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  1. New monk? If possible? Please?

    The way I understand it his general theme seems to be recovery management and getting rid of self-congratulatory workouts. (Here and here are two more good interviews.) You can learn a lot from the CrossFit philosophy, even if you don't agree with the methodology. You'll have to accept that you won't be good at anything, but you'll be proficient at everything--ultimate mediocrity. That means learning the skill component just enough, harvesting all the noob gains you can from every activity you can think of and quickly moving on to the next, eventually discovering general patterns in everything you do. You could also classify this as Quadrant 2 in Dan John's Quadrant System. It's all about managing compromises.
  2. The Legend of the Mad Monk

    Thank you, sir. Beat me to it. This pic definitely pointed out that I'm missing internal hip rotation though, particularly in the right. More stuff to work on. I can skip Middle Split work for now.
  3. Machete's Hierarchy of Needs: Physiology, Part 4

    Only missed a day of Headspace so far. The box breathing seems to be helping on the distraction part. I'm still off the bed in the single digits, but I'm having real trouble getting up. I'm awake and I keep falling back to sleep and staying in bed. Perhaps I should move my alarms up a bit. Pretty much cooked all my food. Just 3 more to go.
  4. [Sylvaa] From Dud to Spud

    Yeah, it's not one of those [usually self-congratulatory] smoker sessions where you try to "feel the burn" and "push yourself." The RPE would be around 7-8. I used to live in an apartment with a saltwater pool, and I seemed to float quite well. Once we moved to a normal pool though I sank like a rock. I've actually crawled on the bottom of the pool. In Central Florida people almost exclusively swim recreationally in pools, because if you ever find yourself submerged in a natural body of water, you're probably done. Crikey. Haha. Hopefully there's no woot thread about the things I suck at. (Most manly stuff, pretty much.) Here's an actual picture of me swimming:
  5. The Legend of the Mad Monk

    Saw my shoulder fracture. Small crack, ligaments are apparently okay. 5-week re-evaluation. In the meantime I'll keep Hip Thrusting.
  6. New monk? If possible? Please?

    You don't have to technically drop everything (though you would get much better at one thing if you did), but it would behoove you to find you minimal effective dose in everything you do and do just that. That means constant measurements, not being emotionally attached to methods, and establishing goals. If you can get stronger on 1 set of Deadlifts a week, doing 3 sets is a huge waste of time you could have otherwise used on improving something else. Alex Viada might have the best information I know of regarding this type of training.
  7. [Sylvaa] From Dud to Spud

    It's only for 10 seconds at a time, and we rest as long as it takes to get back down to 120-130 bpm. Because sprints. Ok, that's probably fine. My biggest mistake years back was thinking that S&C for sports should mimic the sport as closely as possible; it's not necessarily wrong, but, especially for kids, it tends to lead to overuse if they already practice 5 days a week. (Like it seems intuitive to train Basketball players to jump, but they jump enough during practice.) Mine wants to play Basketball but doesn't want to put in the time doing the layups and the foul shots, so I'm just trying to make him generally more athletic, but it's hard to compete with that PS4. I think the farthest I've swam was 200m. Total. I tend to, what's the word... drown, after 50.
  8. New monk? If possible? Please?

    Those are actually pretty impressive numbers. Nevermind what I said, you could probably get some plyos going. How long have you been lifting? Because if you haven't been lifting for years I would consider focusing on strength, because it may be what you're good at; double-down on your strengths, and drop the other fluff. (I know @Kishi and I have a huge problem with classifying what is actual "fluff", but we're working on it.) Remember that (contrary to motivational IG photos) winners are always quitters--they just know exactly what to quit. I'm not claiming to be a winner, but if I wasn't a quitter I would still be trying to be a 5'2 basketball player.
  9. Rock climbing

    Bouldering. Competed once, no shoes. Fun stuff.
  10. Fitting in workouts in a busy schedule

    Figures, Seattle. Quite a city though. Unagi almost got me fined one time when I abused it there. It has a really strong taste and texture that tends to fatigue my palette quite quickly and I almost didn't finish the order. Ika got me with the texture. Some things seem to be better in smaller amounts, spaced-out. Like high-skill, high-intensity exercises.
  11. Machete's Hierarchy of Needs: Physiology, Part 4

    Late night, so first day was a bust, 11am wake-up. Got my first module of Rehab though, and after 50 modules at 10 I feel I'm ready for 15. Felt like forever.
  12. [Sylvaa] From Dud to Spud

    So friends are like potatoes; they're already dead when we eat them. I make people sprint on a 15% incline. Highly underutilized function, that incline. How often is he playing soccer?
  13. The Meditation Chamber

    Just saw that. What's that all about?
  14. The Legend of the Mad Monk

    I guess yoga pants and eye contact will be the order of the day. I might have to increase my humping frequency though.
  15. Some people insist upon it. I'm not going to argue it (because I don't want to invest the time researching). I lock mine, except when Leg Pressing. I'm personally a Coach Sommer follower, so that's where that comes from. Your call in the end.