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  1. Score Challenge 1.1 (Keeping my cigarettes at work): 9/11 Challenge 2.1 (Eating veggies with every meal): 3/4 Considering sleeping in front of the open fridge
  2. Eating veggies went well today. I did eat bunch of other stuff that I probably shouldn't have but I'll aim for the'half-plate' ratio next month and that should improve things :-) Also, I have realized today that I either eat my (seldom consumed) sweets with a salad, or they are automatically a fail. How the hell did that happen? Do nuts in dark chocolate count as food with veggies? Can we stretch that to 'plant matter'? This is a desperate situation :-D Not-quite-non-smoking challenge went well today. I experienced a powerful craving in the evening with money in my pocket and a shop nearby but
  3. Thyra

    First Challenge!

    Winter recess? I envy you so hard right now, for both words :-D What era/area do you do in your reenacment group? I know I should look at the pictures but I cannot open them while on mobile :-)
  4. Sooo... weekend over. I practically erased my proud accomplishment above by asking people for cigarettes. Alcohol may have been involved. No-one is surprised. Also no-one likes people who "stop smoking" by stopping bringing their own cigarettes but not actually stopping... you know... smoking. I'm self-conscious enough to, if not completely avoiding this in the future, at least considerably limit this this kind of stuff. Still, this does not count as minus points for this challenge, just for common decency :-D I did bring two cigs with me for my way home from work today and that is a minus. Ba
  5. I'm officially bragging here: I took the rest of a pack with me after work (reasoning was kinda sound [isn't it always?] but lengthy and I don't have much time for writing). I've just thrown it in trash. Go, me :-D Now I'm of to pretend it's 12th century for the weekend so I might not update until Monday - please wish me luck for my non-smoking weekend until then.
  6. I'm not going to comment on your routine, because that stuff sounds intimidating. But blacksmithing now, blacksmithing sounds outright cool :-) What do you make?
  7. I smoked out of work both yesterday (1c) and today (3c). Both times were unplanned and my pack stayed safely at work so I'm still sticking to my plan :-D However, if this becomes a real problem, I'll include it the next round of this challenge. Challenge 1.1: 4/4
  8. Another day went well. I did have a bit of a crisis this afternoon but since it never left my head I call it a win. The problem is that there is a part of me that doesn't want to quit. The part that finds the hours sitting on a bench in a park, reading a good book and smoking like a factory very enjoyable. I'll try to get that part addicted to running. What I'll get may not be so much true love as a great case of Stockholm syndrome but I don't care as long as it works :-D So I end this day with full points. Challenge 1.1: 2/2 points
  9. I feel fitter just by reading all this :-D
  10. Aaand it actually worked :-P Friday evening and weekend will be hard when I learn to appreciate the difference between "little enough" and "not at all"... Well, that's what you get for a relapse that you embrace as enthusiastically as me. Be warned :-) Challenge 1.1: 1 success/1 day
  11. Some respawns take longer than others... :-D Good news: I finished the school! Bad news: my lifestyle is about 3 years in the past. But I'm back to work on it! I'm going to make one change a week in one of three areas: 1) smoking (or rather not smoking) 2) fitness (I've read it helps fight addictions so it should help with point 1) 3) eating right I will make 3 changes a month, in the first 3 weeks. But the most important and a very difficult change starts now: I'm going to write here at least every other day. The good stuff and the bad as well. If a fall on your face is a step forward, I'm go
  12. *takes out a notebook and a pencil, sits down and stares at the others intently* I'm waiting for the recipes
  13. Why not just stick with your grading policy? Just subtract the point for not cooking. I think it's much better to skip a meal (unless you do it often!) than eat unhealthy food so give yourself the points you deserve
  14. Day 5 was a bit better. Sub-quest one: I wanna be a ranger: eat, lift, bike eating: 2 point of 2 - I ate one square of chocolate but it was while helping my mom so it doesn't count lifting: 1 point of 1 - Strength class in the gym - I really love it biking: 1 points of 1 - To work and back.TOTAL: 16/18 = 89 % Sub-quest two: Join the engineers' guild 0 point of 0 - It's Friday, Fridays are always complicated. I'll make a to-do list for the weekend to catch up, I want to have the first part of my thesis finished. The only excuse will be if I need resources from work or library, everything el
  15. Day 4 was the most useless day ever! I stayed at home to do some school work and of course I got nothing done. It happen every time, I don't know why I'm even surprised. Well, at least I have a goal to strive for. Sub-quest one: I wanna be a ranger: eat, lift, bike eating: 1 point of 2 - There was still ice-cream in the freezer. Luckily, mom ate the rest so I should be safe now lifting: 1 point of 1 - stretchingbiking: 1 points of 1 - Not far enough to be worth logging but I did shopping by bike where I would otherwise take a bus.TOTAL: 12/14 = 86 % Sub-quest two: Join the engineers' guild
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