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  1. Ok caught up on the amazing goings on herein. Xena, do me a favour and update your signature to link to this challenge. The world needs an easy to follow link to what you're doing at all times! The fact that I could have found this on my own without hardly any work is something we won't talk about. But I'm glad I'm back on the following awesome people habit. I am stoked for your sub 4 hour marathon! And pull up and push up PRs to go along with it? I came back just in time.
  2. Yeah, I didn't have enough gas left in me to try again after that. That must be a privilege of being a member there- knowing all the tricks of the gear. Definitely, yes! On Saturday I went back to the OCR Academy for a Spartan SGX training session. Of course, the warm up had a set of 30 burpees, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out I could still do 30 burpees without needing a break. Or a wheelchair afterwards. Then we broke into groups and got instruction on how to climb ropes, traverse walls, monkeys bars, normal walls, rings and tarzan swings. After my fourth try I even got through the tarzan swing- booyah! And that was it for my arms for the rest of the day after that. I did learn a few good tricks for the walls which I may need on those longer courses where my arms are spent. At the end of the course, we did a mini gauntlet of obstacles, but I bailed on the inverted wall due to very tired arms and had to do a 5 burpee penalty. And since I was the fourth person on the course, I was the first one to do burpees. But definitely not the last. Next time I'll know the tricks to make that easier. And because we couldn't do any hill running, they put us on fan bikes at the start and that's where I knew my crappy cardio would hurt me. And it totally did. So strength wise I'm alright, but I definitely need to get my cardio back. Afterwards, they had a few booths up outside from the sponsors, a platinum rig and a spear throw. It really felt like being at a mini spartan run. I did a few spear throws until I finally got one to stick then I headed home where I had lasagna waiting for me as the perfect recovery food.
  3. Only a few days and I am posting again! Woot! This is the OCR Academy from almost a month ago. Now the proof is official. So many upper body toys! Training obstables from easy OCR up to Ninja Warrior difficulty. We were there for an hour and a half and my arms were dead pretty soon into it, but the kids and I just couldn't stop! I even managed to get up a rung on the Salmon Ladder! My arms were so spent from the hour of exercise before that, I couldn't get a second rung. They had Warped Walls there, too. The 12' warped wall was easy. The 14' wall though- I am a good foot short of that one. But maybe with some practice. Like this weekend at the Spartan Training course I'm signed up for! With the shoulder well on the mend (finally) I am really looking forward to it. Sliding down the warped wall after another failed attempt ... Climbing the peg board- see those two stars about 4 holes over? That's where the 4x4 runs behind the pegs and you have to skip those. No one told me that though, which means that's where I couldn't keep the pegs going anymore. And a little hanging around: Not that I was hanging out alone. I had a couple good, younger competitors along with me: I doubt I'll have pictures this weekend, but I will hopefully have some good stories. Or pain. Lots of pain.
  4. I think the mechanics are similar, but the thing I felt is that you will notice a lot faster when you're not doing it right. In the form of blisters and missing skin on the balls of your feet. There's no cheating when there's zero padding. When you go totally barefoot, you stop trying to push off with your foot as much and focus on the quick, light up and down step instead and using a forward lean to propel yourself forward. My little secret for barefoot running is running in the street early in the morning. Not on the edge, but in the middle of the lane. Streets are taken care of much better than asphalt paths and sidewalks and aren't nearly as rough. And if you run on painted lines, (lane markers, crosswalks) it's extremely smooth as the paint fills in the gaps. Concrete sidewalks work well, too, as long as they're not too grooved.
  5. For me, that's living the dream. Congrats.
  6. Great news! You're much better at recovery than I am, though I usually end up putting off going for help for far too long, which drags out the recovery much longer. Now if only there was a building full of silks to go put that shoulder through its proper paces ...
