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  1. But I'm a Springfield XD guy! Hahaha
  2. So I've been out, and not for a lack of trying. I think it's been years since I actually completed a challenge satisfactorily (probably because of the depresso and the drugs 😝). Tried to do the last challenge as @sarakingdom suggested, but I kept procrastinating, and here we are. For those not following the absolute disasterpiece that is my Instagram fitness-turned-meme-page, I haven't really trained since lockdown, I've been sleeping on the couch for a year (because I can't afford to fix the room), depression hit hard and I ended up dropping out of school, and I'm on my second week of withdrawals from 3 different meds, (though I think I'll keep taking one for a little bit more). My challenge is to force myself to be healthy, one step at a time. I'd like to start with the easiest ones, and maybe I'll add more layers once I'm able to make them habits: Take my vitamins Get a workout (very loose definition) in Track sleep and water intake The first part of every game I've enjoyed playing ALWAYS sucks butt. It's a tutorial, you know what to do, but doing it just sucks. I guess this is my Temple of Trials... EDIT: Actually, Goodsprings might be a better representation; waking up at a home clinic after having a bullet extracted from my head. The game was rigged from the start.
  3. Ah. For CrossFit I would go with building skill proficiency in the foundational movements, especially since you've been doing it for a year and still have a massive developmental curve you could take advantage of. I'd say some deliberate skill work with snatch, clean & jerk, vertical/long jump, squats, presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, wall balls, KB Russian swings/snatches/long cycle, rope climb, thrusters, jump rope, running, rowing/ski erg would bring a pretty high carryover. From a macro level I'd assess some benchmarks on those movements. (In this order) I'd assess, are there any movement/ROM restrictions? What are the technical issues that one could fix? What are the lift numbers and times (if applicable)? Depending on the event I'm training for (e.g. if there's a marathon I'd put particular emphasis on running technique and aerobic output) I'd address deficiencies and re-assess every few weeks or so. On a micro level I would do the typical CF athlete competition approach. Some ground movements, Burgener Warm-up, and 10-15 minutes of easy, deliberate practice on a work capacity movement (rowing or running for me usually) is a good warm-up that allows one to practice a skill as fresh as possible. For the strength/power movement I'd pair the exercise with a specific stretch (mostly so I don't get lost Instagramming during my rest periods). MetCon comes after and the goal is always primarily to keep every rep looking as pretty as possible, then finishing in the proper time range (i.e. short, medium, or long WOD). A little bit of bodybuilding and focused flexibility at the end, because most people would benefit from more hollow and arch rocks. When I coached, a sample day could be: Warm-up (15-20 min) Ground movements (world's greatest stretch, bear, monkey, frog, lizard, leopard crawl) Pose running drills / rowing erg (concentrating on strokes per minute) Burgener Warmup / double-unders, Russian swings, goblet squats Skill (20-30 minutes) Something with [usually] 3-5 work sets for 3-5 reps with 3-5 minutes of rest in-between MetCon (5-45 minutes) depends on the phase, but usually you hit each type (short, med, long) at least once a week If anything, I think the simplest way to do it would be to get strong AF and get your RHR in the 50s.
  4. I'm here. Life fell apart. Got an INC in my course as I spoke with my professor and he was willing to work with me, but I haven't received updates on my current state in the program and am pretty much in limbo at the moment but I can't seem to care enough to go find out. Got a long, very noticeable bout of depression hit me to the point where some people notice. No other choice but to ride it out. Luckily my wife just got a job, and I'm able to indulge all the procrastinating activities I've been dabbling on guilt-free, so I guess there's that. I think I'll start hitting the Battle Log as a start.
  5. What are you using to measure body fat?
  6. It did. But now my hair's tangled-up. Apparently you have to use head soap. Anyway the best thing about distance learning is that you can excuse yourself mid-class to go cry in the shower.
  7. Dude... my life is a challenge. I haven't showered in 2 weeks, I've been up for 3 days I think, and I've been living on energy drinks. So you know, another one of those weeks. Haha I'll get one up soon after I catch up on sleep. I think I've literally melted my brain with finals. I'm constantly smelling smoke for no reason and nobody else seems to be smelling it.
  8. Yeah, I've been neglecting the them a lot, and I think they've been trying to reach out but I'm too caught up with myself to listen. The new S&S standard is "Timeless Simple" which is untimed 100 swings and 10 get-ups with 32kg. I just want to do that with the next weight up.
