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  1. Machete Returns: Dispatches from the Wasteland

    Isn't it personscouts now or something? I just read about some new adjustment they're doing. I don't really feel I know enough about it to have an opinion. Skipped Jiu-jitsu, but I did test out S&S on Monday. The swings were a grind to go through, but I got it done. Felt like shit after.Actually for the next 2 days. I'm sure eating only two solid meals, one of which consisted entirely of doughnuts had something to do with it. Missed my calories by like a thousand. I guess that's my "cheat day."
  2. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

  3. Machete Returns: Dispatches from the Wasteland

    Much was achieved the past week. 2 days of S&S, a day of rowing, quite a bit of Jiu-jitsu, and tracked pretty much every day. I say pretty much because I keep forgetting dinner. Had to buy another set of dry erase markers from using the ones I had so much, so it's going well. Though I'm no longer constantly thinking about Fallout, once I play it still puts me in a daze. I was planning on hitting S&S for a third time this week, but it turns out I've actually caught a cold and it's not just allergies. It sucks because I'm a huge whimp when it comes to dealing with sickness. Slept all day, and now my whole sleep cycle is messed-up. Welp.
  4. Late to the party. So I disappeared for a little over a month. I fell into a Fallout black hole and I have no plans to get out of it. I'm thinking for the next 3 weeks I will work around this and integrate my life into this, rather than the other way around. At least for now. 1. Quest Log When I start the game, it's all over. I have no concept of time. The goal will be to make a list and rough schedule of things that need to be done that day (setting alarms on the phone) BEFORE starting to play. 2. Simple & Sinister The busy person's workout. And since I'm busy being a Commonwealth Minuteman, I'm going back to this program, attempting a minimum of 2 days a week. 3. Nourishment I'm forgetting to eat. This is not good for my plans to get yuge. The goal is to hit 2'500 calories a day. Hopefully this is enough to get me started in balancing my life. War never changes...