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    Machete Holds The Fort

    I did the cardio. 2k on the Rower. Took me 9:01, which I guess is terrible. No surprise. The settlers appear to be self-sufficient. I'm going to take attendance one step further. WEEK 3 :  Main Quest > Come in early 15 min. 4/10 Side Quests > shower 1/4 > teeth 1/4 > dishes 0/2 > laundry 0/2 > 20 min general cleaning 0/2 > Read 10 pages 3/7 > work out 2/6
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    Machete Holds The Fort

    I've hit another one of my rough patches. Nothing has been accomplished, and I'm just floating around, existing. I think I'm on my way up, so Ill try to get my life back together just in case I go down again I'll at least have a stronger base of control through good habits. @sarakingdom suggested I do the things in front of me first. I find that when it comes down to it, I need a checklist so I can address the basic things. CHECKLIST FOR BASIC ADULTING IN THE WASTES 1. Hygiene > shower > teeth > Q&D > macros 2. Settlement Maintenance > dishes > laundry > cleaning 3. Main Quests > don't be late > feed the settlers
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    Machete Holds The Fort

    Been picking up the kid from school, and I haven't noticed my gas tank. Ran out of gas in the middle of the street yesterday, and consequently was late for work. No Fallout today. Sadface. I have apparently accumulated 31 hours so far. I was able to do some cleaning though, and also load the laundry and the dishes. Cardio penalty today to follow.
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    Machete Holds The Fort

    Played a little bit lot of Fallout 3. I'm allowing myself to enjoy it so I avoid being late. (Did the cardio, begrudgingly, as well on Tuesday.) I was able to get myself to jiu-jitsu after a long-assed time off. Doesn't seem like I've lost much, so that''s good. Did some bills today. Going to play more Fallout, then put a load of laundry and dishes before heading to work.