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  1. Machete

    Next Step in Goal Setting

    Yeah, HIIT doesn't really work with strength training, as they appear to compete for the same resources. "Lift heavy and jog slow" seems to be too simple of a plan to produce the results we want, but to my understanding it's the foundation of hybrid training.
  2. Machete

    Val Log

    Yep. We struggle with this all the time. Monks are weird, but what defines us, our north star, is martial arts. So whenever you notice yourself getting lost in minutia (like when I skipped Jiu-jitsu for like 2 months because of CrossFit and SFG prep), remember to keep the goal the goal. Martial art is such a complex practice to begin with, the strength & conditioning for it must be kept as simple as possible (but no simpler). Minimalism allows for us to spend more time on the skill aspect, which has the most carryover with our eventual goal. For the ALLTHETHINGS folks, I recommend tuning-in to Pat Flynn. He makes me feel bad about wanting to be a generalist (while the world tells you that you need to specialize). He also talks about seasonal specialization, where you put particular focus on one thing while keeping others at maintenance. It's like in video games--you can evenly distribute your stats every time you level up; or you can put enough to make sure you survive, then place all the extra points on the one thing that would make your life easier at the moment.
  3. Settlement Building Tying this challenge as a continuation to my two previous ones (parts 6 and 7, neither of which went as expected), I'll be acting as a manager to myself, setting quotas and weekly goals to get the house in order. Since I mostly outsourced my training and everything is already programmed up until the 28th, Ill just have to check the days off, and I can concentrate on getting my shit together. Chores and personal care are such boners. I'll mostly be concentrating on taking on one seemingly-overwhelming task a week. Some may actually take just a few minutes if I get around to it. Will update as I go. Possible goals to tackle: Get Laptop and HD fixed Oil Change and clean car interior (including old oil disposal) Organize the living room Square-away the closet and get rid of old clothes Organize the office and get rid of paper trash Clean out the garage and throw stuff out (perhaps sell some stuff?) Create an annual budget Renew passport See a dermatologist Clear out open tabs