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  1. This makes me so happy!! Congrats, LS! That was an amazing achievement!
  2. "ContinuousFeatsOfPerseveranceAndEpicnessDespiteSomeInconvenientSetbacks Train" doesn't really roll off the tongue,so...yeah.
  3. You're creating a blog? That's awesome! A lot of people discover later on in their lives that they should have incorporated more creative activities into their day-to-day lives. It's good that you have so many creative outlets at this stage. (I'm probably sounding like a broken record. I just really hold originality and creativity in high regard. So, kudos!) I'm not a great fan of Seneca, but he made a remark [youtube.com] that might help you with your "Ice King" quest.
  4. Yeah...about that... It's alright NK - we all have those days. You've been doing great so far, so don't let it derail your happy train. *choo*choo* Peace and love, peace and love.
  5. ^^^ I agree with this. You should increase your distance before you increase your speed. I also had to concentrate on distance first. I know how incredibly frustrating it can be not to be able to run quickly at first. BUT it shall happen in due course. Harvard University published an article [dash.harvard.edu] about the evolution of running. This piece was quite interesting: "In short, for marathon-length distances, humans can outrun almost all other mammals and can sometimes outrun even horses, especially when it is hot." Early humans would use a technique known a Persistence Hunting
  6. I was in exactly the same situation during my first would-be year at university, so I can understand where you're coming from. You've really done a phenomenal job staying positive and not sinking into depression. It takes an incredibly strong person to do that. I'm quite literally on the other side of the world from you, so I can't give you a hug in person. I do, however, have a gif that should make up for that: I'm proud to call you a Doodlie, Sydney!
  7. Bon Odori looks like such fun! How was it? You've really been having an excellent week. Great job!
  8. ^^^ This was brilliant! It looks like your week has been quite epic! Also, that cake...OM NOM NOM!!!
  9. I was watching Courage the Cowardly Dog this morning (Watching cartoons on a Saturday morning is a difficult habit to break ) and for some reason this quote made me think of your "LSP" quest: Have an awesome day!
  10. It's great that you managed to be so successful even though you were travelling! Planning is so super important.
  11. You and I have exactly the same meditation goals. Also, Hero's Journey looks awesome!
  12. Magnhild...you're here! Those goals are definitely achievable! I really want you to achieve your main quest, so I'll be following this thread and sending positive energy. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
  13. Those pictures are really awesome! It's so important to take note (or pictures) of the beauty around us. Great job!
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