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  1. I never really specifically practiced the cross , but I do know I was always under 140 when I could pull it off (and doing more than 10 pull-ups 😝) I do remember recommending that to everyone when I learned it. Got it from Charles Bennington (yes, that's his name) from the old CF Gymnastics course. Have you been doing any specific wrist mobility work? Some folks can't hold the false grip because they just can't get their hands to that position. But I think you've got the right idea with practicing it now. A strong false grip takes a lot of ROM you'd otherwise have to pull over.
  2. Captain's Log: First 2 days. Got my daily minimums of protein in, and I didn't even have to resort to protein shakes. Keep it up. Perhaps try to get some in earlier. Studying was a lot (10+ hours), but largely untimed. Put it on a schedule and take breaks. Missed jiu-jitsu earlier. I forgot why. Anyway, here's the home routing and switching station I built. Sucks that I still seem to have no idea what I'm supposed to do with it.
  3. Yeah, I'm quite unreliable like that, but at the same time am able to get. Whoops! I actually thought I filled this out. I was still figuring out small goals for this week's test run and going from there. 😅
  4. Yeah, I think it's like loss aversion or something, right? I'm horrible at it, I didn't even think of the breaking bulbs. I guess wear glasses now? I mean I'm still filling out these internet raffles I keep not winning. You're fine, I don't think his anxiety was caused by it; I'm thinking it's more the opposite. And I am quite certain that I am not doing it correctly as I never seem to be in the appropriate state of situational awareness--I'm either ready to get jumped at the organic foods section at Target, or I'm daydreaming on a foot patrol in Afghanistan. "You seem really calm under stress." "No, I'm just stupid and neurotic." Re: the pool thing, I was talking about children under 10, and that drowning vs. firearm statistic discussed on Freakonomics. I think I've heard of it on a reading list. I went through a self-defense instructor course that talked about stuff like that--predator psychology and making oneself a "hard target" that's ultimately not worth the trouble. It covered mindset, public places, home, automobile, tech security, etc. What I liked was the lack of actual techniques, and more emphasis on finding a place to train and making the commitment to keep training. I never really ended up teaching because of how much I don't trust my own situational awareness; it just seems disingenuous. Would it be survivor bias too? Looking back I'm surprised I made it out of my childhood. I made some stupid decisions. 😅 Aren't feelings the whole point of having pros such as yourself do the assessing though? Like, humans are naturally fear-or-f*ck motivated, and we have to bypass biology every time we assess, so instead we created the specialization so all we'll have to do is follow instructions.
  5. Since I've been gone and have regressed so far back, I'm treating myself as I would a complete beginner. I'm joining the as a Rookie and cultivating an alias for now, Alex Hawthorne, swashbuckling space smuggler and captain of Yakita LHA21 A2 Apex Transport starship, The Unreliable. The real guy got crushed by my escape pod because he's an idiot; there's no point in letting his ship go to waste. This alter-ego will serve me well in cultivating what I need to be in the following weeks. The Outer Worlds has some fantastic characters, including background and development. One of the great things is having companions who are actually useful, and not just there to be bait, or block your path in dungeons (*cough cough Lydia). Learning Tech Stuff with Parvati Parvati Holcomb is the crew's grease monkey. Asexual and socially-awkward, she mostly prefers robots to people. I will be learning from her and spending more time on this switching and routing course. I was given the opportunity for redemption on my previously failed course, so by doing well I could probably hit two birds with one stone. ACCEPTABLE = 20 hours of study a week, like a part-timer GOOD = be an actual full-time student and log a total of 35 hours of study a week GREAT = 35 hours of study scheduled beforehand, and executed to 80% compliance Beat People Up with the Vicar Vicar Max has a temper, and it's hilarious. I haven't been going to murder simulation (jiu-jitsu) as much as I'd like, and I've been feeling physically horrible. We're going to have to change that. ACCEPTABLE = 2 jiu-jitsu sessions a week GOOD = 4 jiu-jitsu sessions a week GREAT = 4 jiu-jitsu sessions and writing 1 instructional Stop Eating Like Reed Reed Tobson has the best intentions for Edgewater, but is a total corporate lackey. He's a terrible administrator and a bad leader, cutting corners and feeding his people garbage. This led to the town's malnourishment, which they just kept insisting was "the plague." I need to eat better. ACCEPTABLE = 90g of protein a day GOOD = 130g of protein a day GREAT = 130g of protein a day, and some vegetable source WEEK 1 - tutorial week. Speed run. Done this countless times. WEEK 2 - GOOD on studying, ACCEPTABLE on jiu-jitsu and protein. WEEK 3 - GOOD with school, failed everything else. WEEK 4 WEEK 5
  6. I don't think most people actually conduct any actual risk assessment at all. Like, you'll have guys who carry around a gun every day, but don't carry a first-aid kit or even a tourniquet, which they are more likely to use, or a fire extinguisher/seatbelt cutter/glass breaker in their vehicle. On the other hand, firearms in the house make people so nervous but they won't bat an eye over the death trap that we call a 'swimming pool.' I only know of one guy who chronically assesses risk, and his anxiety is so bad we have roughly the same level of [dys]functionality despite him being way smarter and more skilled than I am. Actually thinking about it can drive one insane.😅 YES! Haha I'm in Florida, where I believe the origin story of the anti-maskers came from. I always wonder what everyone is complaining about; you wear a mask and some mirrored sunglasses and you're essentially wearing a disguise. Take that, Target self-checkout camera that makes me look like a creepy pervert for some reason. And while I'm shopping I nobody can see the weird faces that I involuntarily make, nor can they prove that I am the one singing along to "I Want It That Way." I can also sometimes get away with silent farts in public. Sometimes.
