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  1. Big change of pace, I took a job and moved to WA. New apartment, new car, and a job that actually pays a salary--I'm actually feeling a bit optimistic. I'm going to have to set some appropriate goals and just live a minimalist lifestyle for as long as I can; maybe this is my chance to get my life back together.
  2. A little better. I'm going to try to do a Wednesday check-in, as that seems to be when it goes downhill. I probably stop paying attention again. SLEEP: Mon - 8h Tue - 7h Wed - 5.5h Thu - 5h Fri - 6.5h Sat Sun - 8h WATER: Mon - 64oz Tue - 64oz Wed - 32oz Thu - 32oz Fri - 32oz Sat Sun - 32oz FOOD: Mon - 132g Tue - 94g Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  3. Thanks! Yeah, much smaller steps than I'm used to, but bigger than nothing (which are the ones I usually take). Haha
  4. SLEEP: Mon - 9.3h Tue - 6h Wed - 4h WATER: none FOOD: Mon - 175g Tue - 145g Week started out okay, got some sleep and able to hit some workouts, then I totally shit the bed. Trying to distract myself from the depresso by staying preoccupied, I hit like 48 hours of Skyrim and shared a bunch of memes. Did a bunch of tests which pretty much ate up Tuesday and Friday. I was able to mow the lawn and clean the garage today though. I'll try to finish those the rest of the week and maybe do some studying done. I got the powdered Gatorade and Krampade for the drinky drink, and I've been getting my hydration subjectively better; I just need to keep track of what I'm drinking. WEEK'S STRATEGIES: cook and store some meals on Monday 2300 bedtime carry my Nalgene around
  5. Tough week. Lots of work, only able to hit the three meals on Wednesday and Thursday. Kept procrastinating on the grocery shopping, and my treasonous wife kept ordering food without me. SLEEP: Thu - 4h Fri - 5h Sat - 7.5h Sun - 9h WATER: no tracking FOOD: no tracking
  6. Haha right now the 3 meals a day, because I doubt I'll order out that many times (though I have been known to surprise myself). The planning's for making sure there will be meals that can be prepped within 20 or so minutes. The eating out is still an option, but if there's food here I probably won't resort to ordering nuggies. Yeah, I'll probably get some flavor mix in. I'm eyeing maybe Gatorade or some other electrolyte mix.
  7. Same pattern in my last challenge; started with enthusiasm, and ended up dropping off. Honestly I don't even remember what happened the past month, but from what I can see at some point I saw a new psychiatrist out-of-pocket and I'm off my old meds and am just on one now. Liver's doing a lot better with it. Primary care put me on calcium blockers at some point, and I've been attempting to go to the gym more times but seem to fall off every other week, either from just feeling beat-up or injury. I don't recall being light-headed after practice for a while now, so that's probably good. Got a stress test coming up to see if the heart's functioning properly. Wife's unemployed again, but I'm trying to not think about how the bills will be paid as I can barely remember to shower as is. I always barely make it on time for work, and everyone who used to train with me isn't there anymore. Lately I'm not even sure I still want to coach anymore. Hopefully it's just part of my current state of mind and will go away eventually, because without that I can't really see anything else for me. Best thing I can do right now is keep myself alive, keep holding on to my sanity, try to keep the house in order, and just hope for better days. It's a solo playthrough on hardcore mode, and I probably can't count on any NPC assistance. THE WASTELAND SURVIVAL GUIDE I notice I've been running out of steam after a week, and I imagine it's because I'm not taking care of myself. So I first things first--I need to take care of the basics, then I need to do them well. I'll have three basic goals which I'll have the option to either just achieve or crush. They'll be accompanied by strategies/habits that can help me achieve said goal. SLEEP: I don't know how long a person can go without sleep, but we probably need it every day. Track my sleep (do the basics); 50 hours of sleep a week (do them well) possible strategies: lights out time no caffeine after 1700 WATER: I've been craving and drinking a lot of sweet drinks. This is probably because I don't drink enough water to begin with. Track my water intake (do the basics); drink a gallon a day (do them well) possible strategies: drink a glass of water before the morning energy drink carry a water bottle FOOD: I've pretty much been eating out every day, probably because I don't ensure that there is easily-accessible food in the house. This is bad for my health and my wallet. I also only end up eating 1-2 meals a day, and that probably isn't enough to sustain my training, work, and recovery. eat and track 3 meals a day (do the basics); 150g of protein (do them well) possible strategies: meal plan on Sundays Here goes nothing...
