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  1. Have you looked at Road runners I know they are mainly a running site but they have a good return policy for there shoes.
  2. I concur above i do a version of crossfit called Sealfit. Basically its like doing 3 to 4 workouts in a string over an 1 hrs to 2 hrs. It may seem a little extreme but I enjoy the soreness afterwards But getting to the root of the question at the end of the day how you get your muscle is your business no one should judge you. Leave the cultfit stuff at the door. Btw I drank the kool aid years ago as well.
  3. Crossfit is infinity scale able workout program. So in reality like the previous poster said just willingness to get out there and try is key. The second thing is a willingness to keep going no matter how much it hurts the next day. What will happen is you eventually see your numbers slowly creep up and your weight slowly go down You got it man you can do it.
  4. Ok everyone I am offically back missed my fellow fit nerds Started sealfit.com again the reason for that is I am 230 pounds need to get back down to 215 solid......going to fight my way there. Look foward to getting know everyone again on here.
  5. hey dottie welcome to the rebellion, feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or want some pointers. Welcome to the rebellion btw.
  6. Just getting back sorry for the long absence

  7. Ok everyone I am back going to try and be better with this hope to get know alot of you on here.
  8. I think Murph will be one my WODs this weekend good times.
  9. ok been horrible at the working out light day today 10 rounds 10 pushups 10 squats very light day just saying.
  10. I think its an awesome idea it is a good way for tight muscles to get loosened back up without putting to much strain on them plus you get a bit of a sweat and get off the couch which is always good.
  11. The biggest thing i was always told just listen to your body if you are still in extreme pain even after rolling it out and 48 hours rest give it another 12-24 to work out and normally that's all it takes.
  12. USAF TACP JTAC .....One Call Kills them All!!!!! the thing i rucking is critical skill set i take X weight and move it X distance in X time, the only issue I have with how the military does it is well i burn myself out on a ruck march sprinting the damn thing now I can't fight at the end. Sometimes at my unit we will have dudes do a 12 miler then have them do an O course to see if they left anything in the tank its funny to see the dudes who think there studs suck at it.
  13. Ok this weeks been weird due to being on CAS trip Did a workout out were every hour me and my captain would do Pushups Situps Air squats 400 meter run Started with 50 and worked our way down to 10 reps of each then back up to 30 again was a good time plus we were in ABUs and boots for the whole thing. Fun Fun
  14. I am the opposite my legs feel like they take a day or two longer then my upper body, lower back takes about a day and half some of this all depends on whether I am able to roll out my body.
  15. And to the above post haters going to hate....love crossfit the debate is funny to me how much the body building community is hating on it.
  16. Good app to look into is crossfit travel very good for setting up what you have and what you can train to plus I think its free.
  17. That is the one thing i love about crossfit is the infinitely scale ability of it, if one has trouble with movements theirs many subs that can be thrown in....good luck hope it works out.
  18. Ok easy PT day 4 mile formation run was not bad actually, may hit something later probably calistetics only down side was we were up at 0430 so I may take a long power nap before I do anything else this weekend.
  19. Ok today was a basic day did back and bis Major lift was deadlift...315 pnds for reps was nice 2 additional exercises for back 4 different exercises for biceps now time to work on home work....yayayay.
  20. Heck yeah lets walk into mordor....one step at a time lets do this.
  21. Pavel = kettlebells....hes kind of the end all be all for kettlebell training in the states and pretty well respected in russia as well.
  22. PRT is kind of annoying did it for airborne school and I hated every minute of it.....but others did enjoy it i preferred crossfit and heavy lifting over silly jumps in the air.
  23. The 2 foot rumble roller is the best one out there in my opinion
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