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  1. Good work on your 5K! I always call my brother's in-laws my in-laws in-law. I suspect that's not right, but it amuses me.
  2. Hey, Kailer. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for your efforts to line us up with appropriate newbies. [That's probably not a good phrase; it sounds vaguely dirty or like a terrible ska band or like a cult that tried to make the big time and failed but is still hanging around. But I like messed up phrases, so I'm going to keep it.] But, yeah. Thanks for your bridge-building work!
  3. As a professional grammarian (no, not the jerkish kind), this phrase delights me. I can definitely imagine how brutalawesome a workout this would be.
  4. So, today I made my triumphant (*snork*) return to ultimate frisbee. I used to play, but I haven't in more than 10 years ago. I was never good at it, and while I'm still far from the speedster that tends to do well at it, I am in better shape now than when I was playing. Anyhow, I found a nearby pick-up game and, while it was surprisingly tricky to make initial contact, I joined in today. It was kind of an odd group--really big and not particularly cohesive. By the end there were probably enough people for about 3 games. Some people seemed to know each other, but there wasn't a lot of ch
  5. Welcome! Kailer told me about your impending Warrior Dashdom--which is a great thing. I did my first one a week ago tomorrow. It was a lot of fun and it's a great kind of mid-term (a few months) goal to be working for. In terms of prep for it: General fitness, obviously, including some running if your goal is to run the course. If the website says the course is hilly, trust them and do some hill work--I didn't (since there's only one real hill near where I live, and just running up and down it over and over again got real boring) and regretted it. The toughest parts of the obstacles for me
  6. The past few days have actually been okay, kind of surprisingly. Things that should have been simple weren't... the ultimate group didn't get back to me, and neither did the running group. The ultimate group is practically in my backyard, though, so I dropped by today -- didn't play because it was at the end of a run, but I got the official info so I'll probably join either Saturday or next Wednesday. I also went to the library to examine a copy of the Sunday want ads to see if there were any job categories that were available that I could do that I haven't been checking. So, naturally, they
  7. Okay, moping done. (At least, until the next sack of crap flies into life... but enough about that.) Time for focusing on the rest of the challenge and beyond. I tested push-ups today--21. That's way down from what I have done in the past, but I think it's kind of artificially low, given that I haven't done any push-ups-for-quantity work lately and that I ate my feelings over the weekend and as a result am today basically an anvil. So my strength & endurance goals for the challenge will be: Push-ups: A:50 B:45 C:40 D:35 Pull-ups: A:6 B:5 C:4 (I'm currently at 3) Exploration-wise: I jus
  8. Home from the Warrior Dash. I had fun. But it was also pretty disappointing. It was supposed to be an Event—a day that I trained for for a long time that would serve as a good milestone of how far I'd come and a good indicator of what I can do. And instead, it was a pretty mild workout with some somewhat unusual equipment and some very long mandatory rest periods. From what I've pieced together from what I heard from other people who have experience, Red Frog (the company that puts on the Warrior Dash) really biffed it, with a lot of logistical issues. From my standpoint, I can (sort of)
  9. Less than ideal pre-race day... highly stressful due to work and some clients who hated what I did, but didn't want to let me know what was wrong with it. Yahoo. But I did a gentle warm-up run... a total of 3K running, but alternating running and walking each kilometer. Got everything (I hope) I need prepared, and about to go to bed so as to pick up the rental car early and do the drive down, as I've described to friends, "an hour down some highway, I'll figure it out then."
  10. Just make sure it's a pack of wolves trained to lick you so much you get completely covered in slime, rather than bite. The favorite obituary I've ever had to write (and, yes, I know it's wrong to have one, but I took a *lot* of abuse at the hands of the members of the association where I was working at the time) was about someone who was killed by a pack of wild dogs, and I'd rather that didn't happen to you.
  11. Wowza! Even if the course was a half minute short, that's impressive.
  12. Go, Dizz, Go! (Also, don't overheat.) It looks like we shall be pushupping together this challenge. Cool!
  13. Indeed. It's one of those things that should be savored, but only about once per decade.
  14. So, I just ran 5K in 26:45, according to my phone. (Actually, it could have been 26:35 or 26:25; I don't really remember, since I went a bit beyond that, but I know that the number Zombies, Run said started with 26 and ended in 5.) For comparison, the 5K I ran last fall I did in 28:17. I'm at least tentatively planning on doing the same one again this year. (I don't exactly like the idea of dropping cash to run the same paths that I do regularly, but it's a fundraiser for the museum where I volunteer, so the combination of that, the official time, and the free post-race banana make it worth
  15. No dog currently, but I did agility with my mom's dog a long time ago ('94ish). Lots of fun and a pretty active activity for both dog and person. Human overcompetitiveness can sully the experience a bit, although that's true for anything. (For those who don't know: Agility is basically an timed obstacle course for the dogs. Roughly half jumps of various types (it was originally an offshoot of horse jumping) but also tunnels, ramps to climb over, and poles to weave between.)
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