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  1. Personally, I put on the headphones, turn the music up load, and workout. That's always helped for me, and it's the only thing that really clears my mind.
  2. It's totally fine to drink whey protein shakes. I mean, all your protein shouldn't come from protein shakes, in my opinion. You can also eat a lot of fish and chicken. Those are excellent sources of lean proteins.
  3. You don't have to go paleo to be healthy. I mean, the lifestyle does work, but if it's not for you right now, that's perfectly ok. I've never been paleo, and I'm perfectly fit and fine. Bread is ok, diary is ok, even cakes and stuff like that in moderation is ok. I think you're making healthy decisions when it comes to food. I usually have work all day and school two nights out of the week. We do what we can. What works for me is to seek out protein rich foods, healthy fats, and squeeze in vegetables when I can. I track my calories and macronutrient intake with myfitnesspal to make sure I'm
  4. When I set a goal, I like to write it down and make somewhat of a commitment to it. My first ever goal was to be able to walk around and no fat jiggle. I didn't write this down because for me, it was kind of small. But when I reached that goal, I decided I wanted a six pack, so I wrote that down and other things like "I will not give up" "I will live in accordance to my goal". Pretty much affirming it. That really helped me out. Then once I do that, I write out the steps I need to take. And sometimes you don't know all the steps to reach your goal and that's ok. All you need to know is the nex
  5. I'm not sure if would be a complete alternative, but I do Bulgarian squats and it seems to work the same muscles as the lunge. A Bulgarian squat is where one foot is elevated behind you and you squat with the one leg.
  6. Another exercise that I haven't seen mentioned is the handstand push-up. It is an awesome exercise. I also think it's awesome of you to workout first for a while and THEN go buy equipment. So many people buy all kinds of equipment and then never workout. I like your bag of books idea. I use to use cinder blocks . I've gotten some equipment since then that was given to me because people noticed I worked out and just give it to me. And that is Powerblock dumbbells. You know, the ones that are adjustable. I was given a simple bench that can incline too. I honestly don't see how I've lived withou
  7. If you had a little bit of money, I would suggest getting an ab wheel. I got mine for like $5 or $6. It's one of the best exercises not only for your abs but your core as a whole. I like planks and side planks as well. I haven't tried what Waldo suggested but I'll have to try that out.
  8. That was an excellent article. Like he said, it wasn't responsible to eat like that, but he still lost weight and that's what matters. I perfectly know you have to have a caloric deficit to lose weight, and I'm very aware that eating less accomplishes that. The reason I used the McDonalds analogy is because of the quote below. And yeah, you could lose weight that way, but it's not smart. That's why I said something and started the debate. I don't believe something like that should be told to someone who is starting out. Someone beginning their fitness journey is likely to quit when it s
  9. Definitely. There's three different kind of burpees, in my opinion. 1. Beginner - When you drop down, you don't do a push up and when you come back up, you don't jump. 2. Intermediate - When you drop down, do a push-up, and when you come back up, don't jump. 3. Advanced - When you drop down, do a push-up and when you come back up, jump. Just some tips so you don't go from 0 to 100. Good luck!
  10. You're spot on with everything and doing good. All that initial weight you lost was probably a bunch of extra water weight. You could have not exercised, changed up your diet, and still lost a good amount of weight. Just keep on keeping on with it! As for adding something to your workout, you could add some burpees. I would implement those gradually because they can get difficult. Another thing you could do is mountain climbers. I'm going to make a video real soon of some exercises like that. I have a short ebook that explains those exercises at my website in the meantime. And personally, I
  11. So I can eat McDonalds and get ripped, then I can eat McDondalds to bulk back up and pack on muscle. Is that right? The Ronald McDonald diet. Awesome. And all calories are not the same because all carbs are not processed the same, all proteins are not processed the same, and all fats are not processed the same. So is this what you teach people? Eat whatever you want, just starve yourself, and you'll be alright. That the plan?
  12. I understand what the OP is eating, but your strategy of "you can eat whatever you want, just don't eat too much" is ridiculous. In the McDonalds analogy, instead of eating less McDonalds, I could switch to eating veggies (I would never eat only veggies, just fort he sake of the argument), and eat the same amount of food I was eating McDonalds and lose weight. If I ate three pounds of McDonalds a day, I could switch to eating three pounds of veggies a day, and I would lose weight. I don't have to eat less. And now, when I meet my goal weight. I don't have to increase my food intake at McDonald
  13. I didn't have terrible results. I actually have excellent results. If one doesn't change what they eat, they will just gain the weight back when they are done "eating less". It's not a matter of "eating less", it's developing a better lifestyle through habit changes. But people who don't know a lot about exercise or fitness in general think that simply "eating less" solves it all. It's normal. You obviously have to be in a caloric deficit, but that doesn't mean you have to "eat less". You might have to "eat less" to meet your caloric goal, but initially "eating less" shouldn't be the first thi
  14. A caloric deficit will cause you to lose weight, but that doesn't mean you have to eat less. Eating less will cause your body to go into starve mode, slow down your metabolism, and then your body will hold onto that fat. Then you'll be skinny fat. We, as human beings, eat 3-5 pounds of food a day. No matter what, we're going to eat in that range. So El Exocisto, you shouldn't be giving advice to eat less because that damages the body. What should change is the food one is eating. Foods have a different calorie density. Some foods like hamburgers and hotdogs are high calorie density foods. S
  15. To me, it seems like you're not eating that much. What is your BMR, and do you know how many calories you're eating a day? Eating a little bit more at the first of the day might help you feel better.
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