I do agree that exercise is only part of the equation...I exercised regularly and had zero results until I started keeping track of calories and watching what was going into my body! I also agree with being ready before baby! I did not take care of myself and I felt like I got dragged by a car everyday until my daughter was at least 2. Not good times.
  20. Hi there! That sounds a lot like me when I was that age (30 now) only I was playing FFXI in my free time Food is a tricky thing for sure! My Husband is pretty much the same way. We are always arguing about food/diet but we have made a lot of awesome changes lately. For us it helped to get rid of the bad things slowly (fast food, soda, candy, and so on) and try to add in better things as best as we can. I get organic fruits & veggies delivered to the house and try to come up with meals that squeeze in as many of those as possible and snack on them whenever I can too! We have also tried a lot of new things that I never would have imagined eating...like spaghetti squash (Oh wow those are amazing!) I think a nice total body workout you can do at home would be really good if you are happy with your weight and just want to tone up. Hopefully with healthier eating and exercise a happier immune system will follow. Good luck and congratulations on the new marriage and not smoking anymore!
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