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  1. Hey fellow rebels, I'm trying to reach out you all on behalf of that lovely lady of mine, my wife. She has many spinal issues and wishes to lose weight. She's motivated but the exercise with spinal issues is really hindering her. Anyone out there have any insight on what might help. I know that the final say is the medical professional's, I just want to think out side of the box for some exercise ideas for someone that has spinal issues. Thanks a million!
  2. Hey Bro, Awesome goals! Building the upper body strength is important to us Superhero types. I'm looking towards the same... except pullups for me... you just gave me the inspiration to start handstands. I figure... strength, balance, coordination: Sho nuff! If Spidey can do it, I should too. Remember lower body and core to balance it all and to reduce the chance of injury. You'd hate to have to be Robin as the Left Leg in Teen Titans Go! (you'd have to watch it, it's hilarious) Keep it up and let us know how you're doing!
  3. Honestly? I haven't read all of 7-22. I guess it'd do well for me to brush up on it. I hate running with a passion of 1000 suns. lol... sounds more dramatic than it really is. But I plan to work my way up to doing fun runs and tough mudders. I figure this way I'll start to enjoy it. I'd like to be able to start with 50 pullups in one session and then work my way onto 50 pullups straight. I can only make it up to 15 or so before my arms start to feel dead. lol.
  4. Hello all: I'm very blessed to have come across this website on 9GAG. (which is awesome BTW..lol...ahem) I'm trying to keep up this healthy lifestyle that I've created by pushing it further. I'm an ARMY National Guard Guy and as a leader it's truly embarrassing to fail a PT test. You feel inept...a true leader wouldn't possibly fail a PT test. I took the PT test yesterday and 56 push-ups in 2 min, 72 situps in 2 min, and came in at 19:27 for the run...*sigh*. Yet, I'm that guy... it has always been that blasted 2-mile run. If I don't get this stuff out of my head... I'll feel as though I'm
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