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  1. Anybody else get this: Just finished a nice healthy meal of protein and veg- for example and omelet, or this morning's meal: turkey hash with sauteed greens and a fried egg on top with a tbsp of butter. Now I know I ate enough and I'm definitely not hungry, but nevertheless I feel this empty gnawing feeling in my gut that just wants something like a cup of sweetened yogurt, or a bowl of cereal- in other words, something cold sweet and milky. Now in the past I would have eaten something cold, sweet and milky and felt better. Obviously no longer an option. Today I just stuck it out. I'm not hungry, that I know, but I wish my stomach would just go away and be happy for a couple of hours, but it's insisting on making its presence known. Anyone know what causes this? How to avoid it? How do I get that wonderful- you just ate a bunch of fat, fibre and protein! Go be happy feeling? I went to a GI doc and and got an upper endoscopy and the result was that I had gastritis and I should take an antacid. This is not an acidey thing and the pill hasn't worked. Thanks, Doc. Like I couldn't have really used that 2 grand for something else. Anyone who can share a similar experience, I appreciate it!