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  1. Hi everyone! Forgive me my prolonged silence,but these have been 2 explosive weeks :-S I've started my full-time job as a Game Programmer, and this has literally blew off my routine... and my biorythms :-P So, let's roll up what's happened up to now :-) Good news first :-) The workout, the diet and the water have found a comfortable place into my day :-) The diet it's cranking fine: with my dietist we're trying a more protein-based diet and see which results can yield. Hope I can stabilize my food routines before christmas: I need to be solid on my position to face the panettoni invasion ;-P
  2. Hi guys, and thank you for stopping by and leaving such a big pool of advices! Minor things, sure, but really appreciated, especially the moderation part: now it makes sense to me that almost all the challenges I found in this section started halfway september Well played, 49er... Especially for the Yoda quote but you're absolutely right, I'm correcting the post right now,.. and I'm making it clearly measurable on all my goals. This was very useful... I read the advice later, this night, and brought the appropriate water supply today at work. Results? I dranked my 1,5
  3. This is a big, uber-pleasant surprise!!! Haven't played MC in a pretty long time (I really don't have enough spare time to enjoy it properly) but my account still exists, afaik... Well, hope to hit the 50 post counter soon!
  4. Thank you for the warm welcome, Gimeniux Lol, and I thought that going for 1.5 liters was already difficult yes, I did know that water keeps your interiors working and consuming... But really, 2.5 liters are a lot Thank you very much for the advice, though! I guess the 2.5 liters will become a good goal for the second challenge: doubling my daily water intake in 6 week seems like a fair fight for this time
  5. That's hit the spot ;-) thank you very much!!! Inviato dal mio GT-I9505 utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. Can't find that in search results Only result is a "Shadowrun" forum, which is unaccessible...
  7. Hi Leon :-) I'm from Treviso, in Veneto... Hoping in someone a bit closer to my home ;-)
  8. No problem for the shortness Tried that a bunch of times with no results Logging in with Tapatalk ID doesn't do anything after a brief loading, while trying to manually input my credentials will popup briefly "Forum force login"... And nothing else. Excuse me in advance for the trivial questions: are you using the android app, or the iOS app? Correct forum is "Nerd Fitness Academy", right?
  9. . I think I will try to make this post a little shorter than my introductory post So less about myself and more about the battle plan Main quest: Drop belly fat and flatten my abdomen I’ve already stick to exercise and diet before, with various commitment level but always disappointing results, so I think this won’t be easy But it’s something I damn want, so I’m going to work toward it. No excuses! 1st Goal: Workout 3/wk. I’ve already performed some gym before, but I think this is going to be tough, because I’m going to exercise A ) outdoor; B ) early (6 AM) in the mo
  10. Hello, everyone! I discovered this site about a week ago, bouncing from a link an American friend of mine posted on Facebook. Lurked around, read posts, watched Steve’s tutorial on YT… “Damn, this seems too good to be true, where’s the scam? It has to be nearby…†(no offense intended: every nerd knows that the internet is a big source of scams and phishing attempts ). But after one-week check I can’t really find anything wrong here, and this is a really pleasant surprise! So first thing first: I must congratulate to Steve himself, for putting up his efforts in giving birth to
  11. Ditto: I'm using tapatalk for android too, and on login it says "connecting" for a short and then nothing happens The URL change sounds like a plausible reason for tapatalk getting confused, though I think this should be filed under the HELP/SUPPORT section, imho... But that section seems more like a ticketing system, other than a forum... So the thread might have to be duplicated, instead of simply moved away by a moderator.
  12. Hi everyone, nice to meet you! I've just discovered this community and started reading Steve posts on the main site... And the "Choose your profession" post really hooked me up! Atm I'm not really sure about my life goals... There are so many things in motion these days in my life! But I'm damn sure about my desire to make the world my playground every time a cat climb a wall/fence/branch in front of me, reaching for a roof or a panoramic spot I always think "Man, I want to enjoy the third dimension too! " so I guess that Assassins guild is my chioce Alas, I have no time to write
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