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  1. Is your name Annie?! My name is Annie! Hi Annie! Cutting out processed foods is great. I know I've felt better since limiting it in my diet. Your numbers are looking good, and you're off to a great start! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts!
  2. Nice! Sounds like you've had a few good days! That's a pretty sweet looking mouse (I love clicky-buttons too Not sure if that's the right word). Happy gaming!
  3. I believe AJ Styles (Allen Jones) had a back injury while he was with NJPW, shortly before coming on with WWE, and he's back to doing all the things since he started DDP Yoga. It seems to be working out very well for us non-wrestlers so far. Although, we aren't exactly injured (just me being a plank of wood, and the boyfriend having osteoarthritis), but boyfriend says he's felt better since we started, and I've noticed an slight increase in stamina and flexibility. Hopefully the trend continues!
  4. Thanks! Yeah, food prep day is kind of insane. And it's always fun to try to find the biggest onion at the store (I think I just have a weird sense of fun). And I'm trying to not sweat the scale, which is hard. In other news: Going paleo again. I mean, for the most part. During this last year, I became unofficially diagnosed with PCOS. Part of PCOS means insulin resistance. Which explains a lot about my feelings towards food and the resistance I experience when trying to lose fat. I went primarily paleo a few years ago, with a lot of success, but then life happened, and long story short, I'm here again. So in addition to all the exercise I do, I'm going to do my best to implement some diet additional diet changes. Which means no more rice, bread, pasta...ah well, I've done it before, and I can do it again. Today's exercise! Road cycling: ~9 miles DDP Yoga! Today's food! Breakfast: Lemon fiber bar Lunch: Homemade chili (ground beef, hot ground sausage, onion, diced tomatoes, black beans, spices), salad (spinach, baby romaine, low fat feta, balsamic vinaigrette) Dinner: Fish with vegetables of some sort Today's positivity! See my exultation about Autumn posted above. Thoughts? So I've been sick with a cold, and it peaked yesterday with a hell of a migraine. It was the worst, but thankfully I didn't throw up. I skipped school, and almost left early from work because of the sickness. I'm feeling better today, but what I'm most excited about is... As of tomorrow, it's finally Autumn!! No more summer! No more sweating to death! No more flys invading my house! I'm still in Arizona, though, so no beanies or scarves or mittens or sweaters, really. It never gets quite that cold. But I love the cold. I was in Idaho two February's ago, and just had a light jacket and it was WONDERFUL. *sigh* Someday, I'll live in an area that's kind to my viking roots. Forests, snow, rivers...it'll be grand.
  5. Greetings and solicitations! Er, wait. Saultations. Yeah, that's the one. Congrats on quitting smoking! That's a wonderful first step towards health. I like this log a lot, you've outlined your starting point, and why you want to get healthy. That's always difficult to recognize (it was for me, anyway). And everyone starts somewhere! You're in a good position to kick this health thing's (toned) butt! You got this! Also, WHAT IS MAPLE BACON JERKY AND WHERE CAN I GET SOME BECAUSE THAT SOUNDS AMAZING?!
  6. Mrf. So I have become sick. I'm 77% sure it's just a cold, and so far my symptoms are pretty mild. Last year, though, I'm just about positive that I got the flu, since I had a fever around 104 for three days in a row. I just wish this didn't happen when I have tests to study for. Also! I got a heart rate monitor. It's kinda lame, just a cheap little watch that I have to put my finger on to get it to work. But I wanted to try one out before dropping some real money down on one (by that I mean, like, $50). Today's exercise! Road cycling: ~9 miles DDP Yoga! Today's food! Same ol', same ol'. Although, I'm finally out of all the food I prepped last week, so a grocery store trip is due. I averages around 1600-2200 calories last week. Today's positivity! It was cloudy this morning, and I love gloomy weather. Thoughts? Meh, not really. I'm functioning on half a brain right now, just trying to make through the rest of the day. Conserving what limited energy i have.
  7. Well, I keep meaning to update. But I write my updates on my laptop, which I typically use in the morning, and it doesn't save so I can simply pull up what I've already written on my desktop. Ah, well. So things that have happened recently. My buddy got his gym up and running! I was there yesterday, it's pretty legit. All Olympic platforms and racks. And a few bikes. All in all, it was pretty cool, and I'm excited. Gonna build some beasts in that place, for sure. So I haven't been hitting it too heavy the past few weeks (at least in part due to the fact that I don't have a lot of weight at my disposal), but yesterday, I did: Front squats: 160# three-rep max Road cycling: 10.2 miles I'm a little disappointed. I weighed myself this morning. 233 pounds. I don't know why, I've been really good about keeping my calories around or under 2000 every day and I exercise almost daily. So...what gives. Bleh.
  8. Thank you! I actually rooted around and did find that previous thread where people discussed it. The boyfriend and I actually just did the first workout today! The only space we had was in our tiny bedroom, so it got pretty warm pretty quickly, I tell you what. I enjoyed it though! Will be doing again in the future.
  9. So I'm a WWE fan. One of my favorite wrestlers swears by this program called DDP Yoga (a program created by a fellow wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page) for strength building and injury recovery. Now, I'm about as flexible as a crowbar, and have considered yoga as a way to increase flexibility for myself. My boyfriend, without whom I probably wouldn't have even heard about this program, has osteoarthritis in his hips and knees, so a no-impact workout regimen is ideal to get him started on the path to getting healthy (Which he has expressed an interest in). Has anyone tried this program? Or have any recommendations for yoga programs that worked for them?
