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  1. I'm behind a whole week and a half on posts, so here goes Week 3: Monday - Sunday Mindful Eating (3 things per day in week 3) This is where the goals really fell apart. It turns out that 3 things a day was pretty ambitious for me while trying to form a new habit. I should stick with 2. My mindfulness came in spurts when I remembered to be mindful. Next challenge goal is mindfulness mindfulness! Also, this week mindfulness came in the form of recognizing some patterns or truths about portion sizes, things that I can actually turn into guidelines for myself... Example 1: I w
  2. You're right. One thing I haven't been doing, which would probably help is to actually give myself points or check it off in a spreadsheet when I meet the goal I set out for myself. I have always stored Thin Mints in the freezer. They thaw great in mah mouth! Week 2: Friday - Sunday Mindful Eating (2 things per day in week 2) Friday: (2) ✔ 1) Lunch was a small salami sandwich with a bowl of veggies. I think I ate it over the course of 2 hours, grazing on the veggies. Took it slow and didn't feel too full for the gym. ✔ 2) Prepped a protein shake, s
  3. Week 2: Tuesday - Thursday Mindful Eating This has mostly been falling apart lately, not necessarily because I'm not mindful, I'm just making bad choices. I'm recognizing when I'm no longer hungry and when I'm getting full, but I'm choosing to keep eating for a number of reasons that just sound like excuses: I haven't eaten in a while and am was really hungry when I started; I don't want to throw away all this good food -- I even mentioned this in my first post (already dressed salad with chicken in it); there's only a little bit left on the plate. Being aware of the reasons is m
  4. Week 2: Monday Mindful Eating Not bad today. Eggs and bacon for breakfast; veggies with dressing, deli meat, and crackers for lunch. Intense workout. Protein shake. Leftover Chinese food for dinner. I never felt super full. I was almost going to go out to eat and stop at a store for some diet soda, but then I remembered I should just eat dinner haha. That worked. 500ish calories for breakfast, probably less than that for lunch, probably a little more for dinner. Should I rebalance that with more for lunch and less for dinner? Or is it good to have more calories post-workout?
  5. Week 1: Saturday Mindful Eating I actually feel pretty good about this. After fasting for ~21 hours(!) I had a good sized late breakfast/lunch around 1:30 and didn't feel overly full. Then I went on a 5 mi walk on some trails around town. At dinner time I prepped my beef stew to slow cook for 10 hours overnight and just grazed on some veggies. Week 1: Sunday Mindful Eating Eh taken as a whole it was a pretty mediocre day for mindfulness. I had a very light lunch and then ran some errands. Around 5 I was pretty hungry and stopped in at Five Guys. The mindfulness here was th
  6. Week 1: Friday Mindful Eating Oh boy... I messed up today. I had a late lunch, ate way too much, not paying attention to signals that I had had enough. I also drank a whole pot of green tea, which isn't terrible, but didn't help me feel less full! Three hours later, I went to the gym. Let me tell you, the rowing machine is like a stomach pump. I had to keep stopping to burp or wait for my stomach to settle and hope nothing came up! It's late evening after the workout right now. I think I've probably consumed all the calories I need for the day. I still feel full, which is a bumme
  7. I almost always eat with a book on kindle or the kindle app on my phone. Sometimes in front of the tv. I'm trying to be mindful despite the distraction of a book so that I don't have to give that up. Week 1: Thursday Mindful Eating I can't say as if I was very mindful while I was eating, but after work I really wanted to go to the store and get something sweet like a diet soda or cookie (or few), but I just forced myself to have dinner instead (salad with chicken), and after that I didn't feel like I needed/wanted to go get anything else. I also wasn't terribly full after m
  8. Last weekend I passed out water at an annual half marathon in my town that ends with free beer for the runners. I can't imagine wanting alcohol after a long workout like that! Day 3 (3/20) Mindful Eating I don't think I ate mindfully, but I didn't eat too much. Lunch was deli meat and crackers. Dinner was a salad with chicken. Apparently yesterday was leg day and I still hurt!... Warm-up 300 jump rope (sans rope for me. That's a skill I don't think I'll ever need to learn properly!) 2x: 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, side to side lunges, toy soldiers, hamstring stretches
  9. Day 2 (3/19) Mindful Eating I was pretty successful today. At lunch I put down my fork between bites and only ate half of what I would have normally eaten. Consequently, I was hungry again after a few hours, which is to be expected if I'm suddenly consuming fewer calories than my body is used to, so I had some veggies as a snack. At dinner I ate the other half, not quite as mindfully, but at least I was more aware of the portion size by that point. I made a list for meal prep, went to the store, and stuck to the list. I prepped a giant salad and veggies last night and have
  10. Ever had Uigeadail or Dark Cove, both by Ardbeg? Dark Cove is the best peaty scotch I've ever had. The flavor lingers for quite a while after you're done.
  11. If it helps, it was part of the warm-up, and I resented every minute of it! Generally on a Sunday or Tuesday I'll bulk prep meals for the week. Usually this involves looking through cookbooks for something that sounds good or falling back on something I know how to make. I mostly cook paleo or paleo-ish meals, and really enjoy cooking. Most recently I roasted a chicken over a bed of potatoes, and I slow cooked a brisket. Every week or so I cut celery, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, and bell peppers to have on hand for snacks or with a meal, and sometimes I prep a big salad
  12. Day 1 Mindful Eating Today I wasn't terribly mindful. I plan on prepping some food tomorrow evening. I ate a late lunch, which was really just a small snack of salami and bread. I'm out of bread now, so that will help going forward. I had some Chinese food for dinner after my workout. I should have probably stopped when I was half-way done. Warm-up 2x: Toy soldiers, Lateral lunge stretches, Forward lunges, 8 push-ups, 8 squat jumps 2 mins of burpees! Workout 250m row 50 body-weight rows 250m row 50 snatches (20 x 25lbs, 30 x 20lbs) 250m row 50 ball slams (2
  13. This is a disturbing fact I realized recently: I don't eat correctly. I'm in my late 30s and I never learned how. Sure, I put food in my mouth, chew it, swallow it, and repeat until my plate is empty, but that's the problem, isn't it? I frequently walk away full--too full. Honestly, I feel like I'm waddling away sometimes. I don't need to clear my plate. There's nothing inherently wrong with left-over food. Most of the time it can be saved for later. But good food tastes good, and if I'm not really thinking about it, I'll chase that feeling! That's the key. When I eat I'm no
  14. Week 3, Wednesday - Week 4, Monday I might have to officially call it. This challenge is a bust. Here's what has happened every every challenge for the last, oh 4-6 challenges I've attempted: 2nd to last week I'm sick or injured and everything unravels because comfort foods sneak in and exercise stops. Pros: I'm still staying away from sugarI've lost about 5lbs this challengeI'm still meditating once in a while when I rememberCons: My lungs feel like crap from 1.5 weeks of coughingBread, rice, french fries, and pizza are back, though in much more moderation than pre-challenge In other n
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