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  1. Ok caught up on the amazing goings on herein. Xena, do me a favour and update your signature to link to this challenge. The world needs an easy to follow link to what you're doing at all times! The fact that I could have found this on my own without hardly any work is something we won't talk about. But I'm glad I'm back on the following awesome people habit. I am stoked for your sub 4 hour marathon! And pull up and push up PRs to go along with it? I came back just in time.
  2. Yeah, I didn't have enough gas left in me to try again after that. That must be a privilege of being a member there- knowing all the tricks of the gear. Definitely, yes! On Saturday I went back to the OCR Academy for a Spartan SGX training session. Of course, the warm up had a set of 30 burpees, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out I could still do 30 burpees without needing a break. Or a wheelchair afterwards. Then we broke into groups and got instruction on how to climb ropes, traverse walls, monkeys bars, normal walls, rings and tarzan swings. After my fourt
  3. Only a few days and I am posting again! Woot! This is the OCR Academy from almost a month ago. Now the proof is official. So many upper body toys! Training obstables from easy OCR up to Ninja Warrior difficulty. We were there for an hour and a half and my arms were dead pretty soon into it, but the kids and I just couldn't stop! I even managed to get up a rung on the Salmon Ladder! My arms were so spent from the hour of exercise before that, I couldn't get a second rung. They had Warped Walls there, too. The 12' warped wall was easy. The 14' wall though- I am a good foot short of t
  4. I think the mechanics are similar, but the thing I felt is that you will notice a lot faster when you're not doing it right. In the form of blisters and missing skin on the balls of your feet. There's no cheating when there's zero padding. When you go totally barefoot, you stop trying to push off with your foot as much and focus on the quick, light up and down step instead and using a forward lean to propel yourself forward. My little secret for barefoot running is running in the street early in the morning. Not on the edge, but in the middle of the lane. Streets are taken care of
  5. For me, that's living the dream. Congrats.
  6. Great news! You're much better at recovery than I am, though I usually end up putting off going for help for far too long, which drags out the recovery much longer. Now if only there was a building full of silks to go put that shoulder through its proper paces ...
  7. Well, damn. I'm a big fat liar. Pants on hire, I died after crossing my heart, liar. I did not get on here at all. Lots of excuses. Some good. some bad. Mostly just excuses, though. Like I said before, I'm grinding away, so there's nothing really exciting to talk about. Except all the grinding is paying off and you don't get to know that for sure unless you actually keep track. Which I am on my own Google Spreadsheet, but that's only numbers. Some words are good, too, so for future me who may come back and read this someday, this is what's going on. And hey, if anyone else gets any
  8. I am so obviously not a cat person- it took me three looks to realize those two weren't the same cat. It looks like they love it though- and who doesn't love wrapping themselves up in a blanket? I don't watch TV any other way.
  9. Sometimes you need those down days. And that's cool. Though if you think you're just stuck in the blahs, maybe try to kickstart your list. You have 3 categories on your list- pick one from each and do it. After that, slug away. Like on a whim, you could do: - PT exercises (cause you want that shoulder fixed when slks open back up) - followed by eating some protein (to build up those shoulder muscles that just got worked out) - and then empty the kitty litter (because otherwise you know it's sitting there taunting you) Then let the fuckitalls have their way. (bonus of these
  10. Ha! This is great. I thought the idea for a while was to focus on one thing- well screw that idea! This is doing all the things. And I think it's awesome. Sometimes you have to do the completely different, opposite of what you're supposed to do thing to make everything work right. Or at the very least, have fun trying. After all, question everything, right? I like it.
  11. Thanks. Now that I've started thinking this way, I'm like "Why haven't I been doing this all along?" The shoulder is still healing, but I find it so easy to tweak it, but over time, the recovery gets faster and the overall feeling is better. But my pullups and bench press are almost back to where I was two years ago and there's no real issue there. And that feels good. I'm really enjoying having my own weights in the basement and even more now that I bought a bench off kijiji. The only thing missing now is a power rack and lifting pad - which are in my sights for the future. This w
  12. Wait, wait, that's slug behaviour. Right slug. I got my lazy "s" animals mixed up.
  13. So disoriented with the upgrade ... I know how you feel when a day at work means no work done. Still, I'm not sure how that's a nothing day. Busy day + still getting on the treadmill means sloth behaviour is someone else's problem yesterday, not yours.
  14. Not a crazy idea- I did the same thing when my shoulder started acting up. Part of fixing your shoulder is letting it rest and recover from the activities that cause an issue. Once it heals and strengthens a bit, then you add them back in. Plus this.
  15. Alright, time to dust this off. Long and rambling and getting set up for future weeks of shorter, more useful posts. Where I've been: I did a few challenges and then Christmas hit and everything went off the rails. That was crazy busy and my exercise went out the window. My shoulder was getting pretty bad and I realized I needed to put more effort into its rehab. Where I'm at: I was reading an article about Connor McGregor in Sports Illustrated while waiting for my kids at the dentist. One of the quotes that stuck with me was that everything Connor does is to push him toward becoming the U
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