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  1. I have heard some anecdotal stories that Shaolin monks do some seriously crazy bits to increase flexibility. This includes sitting in the butterfly position while some one jumps on your knees. Using ropes wrapped around trees as make-shift pulley systems to force joints wider, and having some one stand on your shoulders while you do the splits.


    How much of this is true I have NO idea, but as much as I want to be good at kung fu I'm not trying it lol.


    I read Jackie Chan's autobiography, where he really starts in Chinese opera as a kid. While maybe not that extreme, he did tell many stories of some crazy stuff they did for conditioning and flexibility.

  2. Pfft Rousey is a one trick pony; alright a pretty good trick but none the less. Blue belt Caramouche almost took her down, someone will knock her down a peg at some point!!

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     â€œI fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.†– Bruce Lee

    Rousey is an Olympic level fighter, first female in the U.S. to get an Olympic medal. Many of those "one trick pony" arm bars were preceded by some pretty good takedowns and dominating the position after. 


    Look at how many of the really good MMA fighters have a solid background in a traditional martial art, like GSP, Machida, etc. Rousey's Judo experience serves her well. 


    Additionally, compared to the other female fighters, she has the ability to do it full time. Carmouche is good, but she still has a regular job, and can't devote 100% to training, Rousey can, and she can now afford the best trainers.


    This is also why I don't believe she will fight Cyborg, she doesn't need to anymore. Maybe at one time it would have been a good move in her career, but now, she's doing movie parts, has tons of endorsements and is enjoying her success. There is no real good reason to risk it by fighting a higher weight class. No different than GSP not moving up in weight classes.

  3. I like watching Mike Tyson, train and fight. Most people think Tyson is a power puncher, because of all his aggression and knockouts, but he's much more than that. He's almost much more of a boxer then most people give him credit for. Tyson's speed and accuracy is what made him so powerful and feared. For heavyweight, Tyson was incredibly fast, great head movement, and hit on the button. He wasn't the biggest heavyweight, nor was he the strongest. You can listen to old interviews from former fighters and training partners, and they will tell you, Tyson, wasn't the hardest hitter at heavyweight during his era, he wasn't even the hardest hitter in sparring. But he was the fastest!!!


    Tyson's defense was a lot better than many people give him credit for. There is a youtube video showcasing some of his movement.

    Then again, if you watch the overhead camera in some of his fights, slowed down, he hit many times with elbows when throwing a hook.

    I'm sure the cocaine he has admitted to taking in his new autobiography prior to his fights helped too.

  4. GSP for sure. Evans maybe.  The rest I have no idea.


    Ronda Rousey will not be taken down in December. I doubt we will ever see Santos vs Rousey, just based on size difference, if we did, I'd still bet on Rousey, as Santos would have to go off the juice to make a lower weight, and Rousey has no need to fight at a higher weight.

  5. I don't think you can use the equations for kinetic energy directly like that exactly, as the human body and what happens when punching is a more complex system than that.


    Velocity is important, as you pointed out. Strength is also important, as it aids the penetration once contact is made. Proper technique ties the two together.


    My general mantra is you have to get strong to get fast, then get fast to kick ass. Lift heavy things, then lift heavy things explosively. Clap ups, if they are clapping pushups, work your explosive strength, which is good for punching. 

  6. I teach a few classes at the dojo, and recently started teaching a women's kettlebell class. Because of this, I actually have gotten lax, and think I have lost some strength.


    My main goal for the 6 week challenge is to be able to press the 28kg kettlebell overhead 8 times per arm. 


    Currently, I own a 12, 16, 20, 24 and 28kg kettlebells. I have been spending too much time with the 16 and 20 and need to focus on strength and use the 24 and 28 more.


    My plan to do this is practice kettlebell cleans and presses in a ladder training method with the 24 and then the 28 kg bells.


    To be balanced, I will do full body kettlebell circuits as I normally do, martial arts practice and have a side quest of doing at least one 5k run per week to maintain some running ability.


    My current life quest is to continue to practice my martial arts and get another black belt in Kenpo and also certified as an instructor in Panantuken (Filipino open hand fighting) and Kali.


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  7. Yeah, don't sweat it, you will do fine, as long as you listen, try hard and leave any ago at the door. 

    The instructor probably has seen people in much worse condition. 


    TKD is a great start, for fitness and flexibility. Also, although many people poo poo the self defense, there are many TKD places that do good self defense, and not just sport. 

  8. The best answer is always to ask your instructor for their recommendation.


    However some thoughts:

    I did Tang Soo Do as my first art, at college, it was one of the clubs on campus. Perhaps your school has a martial arts class, even if a different style, that will allow you to get some cross training in.


    Practice your basics, over and over and over. See if you can afford some pads or a kick shield and take it to school. Find a friend to work out with and practice basic strikes, into a target. Really, you can not ever do your basics enough.


    Workout for general fitness, add some plyometics for explosiveness, stay limber and stretch regularly.

  9. I imagine it will take me a good year or two to get out of debt and get my emergency fund built up.

    Possibly longer.

    And that's normal for a lot of people. 

    But just think, what would happen to you if you didn't do that, and two years from now some big emergency comes up, it could wipe you out.

  10. What kind of socks are you wearing? one pair or a hiking sock and liner sock? Are they bunching up there? Are your socks absorbing and holding a lot of moisture?


    The area you describe is where socks can sort of bunch up when wet.


    If it were me, I'd get a pair of sock liners with individual toes, and try that with your hiking socks and see what happens. 

  11. Good daypack, good boots and good rain gear. Backpacker magazine and their webpage have reader hikes listed. You can search there for hikes in your state. I would check out the trails in your state parks and any national parks nearby as a good starting point.

    As you go full blown backpacking, add a good sleeping bag, good tent and good backpack to the list.


    If this is new to you, I suggest you try to find a club or gatherings to help get started. 

  12. I think any of them can get you started off on your journey. 

    There is always a lot of discussion of styles and practicality of self defense, and I always it comes down to the particular school and instructor more so than the style. This goes back to trying them out and seeing what you like. 


    Remember the roughest and toughest school won't help you out if you are too intimidated to show up and practice. Find one that fits your personality, for now, that you'll want o go back to, instead of dreading to go back to.

  13. I know some people that swear by it, they eventually switch from buying unflavored gelatin to buying glycine in bulk (the main amino component of gelatin) - I'm only a sample group size of 1, but I do it fairly regularly, and my joints are good for my age, and I sleep well, with vivid dreams at times.

  14. Stumbled upon this site and glad I did. I'm not only a nerd, but also really enjoy the Star Wars references.


    Looking forward to reading more here.


    Oh, about me. 

    Middle aged wasp, been doing martial arts for a long time, currently teach a few classes, plus some kettlebell classes.

    Mechanical Engineer and Eagle Scout, my son is also, and I lead the Scouts on a high adventure trip each summer. Enjoy hiking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing and other outdoor wilderness activities.