  10. Today's exercise! Road cycling: 8.8 miles. (My work schedule changed this week, so my weekly average of riding will probably go up to around 40 miles ) DDP Yoga! Today's food! Breakfast: None Lunch: Portion of breakfast quiche (egg, milk, half and half, tomato, spinach, onion, cheese, pie crust). I made a huge one and portioned it for the week. Also had beef + black beans + brown rice + homemade salsa + low fat sour cream (1 tbsp) Dinner: Tilapia with spinach and baby romaine salad Today's positivity! So over the weekend, I felt that I needed a pick-me-up, so I purchased a few new shirts and new workout pants! I'm wearing them now, and love them because they have a zippable pocket in which to put my phone so I can easily listen to music. Plus, they make my butt look great. Thoughts? So, the boyfriend and I enjoy WWE. We watch, usually, two shows per week and a third when there is a Pay-Per-View. Personally, I like it because those wrestlers are STRONG. There's no way around it. They are professional athletes. But, to my story. So one of the boyfriend's favorite wrestlers swears by this program called DDP Yoga, which is a program put together by Diamond Dallas Page (a fellow wrestler), and focuses on no-impact strength building. One of the barriers to the boyfriend getting fit is the pain he deals with, since he has osteoarthritis in his hips and knees. But he wants to get fit, so we're trying this program together. I'm excited, since I'm about as flexible as a crowbar, and I'm happy to have a workout buddy now!
  11. Well, after taking a few days off, I'm ready to get back at it. I binged videogames, did some studying, cleaned the house, it was a good time. However, on Sunday I did have instant ramen for the first time in maybe a year and my LORD did I regret it. The broth tasted good, but the amount of salt and whatever the heck those noodles are made of certainly took a toll. I'm not as equipped to handle junk as I used to be, bleh. But anyway. Today's exercise! Road cycling: 8.8 miles 5x10 Squat @100# Flexibility yoga Today's food! Breakfast: None, I'm fasting until after 5pm Lunch: None, probably Dinner: TBD, probably a sandwich from Sprouts Today's positivity! So it's been raining! We're getting some of the rain and wind from the hurricane that passed over Mexico the other day. So for us, that meant pleasant steady rainfall for the entire day. It kind of sucked riding my bike in the rain to school and work, but a classmate/coworker gave me a ride home last night, which was very nice of her! Thoughts? So the reason for the fast today is because I'm going to be training how to test cholesterol, which will require me to test my own. Since it's been over 2 years since the last time I had my cholesterol checked, I am interested to know how I'm doing in that area.
  12. Today's exercise! Road cycling: 8.8 miles Today's food! 1554 Cal, 179g carbs (much better), 69g fat, 69g protein (also better), 2348mg sodium, 59g sugar 9(better) Not a bad day. I'm not including the pie slice I'm going to get later tonight, because I'm treating myself. It's been a long, but good, week. Today's positivity! I have ridden at least 35.7 miles this week on my bike. I say 'at least' because I didn't start using Strava until halfway through Monday. So It's probably more like 36-37 miles total. Before Monday I was using MapMyRun, but I like the layout and clean look of Strava. Both are good for tracking distance, and there are definitely a few features of MapMyRun that I wish Strava had. But I like Strava. Thoughts? I'm pooped from this week. Not overly excited about the study/cleaning weekend, but I always love the days when I don't have to set my alarm.
  13. Thank you both, @Jittersthe.Clown and @CloneClubber, I appreciate the encouraging words. Today's exercise! Road cycling: 7.1 miles 5x10 Squat @100# Today's food! I did not eat as much protein today as I probably should have. The chicken I purchased the other day has turned to be really, really gross. It's...gristly and feels like chewing tendons. I don't like it. I keep taking like 1-2 bites and trying to stomach it and it just isn't working out well. I settled for frozen chicken strips I made in the oven just now. Also, I felt that I ate kind of a lot today, and it wasn't all good, but MyFitnesPal tells me that I consumed ~1335 calories, 217g carbs (YIKES), 41g fat, 47g protein (DOUBLE YIKES), 1863mg sodium (yay!) and 65g sugar (eesh). So...not great, but not terrible. However! That leads me to... Today's positivity! So I have major willpower issues when it comes to food. I want to eat it all, all the time. It's a struggle, hour to hour. BUT! Today, I really REALLY wanted Applebee's chicken wings, because on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or any weekday after 9pm, they have 50 cent wings. Which, a) are freaking delicious because it's more or less fried chicken breast drenched in sauce (I'm partial to bbq and any spicy/sweet sauce), and b ) appeal to my desire to not spend a ton of money. But I resisted the urge! Because I really don't need to eat 20 chicken wings in one sitting. I'm very proud of myself. Thoughts? So I decided to dig up some old pictures of myself. Since I see myself everyday, it's a bit difficult to recognize when I look different. It's been an interesting experience. So here's a side-by-side comparison So the picture on the left was taken literally this morning while I was getting ready (hence the toothbrush). So apart from the fact that my hair is now blue (and yet, somehow still the exact same length), I do see quite a bit of difference between these two pictures. I mean, I remember the day that that right picture was taken, and how much like a stuffed sausage I felt. I remember how amazing it felt to take that belt off, and take off those pants that were too tight. Those pants were size 16. The pants I'm wearing today are size 14, and I wear a belt. Don't get me wrong, I'm still pudgy. But the difference between muscle and fat is amazing. I weigh almost exactly the same. But I look pretty different. Anyway. Just took some time for reflection today.
  14. Hi! You have some good goals there I like the money-saving one, I may need to employ something like that...anyway, good luck with your goals!
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