  7. Well, damn. I'm a big fat liar. Pants on hire, I died after crossing my heart, liar. I did not get on here at all. Lots of excuses. Some good. some bad. Mostly just excuses, though. Like I said before, I'm grinding away, so there's nothing really exciting to talk about. Except all the grinding is paying off and you don't get to know that for sure unless you actually keep track. Which I am on my own Google Spreadsheet, but that's only numbers. Some words are good, too, so for future me who may come back and read this someday, this is what's going on. And hey, if anyone else gets anything out of it, too. All the better. Physio: Still mostly good. The shoulder is better and better, but far from perfect. I doubt I'll be playing any beach volleyball this year. The constant shoulder work was giving me tendonitis on my wrist, so I've backed off most of my exercises. And if those exercises are at a weight where my wrist can't handle those weights, they probably aren't helping me out as much anymore. Besides not spending over half an hour a day doing physio, (yay!) I don't see any real decline in my shoulder health. Weights: (4 times/week) Workout 1: 25 Squats Deadlift: 5x5@205 - Adding 5 lbs per week. Workout 2 and 4: Shoulder Press: 5x5@62.5, adding 5 lbs per week Rows: 5x5@82.5, adding 5 lbs per week Bench Press: 5x5@105, adding 5 lbs per week Pull ups: 5x5@12.5, adding 2.5 lbs per week. Though my last set was 3x5 + 2x4, so I'm going to do weighted pull ups once per week with long rests and non-weighted pull ups the other day. Workout 3: Deadlift: 5x5@135 Renegade Pistol Squats: 3x4, adding one rep to all sets per week Running: Um, just barely. I ran twice last week, but now my goal is 3-4 times per week. (every other day if I can hack it) Forget time and ntervals and sprints and all that stuff. Just run over and over and over again because I like it and for now, that will get me all the improvement I need. Other Stuff: French: I am still plugging away at DuoLingo. I should be finished in about 2 months. And then I'll actually have to put it into use and learn. I still can't understand when my daughter speaks to me. I foresee a lot of French Tv in my future. There must be some good French translated Anime out there. Spartan Training: This weekend, I go to the OCR Academy for a 90 minute Spartan training session. I went there a few weeks ago (and I should post pictures to prove it) and it was awesome. My cardio is not up to this, though at least I feel prepared from a strength point of view. Middle Splits: I work on these most days, especially when sitting watching TV. I'm in no rush to finish this, but they are getting closer and closer to full splits. Put all together, it adds up and it's been slowly increasing over and over. At the beginning of March, my bench was 50, shoulder press was 12.5, rows were 25 and I was working my way up to 3x5 on pullups. And I wasn't even sure I would be able to do them with my shoulder the way it was. The grind works. And while physio has been a grind, lifting weights is fun. I go to the basement, spend 30 minutes to an hour exercising and having Full Metal Alchemist playing in the background. (it used to be Sword Art Online, but that's all done)
  8. I am so obviously not a cat person- it took me three looks to realize those two weren't the same cat. It looks like they love it though- and who doesn't love wrapping themselves up in a blanket? I don't watch TV any other way.
  9. Sometimes you need those down days. And that's cool. Though if you think you're just stuck in the blahs, maybe try to kickstart your list. You have 3 categories on your list- pick one from each and do it. After that, slug away. Like on a whim, you could do: - PT exercises (cause you want that shoulder fixed when slks open back up) - followed by eating some protein (to build up those shoulder muscles that just got worked out) - and then empty the kitty litter (because otherwise you know it's sitting there taunting you) Then let the fuckitalls have their way. (bonus of these three activities is no brain power involved) Or gamify this. If you're stuck in a rut with "don't want to make my brain figure out what I should so", then take your brain out of the equation. Write down all your list items on a slips of paper, note cards, old playing cards, etc. Or get a dice or a deck of cards and assign each item to a number. Then randomly pick a job and do it. No excuses, no redraws. Just do it. You can split your decks into your three categories or just mix them together. Pick a card and do it today. Pick one every day.
  10. Ha! This is great. I thought the idea for a while was to focus on one thing- well screw that idea! This is doing all the things. And I think it's awesome. Sometimes you have to do the completely different, opposite of what you're supposed to do thing to make everything work right. Or at the very least, have fun trying. After all, question everything, right? I like it.
