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  1. I don't know if anyone's mind has ever been changed on the internet. Usually when someone comments they already have their minds made up. Full Cup. They're just looking for likes from bystanders so they can pat themselves on the back for being so smart and clever. (And by "they," I mean "I." Haha) Although who knows? Advancements in perspective are probably rooted in less-than-civil dialogue that took place over long periods, and given ample processing time for ideas to make sense. I just personally don't have the time for it because I have a tendency to get sucked-in. The same reason I deleted my World of Warcraft account. Cool stuff. You could also do partial Getups if you want, if you find a step that doesn't hurt. (e.g. just the overhead lunge, to tall sit, etc) Those long Headstands are tough, there's almost a meditative element to them especially on those later sets. I think the whole point with those, as well as the long Hollow sets, is to use just enough tension to maintain the position (which I had trouble with, chasing tension and strength).
  2. Training my coworker has led to some later nights. I'll be working on trying to get out before 10 and hitting the bed before 12. The TV might be messing with me, we'll have to start a lights out time here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Missed Monday morning Jiu-jitsu because another late night. Headspace has mostly been consistent, I'm on Basics 3 now with 5 days left. I've been consistent with the calories, the weight has been generally the same. I'll check at the end of the challenge and probably increase. Late nights have been messing with my training schedule as well, as I end up sleeping in all the time. I really don't want to go under 50 hours of sleep a week.
  3. The piping hot part might be my problem. Or I just overcrowd the pan, because I'm impatient. I think the best one I've made was a reverse sear, but still nothing to write home about.
  4. Faster runner in what? Do you have any way of quantifying that (e.g. marathon time, 400m, 40yd...)?
  5. Our most pressing question...
  6. Just a few light armbars every day. From what I've seen these seem to work like magic for shoulder issues (provided you do them pain-free). Haha, I think I saw this. I've been good about staying out of internet discussions for a while (except when I respond with the occasional meme), but when it's someone you care for, or at least like, it's really hard to just ignore and leave alone for some reason. *This is coming from someone who used to spend hours every day responding to internet comments, and the rest of the day obsessing about how I was going to answer said comments (Youtube actually sent me a notification about the traffic one of my videos was getting because of the sheer amount of time I spent answering, and engaging trolls). I mean for the longest time I thought the purpose of social media and internet forums was to point out how I was smarter than everyone else.
  7. Missed morning BJJ again. Sleep schedule. Can't get it together. Dammit.
  8. If you do decide to go for it, I'd invest in a power rack and horse mats. Although I don't like maxing out on any lift more than, say, twice a year and predominantly lift "too light" for the most part, I have built up a decent bench press (I believe I was in the top 10 here at some point) without ever having to put myself in that awkward position of asking someone for a spot, because I benched in a power rack rather than a typical gym bench station. By taking the extra time to adjust the pins, you can pretty much self-spot any lift. (Because yes, I am also a klutz and have actually squatted a heavy barbell where I forgot to load one side.) How? I [most of the time] end up with burnt oil and garlic and raw center. Haha
  9. A little background: for the past three months I've been working with a competitive female Gymnast who has been out from elbow surgery. We've mostly been working on core and leg strength and flexibility so she doesn't atrophy too much once she returns to the gym. Of course I have no experience with either competitive Gymnastics or being female, so I had to read up a bit to see which of my strength and conditioning methods would be appropriate in transferring to the sport. In my research I came across the The Gymnastics Functional Measurement Tool, and (since I'm a sucker for tests and normative values) thought it was a fascinating test I wanted to share with the female bodyweight enthusiasts around here. Also related is a 1991 physical abilities field test used on US Gymnastics National Team members. Enjoy, nerds.
  10. Foundation Reinforcement In fitness, where people seem to have trouble with starting out the most is staying the course. Building a foundation is slow, boring, and unrewarding, but to achieve long-term success one must stay the course. So continuing with my previous challenge, I shall be monitoring pretty much the same goals, but with a little more intensity and virtuosity. AIR - breathe and meditate. I'm coughing-up the $13 for a month of Headspace (mostly because I like the structure). Maybe throw a nauli practice in once a week, because if Rickson does it, why not? I think the biggest thing that's blocking my motivation to meditate is the fact that I only do it because I've been told I should. I haven't really read compelling papers and articles on what exactly it does and why I should be doing it. I guess I can use this to reflect upon how a lot of people view exercising. FOOD - track calories. I'm trying to climb up a bit in weight, and if I don't eat mindfully I tend to forget altogether. Goal is to log a minimum of 2500 calories daily because #MassIsInSession. Sunday meal prepping does seem to make everything easier, particularly preparing breakfast shakes for the week, because in the morning that one extra step could be the deciding factor between staying on track and just having Oreos. SLEEP - get to bed earlier. Might be tough, since I'm working and training nights (which means I'll have to go to more BJJ morning classes), so I'll have to take some notes. Week 0 goal is 2300, then slowly move that back as the month progresses. The 56 weekly hours seem to take care of themselves. Side Quest: The Trifecta Barbells, Kettlebells, and Bodyweight--the StrongFirst trifecta. I will be utilizing each for my extracurricular S&C. BJJ - 3 sessions a week or more Barbell - Dan John's Minimalist Training Bodyweight - Planche, Manna, Handstand, and the One-Arm Chinup work. Kettlebell - Andrew Read's mass-building program. Also, Getups. *seems like a lot, but I'm calculating my S&C will consist of 2, maybe 3 days.