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  1. So we're all probably familiar with Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. One might notice that it is usually shown as a pyramid, and as Louie Simmons said, a pyramid can only be as high as its base. Performing a self-audit, I noticed how I don't practice what I preach. I'm always droning on about the basics and building a solid foundation before getting fancy. I'm trying to help others self-actualize when I've bypassed a lot of steps myself; I've build an incredibly flimsy pyramid with barely any base to stand on. That might be why I go through every day feeling like I barely made it and life always feels like a walk on the tightrope (while it's on fire, and the supports are on fire, and I'm on fire). No wonder adulting is hard. Foundation-Building * I'm looking to put together a child's daily, weekly, monthly task list. Shower, brush your teeth, bedtime, take your vitamins, eat breakfast, drink water, etc. I realized it's stuff I've either forgotten or never learned. Looking for suggestions. Parents of young children, do you have a particular checklist? I'd like to figure these out before moving on to adult tasks (or maybe even adolescent first).
  2. Haha. They're the skills from GymnasticBodies. It's like a big inside joke here, we're speaking like CrossFitters. Anyway, Simple to Sinister didn't pan out too well. I might have overdone it and hurt my back. BJJ attendance is also quite inconsistent, so I intend to address that. GB skills are still moving, and I might place particular focus on Straddle Planche and Manna while my back recovers, just because they look cool and I've been trying since 2012.
  3. What I'm thinking is actually cycling the intensity of exercises on F4 like in 5/3/1, making them main exercises. I'll keep you updated on it.
  4. Edit, MN is still moving. I loaded my SLS wrong, and I finished the last one, which was pretty hard. Onward...
  5. Extra grip work might help. Ultimately it's probably your grip strength causing it, and gripping the 32 is definitely tough. (I have a video of a chalk-less 28kg semi-Deep 6, and my heels were coming off during the Snatch. A weak grip causes some weird stuff to happen.) It's just the way it is. You could try cycling your weights to give your hands a break--have a light, a medium, and a heavy day (e.g. Monday - 16, Wednesday - 24, Friday 32). It's those medium days that really lay the foundation. Or you could keep grinding (fewer things to think about) and double-up on the hand care.
  6. I refuse to acknowledge that pizza has a toxic dose.
  7. That's what I was talking about today. A lot of people who go on to become trainers are gym bros. (The others are probably the nerds who could never play sports and tried to level themselves up in the gym so they eventually could.) There's not a lot of EQ going on there, which is ironic and unfortunate since coaching is one of the jobs that require the most EQ. The over-saturation of under-priced trainers who are predominantly concerned with giving customers a beatdown kind of gives people the wrong expectations. You'd really have to seek out those who are not really looking for that, and chances are they aren't even in the gym to begin with--they're spinning their wheels at the apartment gym, or hiding out at a Planet Fitness (because apparently they're not a gym). I know. That's why it's so easy to coach nerds--they're probably already tracking metrics, despite not knowing. That, and it's easier to explain the concept of progressive leveling-up. I've heard stories. I imagine that's why some people have specific gender preferences for potential hires. I don't know, when I [used to] hang around with younger people I feel like literally everyone is having sex with each other all the time. (I can't even comprehend the concept of Tinder in real life, but apparently it's a thing.) It's a job usually taken by young people, and the gym for some reason is seen as a pick-up joint. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, FL is moving along nicely. From the looks of it, this might be smooth sailing all the way through the end. Might have hit my roadblock on the final stage of SLS. Got volunteered into leading Boot Camp this month. Turned it into strength camp. Tension work, lots of rest, heavy swings, and loaded carries. Still taking me a while to teach Swings to people who are unfamiliar with the hinge. I'm thinking being put on the spot makes it harder.
  8. Some Henry Miller stuff? Or something more like this: Probably all that fear-mongering news getting to me again. Funny thing, here I am avoiding Ibuprofen and waiting for ISIS, but I'm still cooking with Teflon and driving over the speed limit. Brains are so irrational. I used to take those when I was a kid because they were flavored. Christ, everything's trying to kill you these days. Well, I guess if you take enough it does eventually kill the pain.
  9. Funny thing, that guy instructing in the TGU video is Senior SFG Lance Coffel, who assisted at my SFB. He's been in the game for a long time; really knows his stuff.
  10. Scratch that. It's Paracetamol that we have here. But personally, I don't trust painkillers in general. (That's saying something, because I'm no tough guy. I'd put my pain/discomfort tolerance at around "way below average.") But yeah research has been coming up with some negative stuff on it. Ibuprofen is basically a meme in the military, so I've been seeing links all over my feed. (Maybe there's a new bias against big Ibuprofen. Who knows?)
  11. What Alpha Machete is thinking right now: While Beta Machete has a headache. Haha Anyway, you're already Swinging the 32kg. It might come sooner than you think. @Kishi initially thought Simple was with the 24kg, and he already owned that. But he found out it's 32kg, and I think it only took him a few weeks (was it?) to get that. Get the reps in. It's primarily skill, and it's surprisingly doable. Yeah, interviewed for a trainer position. Went pretty well. Funny thing, my biggest rival from back in the Philippines (he'd be Ryu if I was Ken) also works at a UFC Gym. Haha. Yep. Feeling a bit better now. I'm going to hold off on the Swings until next week at the very least. Showing up is one of the most underrated things ever. Funny thing is that business goes right back to dating--an art I was never able to really learn. You need to define your product, you need to find whom you are selling it to, you need to expose yourself to that demographic constantly, you need to establish first contact and make the best impression to encourage further contact, and you need to maintain the relationship. By not learning how to do these steps adequately, I might as well just buy a fedora, call myself a so-called Nice Guy, and complain about how people only want to train with jerks. There's no escaping this I guess. *This blurry line may also contribute to why some personal trainers find it so hard to maintain professionalism and keep having sex with their clients. Haha. Thank you, I try. I'm very divisive, and I think that, from a philosophical standpoint, is a good thing. People either don't like my classes, or they try to go to every single one. That tells me that I am standing for principles that I believe in, instead of trying to cater to everyone. If you try to be everything to everyone, you become nothing to no one.
  12. In retrospect I see that I've read a lot of his stuff. Lullaby was fun but it didn't strike me quite as deep as Rant did (though to be fair I went through Rant again through audiobook while I was an ICV driver in Afghanistan, so that might have been it). Choke, I included mostly because of how funny it is. But for his books, I tend to judge them by how many times I stop to take notes. I forgot to put Twilight. I think most people should at least read the first one. 1. You find out what the big deal is (i.e. nothing), and earn the right to crap on the series and the fans who insist that "the book is different." 2. You learn that anybody can be a successful writer. 3. You learn that you can hash out 600 pages writing about nothing, just like how you answered essay questions with a word count requirement in school. 4. You learn that Team Jacob is where it's at, and Team Edward people are super misguided. Yo, watch the Ibuprofen. Nasty stuff. I threw out all the Ibuprofen in our house and stuck with Aspirin.
  13. Awesome stuff. Congratulations. I never had any doubts. If you want to keep your 10 sets to keep the practice volume up you totally can, just downgrade a few sizes and do two-handed swings. Or even Towel Swings, which seem to fix a lot of problems I see. (In fact I still warm-up with a few sets just to get my timing right, because things seem to go to shit when the swing 'bells get heavy.) The Shoe Getup is a great, non-taxing drill as well you can fill your sets with.
  14. Zero Week: Looking to see what works. Continue with GB Foundations, and hit Swings and Getups with volume waving. Try to finish off Mind Tools. Get some studying in.