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  1. Hello all you wonderful Nebraskans! I am just letting you all know that I am relocating from Lincoln to Chicago, so I will not longer be a part of the lovely Nerbaska Nerds. But I wish you all the best! Cheers!
  2. Wufkar wants me to update my thread. I have not done anything to update my thread since Day 10 of the challenge. I have not done any of the mini challenges. I have not meditated once. I haven't cleaned any of my spaces to help clear my mind. I have not meal planned since week 2. My food has been all over the place. I'm not following any sort of plan - not paleo really, not LCHF, not really. It depends on the day. I haven't tracked my finances carefully since the end of week 2. I haven't done much strength training at all. The only things I've been doing consistently are training for the 5k and going to spin 2-3x/week and yoga 1-2x/week. Sooooo.... Definitely going to fail this challenge. My main focus right now is to complete my bar application. I can't really think about anything else until that is done.
  3. Good times were had! Sometimes you just need to eat a pizza (or a burger) and drink 3 glasses of wine (or beer) and split a giant cookie sundae. Take care of yourself and get lots of rest and fluids. If you can't run tonight, it's not a big deal!
  4. Pretty good. We almost didn't get up and go, but then we did... I did some quick sprints on the treadmill before yoga started while my friend probably ran like 2 miles in 10 minutes. She's a much better runner than I am. And then yoga was good. I love the instructor on Thursday AMs in Omaha. She's absolutely fantastic. She's also the only reason we got out of bed to go! Lol.
  5. You're right. And it was a good run! Mostly I felt dumb!
  6. I need more balsamic vinegar in my life. I was pretty over it for a while there, but my mom has been making this amazing dressing that is just to DIE for! And it's from Grain Brain, so I know there is no added sugar or crap in it. Om nom nom. Also, balsamic reduction? Yes please. Kinda failed at working out this morning. Meant to go to spin and do a circuit, but there was no spin. I confused the Lincoln and Omaha gyms. Great. So, ran instead, and then didn't do the circuit because.... lazy. So circuit tomorrow, and also yoga in the AM. And then, I don't have much going on this weekend, so I might workout a ton just for funsies.
  7. Those shoes are SUPES CUTE. More importantly, you will probably feel SO much better running in them! Also, doesn't Nebraska have like THE BEST sunsets and sunrises?! I love them. So much. <3
  8. Long Slow Distance day is now LSD Day. I really hope you don't have to be up until 3am, that would super suck. Is 5K training long enough for LSD?
  9. I definitely want to C25K tomorrow AM, but are you ... doing your weird cardio on Tuesdays?
  10. Two things - Alex DID have you eating a lot of carbs there for a while, so I bet that's a big part of it. I mean, a lot more carbs than you had been eating, plus a lot more calories, too. Also, smoking affects your hormones (see here), and allowing your body to get back to normal on the hormone balancing may take a few months. It always takes me at least 3 months to feel normal when I go off/on birth control. Not sure about smoking, but that could definitely be a factor.
  11. Ooooh! Really excited for the mini this week. My personal goal will be to NOT snooze all week. I'm getting better about getting up and working out in the morning. It helps that boyfriend does that always, and I know we'll have more free time to talk in the evenings if our schedules can be a bit more aligned. I'm good at going to bed early. And I take rest days when I feel like it. So my big thing right now is not snoozing. I need to get my booty out of bed when the alarm goes off. Not snooze, and then bargain with myself about working out at night instead, and how long can I stay in bed and still make it to work on time? I don't really need to shower.... Seriously guys, today I had my alarm set for 5:10am (because 5:00 is too early?!) and I almost just reset the damn thing for 7:30am. The only reason I got up was because I told Wufkar I'd see her at the gym in the morning. Which I did, but it was a really short "hey, what up, of you're with your trainer, peace out!" Right, so no snoozing....
  12. I wish I had some advice on this... Do you think you've hit a plateau?
  13. Um... update. Here's the skinny - I am super sucking at my meditating. It's not happening. It needs to happen, there's not reason for it to NOT happen. My problems is that I've been spending 4hrs/day on the phone with boyfriend, and that's all good and fine (it's fantastic, actually), but I can still find 5 freaking minutes to meditate. Food - has actually been pretty good. I feel like I overeat less than I have in the past. I've been a little more loosey goosey with my actual diet though, so I need to work on cleaning that up. Mostly just not eating a "bite" here and there of crap. Workouts have been awesome. I feel good, I'm getting enough in, and I'm actually doing some strength training (although it's still super minimal). I need to work on my shoulder strength before I can do much more strength, but that's a slow process. Finances are going pretty well. There are a few things I forgot to plan for, but I'm just making minor adjustments here and there. Budgeting is always a learning process. There are a lot of things I've been wanting to buy lately, but I find myself thinking - no, don't do that, we're trying to wise with money. Plus I really need the extra dough for that bar application... YIKES. Overall, this challenge is going well, I just need to do better at meditating.
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