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  1. Excited to use my new weights when I get home!

    1. BopGun


      I'm excited for you. Have at 'em! :D

  2. Merry Christmas to all my nerdy friends!!!

  3. While I know we had to lose at home some day, I just wish it wasn't today. On the bright side: There was a seahawks Boba Fett there today.

  4. I have never done a 5k before, but I started to break into running. This looks like a good goal to work towards!
  5. Got a new puppy! Her name is (Amy) Pond and she's my new running partner!

  6. It's a hard thing to get into running! Congrats on the progress so far, though. Keep it up! I just started running myself after losing 55 pounds. It's easier because I feel lighter, but once you get going it's a new experience. I have been running with weighted gloves though to help burn more while running.
  7. I'm in! This place sounds absolutely fantastic! I might venture there this weekend to check it out.
  8. The game tonight was a Brees! Who cinched a play-off spot, broke a sound record AND caused an earthquake? Oh right... THE HAWKS!!!

  9. Hello everyone! New to the boards and new to the area. How is everyone? I think it would be awesome to get to know some people out here.
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