  7. Welp, I guess I didn't get that much done from my list. Not surprised. Rollover into this year then, in addition to some new house maintenance projects that must be done sooner rather than later. I'm not thinking of it as self-sabotage; I'm thinking of this as re-starting my game completely at a different difficulty level with different starting stats. I'll break the quest down further as I proceed.
  8. I only know the push-up and pull-up AMRAP boards. My situation with this is weird. I'm I'm not diagnosed as bipolar but my doc has me on bipolar meds. Meanwhile I'm either just numb or distracted that I can't really pay enough attention to the effects of the drugs (unless they're outrageously obvious) , so I just swallow what I'm told to.
  9. Perfect! I'm going to have to log in more then! My current course is actually based off the CCNA curriculum, but there are occasional concepts that I miss because I totally bombed my Network Fundamentals class last term (I think that one was supposed to prep us for CompTIA Network+). Haha, this is exactly what my old-timer professor keeps joking about whenever the topic comes up. He was a pilot in the Marines in the '60s, and I don't know if he's aware that he's re-used the same joke that the only cloud computing is the computing done on a plane from the clouds like three times, but it does reinforce to us the concept of infrastructure as a service. Names can really be misleading.
  10. Computer Science/IT. (But I'm totally telling people it's "Calisthenics Studies.") I'm usually the dumbest person in the room, which means I get the most learning, so that's good. But I have a really hard time conceptualizing and I often need my hands on it for me to understand. I know! All of my thirst-fans are beyond outraged! (There's also a certain Canadian website I make Fallout: New Vegas-referenced comments in when I'm not supposed to , and others have followed suit. The hilarity has been catching on until they dismantled my profile there as well. The audacity...) Right?? A 2020 planner is a joke.
  11. Anyway, I actually did not do too bad last week. I think I hit half the days with all three. However, rookie mistake, I cannot remember which days they were. In the past I would have written it down in my planner, but because this is 2020 I had already tossed that damn thing when it was October and it was still unused. Haha
  12. Dear sweet baby Jesus... Is this what cultural appropriation feels like? 😆 I'm glad to be of service to society. My wife always finds me laughing by myself. Back then she used to ask why. Now she knows I have a duty to my community. Yeah, I'm thinking I'll do the throwbacks to the classics. Especially with the "on this day" feature. We'll see if any of them did not age well.. Yeah, apparently OnlyFans is a bust. They're cracking down on it by blocking payment providers, and Zuck has been deleting IG profiles with OF links. Only certain celebrities are permitted to have them now I guess. Present! I actually have to go out to campus for this course for labs, but I'm so determined to NOT do that that I'm building my own routing and switching lab in my room. 😝 Not that far out, actually! Put a laptop and a puppy in there and it's I mean Iit sucks for me, but the pup is having an absolute blast that we're literally spending like 20 hours together. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGS9Z_7jSOp/
  13. (From the diatance) "Dem white-face 'Possums r makin' the property values drop!" I'm super awkward, both in and out of the net. I've become pretty good at apologizing because my feet always seem to find themselves into my mouth, so to speak. There is one thing that seems to be universal here though, no matter the guild, topic, or challenge: when in doubt, post a GIF.