  11. Thanks. Now that I've started thinking this way, I'm like "Why haven't I been doing this all along?" The shoulder is still healing, but I find it so easy to tweak it, but over time, the recovery gets faster and the overall feeling is better. But my pullups and bench press are almost back to where I was two years ago and there's no real issue there. And that feels good. I'm really enjoying having my own weights in the basement and even more now that I bought a bench off kijiji. The only thing missing now is a power rack and lifting pad - which are in my sights for the future. This weekend the kids and I are going to an OCR gym on Saturday. 2 hours of playing around on obstacles and having fun. I'll need my shoulder working awesome for this and it will be a pretty good test of where I'm at. I can't wait! And then after that, I might settle into seeing if the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight can live up to the endless hype they've tried to build up over this movie. I'm hopeful, but honestly expecting to be disappointed. I honestly just want the fight to be fun to watch and not have a half assed or contrived ending. If you're going to put the fight out there, then let them go at it and do it right to the very end.
  12. Wait, wait, that's slug behaviour. Right slug. I got my lazy "s" animals mixed up.
  13. So disoriented with the upgrade ... I know how you feel when a day at work means no work done. Still, I'm not sure how that's a nothing day. Busy day + still getting on the treadmill means sloth behaviour is someone else's problem yesterday, not yours.
  14. Not a crazy idea- I did the same thing when my shoulder started acting up. Part of fixing your shoulder is letting it rest and recover from the activities that cause an issue. Once it heals and strengthens a bit, then you add them back in. Plus this.
  15. Alright, time to dust this off. Long and rambling and getting set up for future weeks of shorter, more useful posts. Where I've been: I did a few challenges and then Christmas hit and everything went off the rails. That was crazy busy and my exercise went out the window. My shoulder was getting pretty bad and I realized I needed to put more effort into its rehab. Where I'm at: I was reading an article about Connor McGregor in Sports Illustrated while waiting for my kids at the dentist. One of the quotes that stuck with me was that everything Connor does is to push him toward becoming the UFC champion. His diet. His exercise regime. His twitter posts. His trash talk. It's all focused on one goal. Now for us mere mortals, or normal folks, I'm not going to focus my entire life on one goal to the exclusion of all else. But, I can focus my health and exercise efforts towards one goal. I mean, it's so simple, but not necessarily easy or worthless. The challenge forums have been trying to push this idea of a few, simple goals since forever, but the pressure and idea to do all the things is so great. But counter-productive. For now, that goal is to fix my shoulder. All my decisions shall be based on that and every decision that does not affect my shoulder is a don't care decision. - Do physio or not? Obviously, this is always a yes. - Lift weights? Yes as this helps strengthen my back and shoulders. - Go for a run? Only if I really want to. It won't affect my shoulder either way. - Eat that doughnut? Affects my shoulder not at all- go ahead! - Have a drink with supper? Have I done my exercise and/or physio yet? If yes, then go ahead. If not, then no alcohol- I still have exercise to do tonight. - Stay up late watching movie? No. Lack of sleep kills my willpower and makes it so I don't do my exercise and physio. The only exceptions are if a) I don't plan on doing exercise/physio tomorrow or I have so much spare time tomorrow that I won't need that much willpower to get my physio/exercise done. And so on. And over the past few weeks, the shoulder is progressing really well. Which means I need to try harder than ever because this is the point where it's easy to start taking it easy since everything seems to be healing, and it's when things regress if I don't keep pushing. Where I'm going: Right here, on the battle log. Challenges are good, and in some ways, the focus on a single goal seems to fit right in. But it's so narrowly focused, it's not of interest to anyone else. The multiple times a week posting won't be of much use when I'm really just grinding away right now. I also like challenges to open me up to new activities through the mini challenges and following other threads. But that will make me lose focus, so I'm not jumping back on there yet. I'll instead do 1/week posts here where I'll hopefully have something more interesting to say. I'm also reading Steve's Level Up Your Life book. There is obviously some reuse from his blog posts, but there is some that's not. Or at the very least, it's organized and focused in a way that puts the ideas forth in a much better way. So I'm enjoying it and it is making me think about changing how I set up my goals in the future and how I will tackle the challenges when I pop back in. End of post. Until next week.
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