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  1. Countess D'If

    Countess D'If - Battle Log of Awesomeness!

    I’m sorry. The number you are trying to reach is having a severe bought of SAD. Please check the number and try again.
  2. Countess D'If

    Countess D'If - Battle Log of Awesomeness!

    Preparing for the week. I will do the things. And if I do not do the things, I will not be mean to myself, because that’s not cool. Tonight things: • Put up Laundry • Set out work clothes • Shower • Brush & Floss • Double check alarms • Go to sleep in work out clothes
  3. Countess D'If

    Countess D'If - Battle Log of Awesomeness!

    Do it! It's AWESOME!
  4. Countess D'If

    Countess D'If - Battle Log of Awesomeness!

    I did the things today! I also did the things yesterday - my little sister talked me into jiu-jitsu. It was SUPER FUN!
  5. starting my battle log! yeah! I guess in the future I will be in the Druid Guild because I am a Yoga nerd. I will be participating in the upcoming November Challenge. Drawing on my response to the "Level-Up your life" question, by level 50 looks like this: I am a sucessful attorney, kicking ass and taking names. I have a house with a big picture window (very important, not superfucial at all). I run 5K every morning and I can do crow pose for at least 5 breath cycles. I am a size 10, again not in any way a superficial goal :-) On the less superficial side, I want the small human who lives with me to see a happy, healthy mom and not make the bad life choices I made that got me here. On the superficial side agian, I wanna be HAWT! Well, I'm already a hot hot bitch, I just want my outside to match the kick-ass ass kicker on the inside. She's all buried by squishy and she's PISSED! She understands that in reality, this is not superficial at all, but self-esteem based. My real goal is to be her again, because she is awesome. My real goal is to somehow merge that lady with me. My real goal is to remember that lady is me. To get here there are a million steps : keep running, keep practicing crow (that bitch hard!) and re-take the LSAT in June. Not happy with my previous score. So: Goals in Life - Yoga Monday, Wednesday, Friday at noon. <3 Run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after work, come rain or shine. But not the occasional blizzard we get here. Keep up this log every weekday Prepare for the LSAT in June. Stab the LSAT in the liver and eat its babies in front of it as it dies slowly and painfully. HATE this TEST!!!!!! It is the enemy and it must be slain! Red Wedding that bitch! No more sneaking out of work for fast food - if I find myself in my car heading that direction, divert to Jimmy John's. That's the current outlook. I have one financial goal, need to get out of debt - but I think I have that handled. Eff you, Visa (cause it's totally Visa's fault) FIT IN THE DRESS!!!! (before photos and photos of "The Dress" to come)