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  1. Machete

    Machete: Somehow I Manage

    Working towards a bridge addresses a lot of modern problems if they're performed properly. I think it's a worthwhile goal. Doc went conservative. Don't think I'm ready anyway, so I'm going to forego the tournament and take this opportunity to put a bit of focus on my endurance and GTG my weighted Pistol. I might take a bit of a sabbatical from rolling and just drill a bunch of stuff exclusively as well. They drew a bit of blood. Apparently I'm just in time for my annual. HDL is still a bit lower than ideal. LDL, and WBC markers improved. Liver enzymes and kidney waste are elevated, so the doc is having me ease up on the protein shakes. (Can't promise anything.) I'll probably get some CrossFit memes going eventually. Right now it's still jiu-jitsu heavy. And self-loathing.
  2. Machete

    Machete: Somehow I Manage

    I started last month's challenge accepting that when it comes down to it, I am my own boss in life. And I am a shitty boss, so I need to start running a tight ship. I've pretty much narrowed down what needs to happen within the next six months in another post. So my goals will be based on those priorities and what must be done right now, or what would help in doing the others later. 1. Training I have been seriously slacking. I already missed 2 weeks of my program, and can't afford to miss any more. It's 4 weeks to IBJJF, which will be my last competition for this year. I really need to commit to the program. Strength maintenance, cardio, bodyweight movements, solo drills, and mat time. 2. Education My CrossFit Level 1 credential was due to expire this September. I was going to let it go, but just last week my old gym had an opening for a coach. I love that gym and the people over there, and my manager at my current one happens to be okay with me covering some classes, so it was perfect. There happens to be a CF1 course to be held in my city on August 10-11. Everything just seemed to fall in the right time and place. I'll need to save money and register for the course before the last day of the challenge. 3. Adulting Last challenge also pointed out (in cells) how I am barely an adult. I will be doing this again, making myself perform personal hygiene, do chores, and establish a bedtime. So I'll be updating the hygiene and chores, and checking-in every night when I'm in bed, which should be no later than 12. (The reading and creative stuff, maybe later.) I'll also need to write weekly and daily to-do lists. Zero Week: Friday > jiu-jitsu, cardio > 20 minutes of cleaning > dishes Saturday > sprints, jiu-jitsu > video and drills > Sunday > Budget > groceries > lift