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  1. Haha yeah. I think aside from my matress I can pretty much pack everything into my car right now. (The challenge of course is getting it all together to be packed in the car to begin with, because shit's everywhere. Haha)
  2. Haha, being minimalist, or constantly moving?
  3. Monday was a wash. Ran out of meds, and was just down and in physical pain all day. Skipped my workout, tracked my calories but didn't hit protein. Tuesday didn't feel much better, but I got my lifts in, just skipped accessories. Tracked 158g. Wednesday wasn't the best, but better than the previous days. Did my training and tracked 174g. Tracked 155g on Thursday and mostly stayed home. Saw the doc, got my meds refilled. Hit the gym on Friday; lifts felt slow, but no misses. Smashed some protein and hit the Chinese restaurant next door, logged [around] 182g. Saturday and Sunday were misses. Slept like 24 hours though, so worth it.
  4. Been gone a while. Life's been out of control--two jobs and full-time load on school. Discipline is out of the question, I just need to figure out my left and right limits, and do my best to stay the course. Lots of shit pretty much up in the air this month. Housing situation, education funds, job timeline, finances, all uncertain. I think I need to find control where I can get it. Exercise: 3 lifting days, 1 jiu-jitsu day Following a program from Weightlifting AI that just plugs my numbers in. Smooth brain no think. I can feasibly make it to 2 open mat sessions a week, and I want to make a minimum of one just to stay in there. Protein: track 150g Stocked-up on protein powder this month. Eating on a budget, so I'll probably slam half or so in whey until I can afford better food Clean your room: 20 min packing every day I might be moving this month or next. Who knows? Stay mobile, travel light. Gruntstyle.
  5. Shitty week. Couldn't get anything done, I'd just get home and play on my phone as I fall in-and-out of sleep. Kept forgetting to drink water, and it was too hot to sleep comfortably most days. Yuck. Shitty eating; ended up eating too many popped beans and had a stomach ache so I missed Sunday jiu-jitsu. I'll try to go on another day. Need to drink more water this week.
  6. The alleged original (though I do believe there are cave painting memes). Extremely busy. Hustle culture sigma grindset and all that. Haha
  7. To be fair sometimes I tag ridiculous places, like Vault 22 and Whiterun. Haha I AM the meme. 😆
  8. They also have Focused Flexibility if you want to practice that, but Elements I think is a really good progressive movement practice that probably scales to your needs. Just be intentional about it. I believe they have a 30-day money-back policy, so you could totally try it out.
  9. So for those not watching the Instagrams, it's been 9 months since moving across the country. Job is great but the pay is insultingly-low. I had to take a second job at a CrossFit gym, which is great and fun and easy, but it cuts into my jiu-jitsu time and leaves me pretty exhausted. I'm also in school because I need to finish this degree. I've pretty much filled my schedule out so I won't have time to entertain the negativity my brain tends to drift into--I just turn them into memes and release them into the wild. (Doc took me off amphetamines, which I kind of miss because it makes me productive and social for like 2 days, but crashes me for a week.) Anyway, I'm not even going to attempt to exhibit any semblance of self-control; I'm just putting one foot in front of the other, hoping the world ends before my next billing cycle. I'm thinking I'm just going to work on home SOPs that I can mindlessly follow every day so I can have bandwidth for all this shit I put on my plate. I've been pretty much "winging it" with everything, and I'm finding that the basic stuff tends to get forgotten because it's not done intentionally. Just need to check whether I did it or not. 3 DAILY TASKS Track my sleep - it doesn't matter how many hours, as long as I have the estimated number on record Drink water - I just need to record what I'm drinking that's not energy drinks, coffee, or diet soda Exercise - even though I usually have the opportunity to get a workout in, it's been intermittent; maybe the intentional exercise help me with the studying For the first time in my life I'm living in a furnished apartment. Dining table, couch, coffee table, bar stools. I have no idea how people maintain a clean living space; my space always degenerates into a dump. I'm trying to address this. Nobody's visiting, but I think ultimately it distracts me from being productive and I just end up lying on the couch playing Last Fortress: Underground for three straight days instead of studying. 3 WEEKLY TASKS Tuesday and Thursday laundry and dishes Sunday trash and junk mail Jiu-jitsu once a week - just show your face 03JUL - 7 hours sleep / trash 04JUL - 4 hours sleep, 2 drinks of water, jiu-jitsu 05JUL - 7.5 hours sleep, 1 drink of water / laundry, dishes 06JUL - 5 hours sleep, 6 drinks of water, CF WOD 07JUL - 9 hours sleep, 1 drinks of water, 08JUL - 5 hours sleep, 2 drinks of water, CF WOD / laundry 09JUL - 5.5 hours sleep, 4 drinks of water SLEEP: 7/7, WATER: 6/7, EXERCISE: 3/7 CLEANING: 1/2, TRASH: 1/1, JIU-JITSU: 1/1 10JUL - 7 sleep, 4 water, jiu-jitsu / trash 11JUL - 5.5 sleep, 3 water, KB CF WOD 12JUL - 6.5 sleep, Row 13JUL - 9.5 sleep 14JUL - 5.5 sleep 15JUL - 4.5 sleep, 2 water, KB 16JUL - 8 hours sleep, 1 water, lift SLEEP: 7/7, WATER: 3/7, EXERCISE: 5/7 CLEANING: 0/2, TRASH: 1/1, JIU-JITSU: 1/1 17JUL - 9 sleep, 18JUL 19JUL 20JUL 21JUL 22JUL 23JUL SLEEP: /7, WATER: /7, EXERCISE: /7 CLEANING: /2, TRASH: /1, JIU-JITSU: /1
  10. I did! I never completed the entire program as written, but it focuses on the bear crawl, monkey walk, and frog hop movements that eventually scale up to a spider-man crawl, cartwheel, and handstand kick-up. I kept the beginning progressions as a warm-up/assessment for my group classes back in Orlando.
  11. Big change of pace, I took a job and moved to WA. New apartment, new car, and a job that actually pays a salary--I'm actually feeling a bit optimistic. I'm going to have to set some appropriate goals and just live a minimalist lifestyle for as long as I can; maybe this is my chance to get my life back together.
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