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  1. Hi Marco... I'm from the northern Italy too! Exactly from Milan! Where are you from?
  2. Hi! I can't believe this. We have the same age and the same bad luck. When I was 16 I broke my hand playing soccer as a goalkeeper and from then I started gaining weight. I started the diet today, let's hope it works! Btw, I can't imagine how to break a pancreas... Can you explain me what happened?
  3. Hello everyone, presentation time has always put me in a strange mood. I feel embarassed and I never know what to say! So, I'll let Prof.Oak help me and I'll start saying that I'm a male and my name is Antonio. I live in Italy, at Milan and I'm facing the last year of a Business Bachelor. I like surfing the net, going on 9gag(or memecenter), writing and watching TV series. I also enjoy art and listening to pop music. I'm overweight and I'd like to loose some pounds to feel better and gain some self-confidence. I like to go around drinking and partying, but my being out of shape makes me feel
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