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  1. Captain's Log, Days 3 and 4: Tuesday - no jiu-jitsu, did 50 pull-ups as I studied. I got heavy. Hit 102g of protein and studied from 1600 to midnight. Wednesday - jiu-jitsu at noon. 50 thick bar pull-ups, and school from 6 to 10. Only got 87g of protein. Week 2's total is 34 hours of studying, 1 jiu-jitsu session, and 1 missed protein day.
  2. Wait, houses have basements here? I thought we're all just floating in swampland...
  3. And yet you keep coming to Florida... 😆 Did the quiz, by the way. True Neutral Human Monk, unsurprisingly. The only thing weird is I'm not a Dwarf (but it was close).
  4. I never really specifically practiced the cross , but I do know I was always under 140 when I could pull it off (and doing more than 10 pull-ups 😝) I do remember recommending that to everyone when I learned it. Got it from Charles Bennington (yes, that's his name) from the old CF Gymnastics course. Have you been doing any specific wrist mobility work? Some folks can't hold the false grip because they just can't get their hands to that position. But I think you've got the right idea with practicing it now. A strong false grip takes a lot of ROM you'd otherwise have t
  5. Captain's Log: First 2 days. Got my daily minimums of protein in, and I didn't even have to resort to protein shakes. Keep it up. Perhaps try to get some in earlier. Studying was a lot (10+ hours), but largely untimed. Put it on a schedule and take breaks. Missed jiu-jitsu earlier. I forgot why. Anyway, here's the home routing and switching station I built. Sucks that I still seem to have no idea what I'm supposed to do with it.
  6. Yeah, I'm quite unreliable like that, but at the same time am able to get. Whoops! I actually thought I filled this out. I was still figuring out small goals for this week's test run and going from there. 😅
  7. Back from the dead. The perfect time to start over on a different playthrough. As one works on getting life back in motion after decades in hibernation, I shall assume the identity of Captain Alex Hawthorne, swashbuckling space smuggler and pilot of Yakita LHA 120 A2 Apex Transport starship The Unreliable. I'm not sure about the guy. Seems shady, but I still kind of feel bad for him being crushed by my escape pod. More to follow...
  8. Yeah, I think it's like loss aversion or something, right? I'm horrible at it, I didn't even think of the breaking bulbs. I guess wear glasses now? I mean I'm still filling out these internet raffles I keep not winning. You're fine, I don't think his anxiety was caused by it; I'm thinking it's more the opposite. And I am quite certain that I am not doing it correctly as I never seem to be in the appropriate state of situational awareness--I'm either ready to get jumped at the organic foods section at Target, or I'm daydreaming on a foot patrol in Afghanistan. "You seem re
  9. Since I've been gone and have regressed so far back, I'm treating myself as I would a complete beginner. I'm joining the as a Rookie and cultivating an alias for now, Alex Hawthorne, swashbuckling space smuggler and captain of Yakita LHA21 A2 Apex Transport starship, The Unreliable. The real guy got crushed by my escape pod because he's an idiot; there's no point in letting his ship go to waste. This alter-ego will serve me well in cultivating what I need to be in the following weeks. The Outer Worlds has some fantastic characters, including background and development. One of the g
  10. I don't think most people actually conduct any actual risk assessment at all. Like, you'll have guys who carry around a gun every day, but don't carry a first-aid kit or even a tourniquet, which they are more likely to use, or a fire extinguisher/seatbelt cutter/glass breaker in their vehicle. On the other hand, firearms in the house make people so nervous but they won't bat an eye over the death trap that we call a 'swimming pool.' I only know of one guy who chronically assesses risk, and his anxiety is so bad we have roughly the same level of [dys]functionality despite him being way smart
  11. Welp, I guess I didn't get that much done from my list. Not surprised. Rollover into this year then, in addition to some new house maintenance projects that must be done sooner rather than later. I'm not thinking of it as self-sabotage; I'm thinking of this as re-starting my game completely at a different difficulty level with different starting stats. I'll break the quest down further as I proceed.
  12. I only know the push-up and pull-up AMRAP boards. My situation with this is weird. I'm I'm not diagnosed as bipolar but my doc has me on bipolar meds. Meanwhile I'm either just numb or distracted that I can't really pay enough attention to the effects of the drugs (unless they're outrageously obvious) , so I just swallow what I'm told to.
  13. Perfect! I'm going to have to log in more then! My current course is actually based off the CCNA curriculum, but there are occasional concepts that I miss because I totally bombed my Network Fundamentals class last term (I think that one was supposed to prep us for CompTIA Network+). Haha, this is exactly what my old-timer professor keeps joking about whenever the topic comes up. He was a pilot in the Marines in the '60s, and I don't know if he's aware that he's re-used the same joke that the only cloud computing is the computing done on a plane from the clouds like three times
  14. Computer Science/IT. (But I'm totally telling people it's "Calisthenics Studies.") I'm usually the dumbest person in the room, which means I get the most learning, so that's good. But I have a really hard time conceptualizing and I often need my hands on it for me to understand. I know! All of my thirst-fans are beyond outraged! (There's also a certain Canadian website I make Fallout: New Vegas-referenced comments in when I'm not supposed to , and others have followed suit. The hilarity has been catching on until they dismantled my profile there as well. The audaci
  15. Anyway, I actually did not do too bad last week. I think I hit half the days with all three. However, rookie mistake, I cannot remember which days they were. In the past I would have written it down in my planner, but because this is 2020 I had already tossed that damn thing when it was October and it was still unused. Haha
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