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  1. Week three check in: Running-- totally wrecking this-- 6 days this week, 34 miles total, including one 9 miler that was absolutely delightful. Body weight workouts-- Not so good, only 3 days this week. Getting back up to speed on this is my goal for this week. Dressing well-- Fairly solid-- Wore a tie all three days of work last week, dressed up real nice for T-day. Got one "you look nice today," and one "Daaaaaaannnnnng." so that is... satisfactory. Cheers! C.
  2. Whleps, Very well-- Ran 6 days, for 30 miles total. Bodyweight workouts 3 out of 7 days, so, meh. Coulsonification factor: 3 "You Look Nice Todays" in 4 days at work. (It occurs that as I dress better and folks get used to seeing me dress better, this will become a less accurate measure.) Cheeeeers, C.
  3. That's great! I always thought there were 5 disadvantages to being a runner in the Northeast. November, December, January, February and March. : /
  4. OK week 1 wrap up-- Running-- Total of 22 miles this week, over 5 days. Not bad. Missed a long run, so I'll have to get one in this week. Body Weight exercises-- 3 days out of 7. Meh. Unless moving 12 60lb boxes of books up and down a flight of stairs for a friend counts, then 4 days. Snappy Dressing-- # of "You look nice todays:" 3 over 5 days. Not bad, but not stellar either. Home cleaning and makeover-- WIN! on too many fronts to count, my lair is now clean, tidy, and a number of small projects are now completed. I was even responsible enough to not work so much on bike stuff
  5. Thought it'd be fun to start a picture thread of where we all run. I took this yesterday on my favorite trail And yes, this is New Jersey. Cheers!
  6. Yep, little by little. Tidied a couple more rooms and began the actual Cleaning and Scrubbing process today. Also straightened out the garden a bit, and tinkered with the bike a little.
  7. Congrats to both Anticula and blkhole! Well done!
  8. Teal Deer warning. I am adding a Mini Challenge of my own this week-- I will be Agent Billy Koenig in my house for the next 5 days-- making a ultra-clean, ultra-up to date base of operations.... This requires a bit of backstory, in as few words as possible-- my wife and I separated this summer, and decided to let the housework and repairs totally go so as to have time to repair our relationship. Good news: it worked! We are back together as of three weeks ago. Bad news: the house! My god, the house. So, she and the kids are off to Disney this week with their grandma, (a trip that was
  9. Just go home from the Trenton Double Cross Half Marathon! It was a great day, if a bit chilly at the beginning. I was glad I opted to leave my outer layers in the car and shiver for a half hour waiting for the start-- by the end of the race it was quite warm! This was my first race since 1999, so I wasn't sure how it would go-- I was hoping for around 2:20. Lo and behold I came in at 1:59:15! To say the least, I am pleased. Cheeeeers, C.
  10. Aw that sucks. Been there, done that. Feel better!
  11. Sounds great to me! *adds "Letters from a Stoic" to reading list.* I am starting my challenge with a half as wel! In about 4 hours, to be exact.
  12. The marathon is a trail race in NJ. $25, no shirt, no awards, just running on a mountain. Where did you GET those cards? I want one! Cheeers!
  13. Hey all! I've got a diverse set of goals for this challenge! 1. Agent Coulson-- Dress better for work, pay more attention to my body language and tone of voice in interactions, generally speaking, get myself some crisper edges and better sartorial charm.... +1-5, Charisma 2. Agent Ward-- Get back to daily convict conditioning workouts, work towards executing that awesome handstand pushup Ward was doing in episode 6 last week. +1-5, Strength 3. Mike Peterson-- Endurance will be the goal of my winter running schedule. Continute to run 5-6 days a week; complete one long workout of
  14. Overall I learned a lot from this challenge! Running-- Goal 1, just saying I will run 6 days a week was great. When I stopped worrying about runkeeper working, how fast or slow or how far, and just got out and ran, it happened a lot more often. I wasn't perfect 6 days a week, but much much more consistent than in the past! +2 Con Goal 2-- mental health and happiness-- I cut out a LOT of wasted time sink internet tendencies, got to sleep 7-8 hours a night nearly every night, and started writing actively again! Win! +3 Wis Goal 3-- Food-- Less successful by the standards of eating "h
  15. I tried to post a wrap up post yesterday, but my compy wigged. Let's try again!
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