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  1. Ok, here's the thing. I worked on The Marine's cover letter, but first I chatted to my work wife about it (work wife is a guy, he's named after a teenage mutant ninja turtle). These men be out here with all the mandacity. WW was all, "cover letters take five minutes, Hello. I'm applying, here's some info about my past, here's why you want to hire me, please contact me at XYZ." Look here. Man. Stop that. Then I read The Marine's first draft: "Hello. I'm applying, here's some info about my past, here's why you want to hire me, please contact me at XYZ." FUCK ALL Y'ALL wrote it in five minutes. no agonizing. no re-editing. no existential crisis. What the hell is wrong with these mens?
  2. See, I would have gone exactly the opposite. The second I SUSPECT a spider, I tear the bed apart and everything is washed and changed and vacuumed in record time. Because I lack internal motivtion
  3. Wednesday: did go to lunch with co-workers did brush teeth did take pills
  4. Tuesday: Did take shower Did brush teeth Did take pills Did get woken up every hour on the hour by Barty who is a very cute dog and who I love very very much and who is now too old to jump onto the bed but is also too stupid to just stay on the bed and not get down so he had to cry to get let back on the bed like I said every hour on the hour like
  5. Guess who has two thumbs and forgot about this challenge? Went for Halloween walkies last night for like seventy four hours. Did not track food. Did do PT exercises.
  6. lololol. YES I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED MY GOAL!!! I meant the post was late πŸ™‚ Then I just stopped posting at all
  7. Yesterday I Did: morning brushed teeth morning skin care work lunch (at desk) work embarrassed the ever living hell out of a very introverted co-worker by praising his work product; then praising his work product to everyone in the office whilst in his ear shot. Particularly proud of this one. helped Midget Mayhem with homework took all pills, vitamins, and supplements Night brushed teeth Night time skin care in bed before 22:00 Did not: Make bed Take the stairs go walkies log calories do any murders make this post
  8. It's the same garbage I was dealing with before law school, some sort of weird tendinopathy that occasionally sends stabbing pain up my femur into my soul through my SI joint. So I basically in hip and groin re-building therapy and lemme just tell you it sucks and blows at the same time. But I walked around tourist hell Fremont Street Sunday with no pain, so it is clearly working. So I think it's time to add walkies back into the routine. Did I remember to bring shoes for walkies today? No, no I did not.
  9. Did: Went to pt took a lovely hot shower morning brushed teeth morning skin care work lunch (at desk) work helped Midget Mayhem with homework took all pills, vitamins, and supplements Night brushed teeth Night time skin care in bed before 22:00 made this post Did not: Make bed Take the stairs (still scared of/for my hip) go walkies (not my fault work’s fault) log calories do any murders
  10. I am going to try a challenge again and see what happens?
  11. Is that your brain? Because I STFG if that came from either of your male relatives I am booking a flight to Boston to commit actual murder.
  12. I'm going to tell you what The Marine does. Take it or leave it. He drinks baking soda water. Is it nasty? Absolutely. Is it safe? I have no idea. Do I recommend it? Meh. I had heartburn so bad once that I tried and I will grudgingly admit it helped. And I know heartburn and reflux aren't the same the same. The Marine swears by it (but he's a full blown weirdo) and I'm just passing along info that might help you out. But for reals, I only did it once because I was crying the heartburn was so bad. Will I do it if I'm ever in that kind of emergency 911 situation again? Yes.
  13. I have four total grey hairs and I am also irrationally excited about it.
  14. Unexpectedly sudden update - I have an appointment with an ophthalmologist for my eye thing (I have eye thing, I don't know what to call it) AND a physical therapist for my poor hip/butt! What is happening?
  15. Weeeeeeelllllllllll. . . IDK, TBH. Work is amazing. I'm happy and I love it. So naturally I'm paranoid that something bad is about to happen. Drugs are amazing. Highly recommend solving all of life's issues with weapons-grade pharmaceuticals. I forced The Marine to quit his job because (1) it was pissing me off; (2) sometimes he didn't get paid; (3) he was making $11.50/hr; (4) Gas prices. He's had a great interview for a great job with a great pay and we should hear back this week. Fingers crossed. I'm super pessimistic because this would be amazing and it would help me out so so much but I don't feel like it's going to happen because I don't deserve nice things. In the meantime, our awesome friend got done real dirty by his job, so now he and The Marine are starting him a new law firm and I am stressed the hell out. It's not even my thing and I'm stressed the hell out. Do you know how much stupid shit goes into building a business? F. THAT. S. Midget Mayhem is 11 and is now in middle school. She goes to a uniformed school, so we went uniform shopping. #A, she's adorable; second, I a million percent prefer uniforms to picking outfits; III, what's with the math these days? MM is in Dance and Volleyball. I need to buy her shit for that. What shit you ask? IDK Pros: Middle school starts early so I have been to work on time like every day Cons: I have no idea what I'm doing, schedule wise and budget wise because limbo. And it's not even MY limbo - it's The Marine's fault this time.
  16. Hey! I'm the worst πŸ™‚ I'll try to be better this round. Go to the Y Don't eat the garbage food You know, the stuff i should be doing.
  17. Lolz, I forgot I was doing this. . . πŸ˜„
  18. I have come to the realisation that I am suffering from ennui. Which is fantastic. People whose hairs is on fire EVERY SINGLE DAY do not get ennui. Congratulations me for finding stasis. Now I have to turn ennui into peace. Yikes. . .
  19. I got a pinchy poo drunk last night with my best friend. I tried to drunk dial people, but The Marine wouldn't let me because he is the No-Fun Police. So now I'm a pinchy poo hung over. Which is why I am not going to the gym! Go home Hang up purse Put lunch dishes and coffee cup in the sink Check on Midget Mayhem Tell Midget Mayhem to pack her lunch for tomorrow Go upstairs Switch out laundry Pick an outfit for tomorrow Pack a gym bag for tomorrow Shoes Socks Pants Bra Shirt Water bottle Towel Ear Buds Pack a lunch for tomorrow Sweep and maybe mop downstairs Cross Stitch ? Go upstairs DON'T FORGET A CUP OF WATER AND THE FROZEN EYE MASK THINGGY Take all the vitamins and pills Put night lotion on face Brush teeth Bed
  20. Incorrect. Unhinged, insomanical, internet research fueled @fleaball is the best fleaball.
  21. Meh. Motivation is for suckers. Hit him with a stick. 😁
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