  8. Week 2 not as good. Totally lost track. Can't even remember anything that happened, really. I know I covered a lot of shifts at work, so I was at the gym a lot, and only missed Sunday training. Otherwise it was one big blur. Got my initial psych eval done on Sunday, and I'm glad to be under someone who seems to actually care for a change. We'll see how it goes. This week started out bad. I just got off adderall and was pretty much in bed all day Monday and Tuesday. Went to the gym to teach, but couldn't manage much more. Barely even ate much, and missed taking my vitamins. I'll do better the rest of the week.
  9. Midway through the year, and most of this has not been addressed. Damn. I guess I need to break these down into more steps. I'm also adding jiu-jitsu here, because I'm trying to re-light the fire in something I used to enjoy doing, so I'm forcing myself to at least do one training session every day, and compete when I'm ready between September and December. Tasks: Jiu-jitsu daily S&S 3 days a week Do an IT module a day
  10. Didn't check in all week, but I guess it's more because I was busy executing. Vitamins: Missed Monday and Saturday Workout: Jiu-jitsu every day except Friday, as I had to teach the class and wasn't able to roll. Sleep: 61 total hours of sleep. Looks like it's depresso time, though it doesn't seem to be as bad as a few weeks ago (doc told me to get back on the meds, though I can discontinue my mood stabilizer). Watch out for the memes! Got my annual physical, and I'm supposed to get scheduled for some labs, and a TBI appointment. I'm also supposed to see a VA psychiatrist (but I also scheduled a civilian one who was highly recommended by a friend).
  11. Yeah, there's a huge variation in box programming. Mine had different skill levels, a "boot camp"-style program, and a competition team program. Our head coach uses OPEX programming. When it comezx down to it though, it is the community that makes the box. I'd say if you're hitting your WODs more than 3 days a week and your strength levels are decent, work on straight skill training. Movement efficiency allows you to save your energy and put as much of your movements into the aerobic zone. Kelly Starrett and Brian Mackenzie re-certified for their CF1 together, and what they did for their day 1 workout (thrusters and burpees) was use light weights and only breathe through their nose the entire time. That ensured they stayed aerobic the entire time. (I think the other participants were wondering what the hell they were doing, going so slow.) You could do the same thing, adding long slow runs/rowing/assault bike/ski erg while nasal breathing the entire time. Zone 2 cardio is one of Alex Viada's secret weapons, and is a super under-utilized training method.
  12. Vitamins: Missed Wednesday and Saturday Workout: Attended Mon, Tue, Thu, and Fri Jiu-jitsu classes Sleep: Missed Tuesday for sleep. I'm ditching the water tracking for now. I was planning on doing more strength training, but I kept forgetting. I think I need to do it in the morning for it to be done. Attended a birthday party on Saturday, missed workout and ate like crap. Sleep has been weird. I think I hit a manic episode on Monday, and that's what led to the kick-start, but eventually the sleep deficit caught up to me and I was pretty much napping on an doff all day on Saturday. I was able to remember my vitamins most days except when I fell asleep immediately. Vitamin stack: multivitamin Vit D3 Zinc magnesium citrate garlic extract curcumin ashwagandha boswellia serrata olive leaf extract saffron SAMe TUDCA fish oil Haha. Now that I write it down it looks like a lot.
  13. I have the M&P Shield, also in .40. Right? So many of us saddo right now, it it makes otherwise depressing memes rather funny. Thank you, sir. Glad to be back! When asked about my memes: ============================================================================================================================================ Missed my first day of both exercise and vitamins yesterday. Rats.
