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  1. Elastigirl: Back In Basic Training

    I got an old ALICE pack for like $50 at a surplus store. It was one of the smaller ones, so it just looked like a normal green backpack, but it had a frame and a waist strap. I believe some companies sell them in plain black now. *actual picture of me, in flannel, looking into the distance
  2. Intermission: Machete Goes Down With The Ship

    Been getting my kettlebell lifts and Jiu-jitsu in. The latter in particular because one of our blue belts (who started at 50+) always messages me on Sunday night to confirm my attendance on Monday. Direct accountability to another person is apparently a tremendous thing. I'm slacking on my textbook, as I seem to have hit a wall of networking stuff that mostly goes over my head and makes me uncomfortable. But I'm going to need to start talking to and selling to people at work, as another coach just left and I am the only one left in the original group; and my general knowledge and reliability might be the only thing keeping me here.
  3. Daily Handstands 2018

    Already missed yesterday, but I'll be sure to get some in today.
  4. Intermission: Machete Goes Down With The Ship

    Definitely if I'm able to gather the funds. Flights there are [surprisingly] more affordable than ones to the northeast.
  5. Alykailyn's First Challenge

    RE: PCOS, check out Cataleya's Battle Log. She's a bad-ass Assassin (Bad-assassin?). @Cataleya, I'm going to be doing this every time now. Get used to it.
  6. Muscle up for crimpfingers

    Late to the party. Welcome. There are several schools of thought regarding the Muscle-Up. I'll try to arrange the ones I'm aware of the best I can. The Chicken Wing is usually considered a Muscle-Up fault, and is pretty hard on the shoulders. I believe that if you're going to do it, (1) do it on purpose (like a rounded back Deadlift), and (2) do it strict (so the impact is controlled). That would mean being able to do reps of Archer Pull-Ups, and cranking the arms one at a time first. There's no real way to do a strict "strict" Bar Muscle-Up because you would have to maneuver yourself around the bar (unlike the rings). There would need to be a point of disconnection so you can move your elbows from under to over the bar. This is why you would need an explosive Pull-Up, or a crank, where you disconnect one arm at a time. The MovNat approach is a Pop-Up, which I consider kind of a semi-strict Muscle-Up. You still need pulling strength, then you use the hips and get over the bar and maneuver yourself over. Not as smooth-looking because of the multiple steps, but better on the shoulders, I believe. The CrossFit approach to Muscle-Ups involves more technique by using momentum and snapping the hips, abs, and lats to disconnect from the bar enough to get on top and pressing out at the end. It involves building up circular motion, taming the arc, and transferring that force upward (as opposed to the mostly upward Pop-Up). The problem with this is it makes the skill available to people who are not ready for it, and can cause injury when they become too preoccupied with the Muscle-Up and forget about building strength. If you can't dead hang for 30 seconds then perform a Chin-Up on the bar, or easily do 5 super-strict Pull-Ups, I don't think you should be kipping yet. Sorry for flooding. I like Muscle-Ups.
  7. Daily Handstands 2018

    Awesome. Got mine in, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Re-calibration seems a bit quicker, though I think mu wrist strength needs work.
  8. The Legend of the Mad Monk

    Thanks, everyone. Back has been better. (Stopping all training for 4 days made it heal faster. Who knew?) Now I'll be focusing on Jiu-jitsu and double pressing. Eventually I'll want to get my BJJ frequency up, then perhaps compete next month or April.
  9. Intermission: Machete Goes Down With The Ship

    I gotcha'. All black everything and 5.11 Tactical gear everywhere. Definitely a Sith organization. But anyway, one of them invited us over to take the cert later this year. How is it in November over there? Is it anything like Alaska? I've got Tinkebell legs though.
  10. Daily Handstands 2018

    Slacked off on the first challenge period, but here we are. Inversions every day. Come one, come all. @Mad Hatter @WhiteGhost @zenLara @otterbyte @Grandkai_NL @Norgaard @Sea Level
  11. Grandkai going Hybrid Assassin: Part II

    Cool stuff. That Onnit beginner program actually looks pretty good; I like how the hinge is patterned first using a chest-loaded Swing. I might use that. Anyway, I'd recommend checking out Brittany van Schravendijk. She puts out good Kettlebell Sport and gymnastics content. Also, my friend who does custom kettlebell programming if you're more into Hardstyle.
  12. Intermission: Machete Goes Down With The Ship

    Change of subject, you're from WA, right? I met some SFGs over there and (OR) who traveled all the way to FL for a certification. Well on the plus side of my hours being cut, I'm spending more time with my kid, and he's finally catching up with school. I've also gotten him to do some bodyweight stuff, kettlebell swings, and BJJ. Now I'm thinking whether I should keep trying to sell to work more hours or just hang out comfortably in this position. I can't really advertise my online platform too much, as it could cause a conflict of interest with the gym, so it's largely a beta test at the moment.
  13. Does anyone buy products from gyms?

    Yep. This is how vending machines have been ripping me off for decades.
  14. I have doubts about whether I'm actually equipped to handle life as an adult. It just so happens that it's a start of a challenge. Me vs. Life I'll figure this one out eventually. But nothing to worry about, the only way now is up, so I'm looking to ride this out until I'm able to respawn. In the meantime I'll redirect my focus. DISTRACT ONESELF I have my next 4 weeks of kettlebell training planned out. 12 training sessions total; nothing too crazy. If I can afford it, I'll see how I do at the next NAGA in March. I haven't competed in a while. Plan 801A: 4/12 Because my schedule has opened up, I have time for Jiu-jitsu. I'm looking to get at least 12 BJJ training sessions in this challenge period. BJJ Training: 5/12 Some time ago I signed-up for the Online Trainer Academy. (I also started taking on a few trainees online--ones I didn't have to convince of my worth). It seems like a better choice than just collecting more certs that I wouldn't be able to use because my marketing skills, sales skills, and social skills are abysmal (the troubles of playing a low-charisma character). I have 16 chapters left on the texbook, then I'll start on the online modules. I realize I'm procrastinating, but I want to finish it first because I have no idea what I'm doing and a lot of it is still going over my head. OTA: 29/41
  15. I'm closing in on 4 years in the forum now, having done my NF Introduction back right before leaving The North. I've finally been able to catch-up on updating my original training log, Third World Warrior: The Eight-Year Training Log (after some technical difficulties deleting like 2 years of logs) and I'll be using the Daily Battle Logs to both track my training and consolidate my challenges. I have been all over the place most of my life, hence many challenges with Rangers, but my issue is that I feed my training ADD and just ride the tides, making hay when the sun's out. Because of this I've gained proficiency in many things, but I'm having trouble tracking if I'm actually getting better in any of them. Hence, a long-term log. I've always been a fan of public training logs (for myself). I was never worried about how my competition was training, I was always focused on what I was doing. However because of this I tend to buy my own BS. A long term training log tracks progress, and allows others to call me out whenever I'm becoming too full of myself. (Perhaps having an Epic Quest might be of use as well, to keep the goal the goal.) I've always been very stubborn and secretive, even to my coaches. This can also cover training while I use 4-week challenges to work on life.