  9. The Late 2021 To-do List: Fitness: Timeless 36 kg GMB F1 Finance: pay off 1 credit card $2500 emergency fund Family: accumulate 40 hours each (specifically) with the wife and the kid fix the house water heater shower install drywall backyard sod, fence, gate attic Education: certifications CompTIA A+ CompTIA Network+ CompTIA Security+ Cisco CCNA
  10. Being a professional meme-dealer (I know some of you may be familiar with my work), I was asked by one of my students (not at meme-ing) how I deal with online comments. (Spoiler alert: I don't.) Though I try to stay apolitical as possible, some topics just have way too much comedy potential. How you keep your cool is straight-up monk shi-. I can usually fake it, but it consumes me and it ruins entire days to the point of people noticing something is wrong. These devices dude, they just do something to us...
  11. This is why I need to swear it to somebody, because if I'm just swearing it to myself, I know that guy is full of shit anyway. Haha
  12. Sign me up. I just saw this movie called Greenland and like 15 minutes in comet fragments hit my city, completely annihilating it in a split-second. I'd never cheered with such enthusiasm since Con Air. It was the happy ending we deserve. NNICE... Time to upgrade to ya ba. Do you upload your own results individually, or do they find your records in the internets? I've been using WellnessFX mostly because the Commander-In-Chief did a comprehensive some years ago, so I just created an account.
  13. STOP IT! I can't thing of Rogue One without uncontrollably tearing up.
  14. Need to pick something up? Road's pretty long from here.
  15. I was thinking of doing it as a DIY project I can make in my yard. (I have a Lowe's across the street from me, which I totally should be utilizing more.) If we happen to know anyone with a bit of background in structural engineering perhaps we can all come up with a blueprint for a bad-ass outdoor calisthenics rig. Maybe we can start with something like this, or this, then eventually evolve into something with stall bars, pommel horse, etc.
  16. Autistic as well. I've been having issues with this lately too. Years ago I meticulously tracked calories, and was able to make intuitive eating work, probably because my intuition then was built on a foundation of years of macro-counting. I think it started with the quarantine, when my workplaces closed and my physical activity dropped severely. (I was going from around 15,000 - 30,000 steps per day to like 600.) Then our bedroom had a mold problem, which we haven't been able to fix, and I've been sleeping on the couch since June or something, so sleep's been shit. Haven't been to jiu-jitsu much, and honestly I don't think I even have fun when I do. I've lost all enthusiasm for food; I mostly just eat junk because I guess it's entertaining to eat? So if I "eat intuitively" (which is what usually happens), I'll drink an energy drink when I wake up, then another around mid-afternoon. Maybe then I'd remember to drink a glass of water. Then I'm at school until 10:30pm with a headache because I haven't eaten, but I'm too lazy to prepare anything unless it's Pringles or something. Maybe another glass or two of water. I'm working on treating it like a chore. I try to get fast food delivered every day for lunch. Then I eat packaged minimal-prep food for dinner. I still forget to eat lunch half several days a week, but I think it's getting there. Also I got a two-inch bone-in ribeye steak that I'm grilling one of these days. Maybe smelling it will get me to at least look forward to eating.
  17. I was working on a basics breakdown but I guess I just forgot about it. I've used Bas Rutten's workout since '07. You can access it through Spotify or iTunes.
  18. Captain's Log: A 10-day boss battle kept me preoccupied. Protein and jiu-jitsu were neglected, and I largely forgot what happened, but I seemed to be putting in 8-12 hours a day every day, and was able to grind my F up to a B, so I'm satisfied. Now I just need to make sure I stay one step ahead in my following course that starts tomorrow--Programming and Database.
  19. Captain's Log, Days 3 and 4: Tuesday - no jiu-jitsu, did 50 pull-ups as I studied. I got heavy. Hit 102g of protein and studied from 1600 to midnight. Wednesday - jiu-jitsu at noon. 50 thick bar pull-ups, and school from 6 to 10. Only got 87g of protein. Week 2's total is 34 hours of studying, 1 jiu-jitsu session, and 1 missed protein day.
  20. Wait, houses have basements here? I thought we're all just floating in swampland...
  21. And yet you keep coming to Florida... 😆 Did the quiz, by the way. True Neutral Human Monk, unsurprisingly. The only thing weird is I'm not a Dwarf (but it was close).
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