  14. Yeah, I'm putting Vit D on the pillbox. I've also been getting more sunlight lately. Just need top stay consistent. Ah, caught me! (I mean I like my G27 as well, but .40 cals are soooo expensive.) Interesting. I'll have to try that B complex. Yusssss! Thank you sir!
  15. But I'm a Springfield XD guy! Hahaha
  16. So I've been out, and not for a lack of trying. I think it's been years since I actually completed a challenge satisfactorily (probably because of the depresso and the drugs ). Tried to do the last challenge as @sarakingdom suggested, but I kept procrastinating, and here we are. For those not following the absolute disasterpiece that is my Instagram fitness-turned-meme-page, I haven't really trained since lockdown, I've been sleeping on the couch for a year (because I can't afford to fix the room), depression hit hard and I ended up dropping out of school, and I'm on my second week of withdrawals from 3 different meds, (though I think I'll keep taking one for a little bit more). My challenge is to force myself to be healthy, one step at a time. I'd like to start with the easiest ones, and maybe I'll add more layers once I'm able to make them habits: Take my vitamins Get a workout (very loose definition) in Track sleep and water intake The first part of every game I've enjoyed playing ALWAYS sucks butt. It's a tutorial, you know what to do, but doing it just sucks. I guess this is my Temple of Trials... EDIT: Actually, Goodsprings might be a better representation; waking up at a home clinic after having a bullet extracted from my head. The game was rigged from the start.
  17. Ah. For CrossFit I would go with building skill proficiency in the foundational movements, especially since you've been doing it for a year and still have a massive developmental curve you could take advantage of. I'd say some deliberate skill work with snatch, clean & jerk, vertical/long jump, squats, presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, wall balls, KB Russian swings/snatches/long cycle, rope climb, thrusters, jump rope, running, rowing/ski erg would bring a pretty high carryover. From a macro level I'd assess some benchmarks on those movements. (In this order) I'd assess, are there any movement/ROM restrictions? What are the technical issues that one could fix? What are the lift numbers and times (if applicable)? Depending on the event I'm training for (e.g. if there's a marathon I'd put particular emphasis on running technique and aerobic output) I'd address deficiencies and re-assess every few weeks or so. On a micro level I would do the typical CF athlete competition approach. Some ground movements, Burgener Warm-up, and 10-15 minutes of easy, deliberate practice on a work capacity movement (rowing or running for me usually) is a good warm-up that allows one to practice a skill as fresh as possible. For the strength/power movement I'd pair the exercise with a specific stretch (mostly so I don't get lost Instagramming during my rest periods). MetCon comes after and the goal is always primarily to keep every rep looking as pretty as possible, then finishing in the proper time range (i.e. short, medium, or long WOD). A little bit of bodybuilding and focused flexibility at the end, because most people would benefit from more hollow and arch rocks. When I coached, a sample day could be: Warm-up (15-20 min) Ground movements (world's greatest stretch, bear, monkey, frog, lizard, leopard crawl) Pose running drills / rowing erg (concentrating on strokes per minute) Burgener Warmup / double-unders, Russian swings, goblet squats Skill (20-30 minutes) Something with [usually] 3-5 work sets for 3-5 reps with 3-5 minutes of rest in-between MetCon (5-45 minutes) depends on the phase, but usually you hit each type (short, med, long) at least once a week If anything, I think the simplest way to do it would be to get strong AF and get your RHR in the 50s.
  18. I'm here. Life fell apart. Got an INC in my course as I spoke with my professor and he was willing to work with me, but I haven't received updates on my current state in the program and am pretty much in limbo at the moment but I can't seem to care enough to go find out. Got a long, very noticeable bout of depression hit me to the point where some people notice. No other choice but to ride it out. Luckily my wife just got a job, and I'm able to indulge all the procrastinating activities I've been dabbling on guilt-free, so I guess there's that. I think I'll start hitting the Battle Log as a start.
  19. What are you using to measure body fat?
  20. It did. But now my hair's tangled-up. Apparently you have to use head soap. Anyway the best thing about distance learning is that you can excuse yourself mid-class to go cry in the shower.
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