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  1. Hello, I'm Davis, the Gentleman Ninja This is my second six week challenge, but my first one was a few challenges ago, and I wouldn't judge it to be completely successful. I am a physics major going to college in Boulder, Colorado. I enjoy hiking, skiing, video games, and recently, Brazilian jiujitsu and kickboxing. Life Goal This is coming first because it is currently more important to me than any of my fitness goals. My goal for this challenge is to get A's in all of my classes. I am not taking any very difficult classes, so this is totally doable if i can maintain my focus on my studies throughout the semester. If i miss part of one of the fitness goals directly because of school i will not count that. Grade: The grading for this challenge will be my average grade so far at the end of the challenge For this challenge I will give myself a possible +2 CON, and +1WIS Main Quest My main quest is to start shaping my body into the ninja assassin that I am at heart, as well as to get stronger, faster, and tougher through quest #1. Quest 1 I have been doing Brazilian Jiujitsu and Kickboxing (at a gym that offers both) for about two weeks, and i love it. That said, my first quest is to continue with that regularly by going at least 3-4 times per week. Attributes: STR +2 DEX+1 Quest 2 I have tried to stay on a specific diet, like the paleo diet, before, and that has failed. What I have found works for me, and my second quest, is just actively contemplating what i am eating and deciding weather the amount of badness i am putting into my body is worth the enjoyment. Most of the time it is not. Attributes: WIS +1 CHA +1 Quest 3 The only bad thing in my diet that I seem to have a hard time resisting is pasta. My final goal for this challenge is to cut out pasta completely. Attributes: CON +1 CHA +1 Grading: I will make weekly updates where I will give myself a grade for the week, and at the end of the challenge I will average each week's grade. Final Note I realize that I am starting this challenge late, making it more like a 5 week challenge. I will post updates once per week at the minimum , and i will try to post more often, but with school i can not promise that. I would like to apologize for the fact that I will probably not have time to keep up with the other challenges, i will make an effort to check out and post on other people's challenges, but no promises. Have a great day everyone!!!
  2. hey there, i was wondering if it wasn't to late to join the challenge? i have done a level one challenge before, but that one was a while ago and i dont think it was fully successful. Also: Hello fellow nerds!!!
  3. so i did my practicing yesterday for handstands. currently i can hold for about 30 seconds with one foot on the wall, but my freestanding ones are super wobbly and my hands walk around a lot. any good tips for improving balance? i can hold freestanding for about 5 seconds or so if i allow myself to walk around quite a bit, which is unacceptable.
  4. haha little did you know, i was already in the study group. im just good at blending in (being a ninja and all).
  5. yep, gravity can be pretty annoying sometimes. welcome! welcome to the team. hey there, and yes, of course you can join. good to meet you too. also, i added you to the group list thingy. welcome and thanks for the gif. goats doing silly thing are always welcome
  6. im in, that sounds awesome. i still need to figure out what i am gonna do or what plan im gonna use for the 10k training thing, but i will definitely need the motivation for that as finals start to kick in.
  7. ok, sounds good, i added 7 more spots for now and it can be expanded more later if necessary. P.S. i added KB Girl too
  8. wow, 7 of us already. do we want to cap the group at a specific number? or should just see how many we can get. (i vote for the later)
  9. its there, i put it in the cross-guild section.
  10. thanks much sir! Sent from a Rock I found using My Fingers on my way over there now
  11. legitimate question because i dont know how this works: do we need to add a place on the accountibillisjenfavjallliiiiiii sign-up sheet? if so I will volunteer to set that up if necessary. it would probably help me to figure out how these mystical machines known as computers work too. P.S. here is another pic because i feel like it:
  12. HATS, CHOCOLATE, RUM, HANDSTANDS, ACROBATICS, AND HERMOINE?!?!?! this may be the most awesome thread ever, im in. im doing handstands too, we can be friends?
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