  14. In and out. I'm readjusting to a school schedule. Hahahah. Thanls! I mean there's probably a market out therr for Hobbit feet.. Anyway, finals week was a diasaster. Pulled a 36-hour cram session for a class I had no hope of passing (mostly on the principle of going down swinging). But, I got some sleep now and I'll be on it again. Hopefully. 😬
  15. I mean we're over-achieving experts at planning stuff, but with implementation... Right now. But once I get on that Wim Hof program that's all I'll need. My blood will be alkaline AF. "Ze kewld makez you powerful." 😭 I tell you, it's these celebrities getting in on our action. Feet pics used to be so popular. FL summer. Gross. Haha. Yeah, we did not leave the house either. 2020 was pretty much just lying on the couch playing video games and eating Pringles. Damn boars. Once I catch my breath it's over for these swine. Thanks for being here! Thanks. I really need some wins. Hey yo, how's training over there been? Well-put. Hopefully I don't overthink them, as I usually do. Haha Glad to be back. (Though I've been active on IG, stealing memes. 😆)
  16. So there I was in the wasteland, with like 2 HP left, and I keep getting murked by small critters that I've haven't been able to get any momentum going. Disappeared since challenge #89, and since then I've been sleeping on the couch because of water damage and mold infestation and the insurance agency being an insurance agency. The only reason I'm able to keep it together is I swallowed my pride and borrowed a large amount of money from my mother again because nodody will subscribe to my OnlyFans. Me trying my best every day: Anyway, I'm just here to get started, literally. I'm going to treat myself like the most unmotivated beginner (which I am currently), and set the bar really low. Easy stuff to start with. Everything else I do is extra: LIFT: 10 Goblet Squats PROTEIN: 1 protein shake BREATHE: 10 deep breaths
  17. This is so relatable, I feel like I typed it myself... I started in these forums around a year after I started going to therapy. I was never happy happy, but I was pretty shredded and being active wasn't such a challenge. I didn't necessarily liked exercising, but I did feel better after. (Also, grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies are things that I can actually look forward to in life.) Anyway, some stuff happened, and long story short I've barely worked out since march, gained 40 lbs., my blood pressure is out of control, and my testosterone levels (at 34) are just above the threshold of being considered "too low." I used to eat 3000 calories daily just to maintain 135 lbs. (I'm 5'2), and now I'm gaining weight at 1800. I know exactly what to do; I train people for a living. For months I'd have a plan of attack to slowly get myself back on track, but after like two days I ask "what's the point" and give up all over again. I just want to hug my dog, and eat grilled cheese and raw cookie dough.
  18. Probably the same reason many have tried and failed at quitting sodas, or getting themselves out of debt--it's simple, not easy. The fact that it's all right in front of us but we're not able to do it might be what causes so many people to look for a shortcut. There is no shortcut. Check this out: > address nutrient deficiencies > consume the appropriate macros > sleep 8+ hours a day > strength train > do this for 9/10 days over 2 years This is it. It'll get 99% of people to 99% of their physique goal. Everything else is extra. Many people are able to do 3, maybe 4 of these; it's the exceptional ones who are able to hit the last one. But that is the most important one. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume you've recently had some great success with the low-ish carb method that you're doing. Perhaps you've tried and failed at calorie counting too, and have attempted to lose weight only to put it back on many times in the past, so you decided to really read up on the topic, which led you to the current program you're following, which you found is the first one that works for you. Close? (I read one of your challenges.) It is VERY natural for all of us to put our support into something when we buy into it. (I surmise that in this age where fewer and fewer people believe in deities, nutrition has become one of the new religions. People shouldn't really be faulted for defending their religious beliefs, or having civil discussions. It's the loud quacks/fundamentalists that make everyone look bad.) The article itself is written by a business that sells Low-Carb and Keto diets; of course they're going to write articles with the studies that support it. I'm not saying they, or anyone else is wrong; what I'm saying is I'm right. 😁 I congratulate you on getting your particular diet to work for you. However, there are other diets that work for other people as well. Humans are individuals, and blanket statements are rarely applicable. But all the diets and the strategies for weight loss are ways to achieve a caloric deficit. Let's try not to put all the blame on one thing. If you read what I previously said again, we agree on a lot of things: This podcast is a good one to listen to. He has two scientists on, one follows keto, the other is a macro counter.
  19. I see. I think society's preoccupation with weight and appearance is what screws most people over to begin with, making situations like yours a lot more commonplace. I imagine you quit cycling because you weren't achieving what you intended, but had you happened to continue doing that for a year or so, even if you were plowing-down food, you would have at least come out of it with better work capacity and cardiovascular fitness that you could build upon later. This is why we always preach the importance of finding something you actually enjoy doing; you're less likely to quit from an extrinsic setback and keep chipping away at it. I get it. It's a bit of an investment, and you could probably use it on better food. I'm definitely not saying get it to 200g today; it's more like something to work towards. But one of the big things about protein is that it is virtually impossible to overeat, and hitting high numbers is a legitimate challenge for many. I myself have trouble getting to 135g right now. (It is definitely possible though, a woman was doing 400+g for science.) I think the whole idea behind small, frequent meals works more due to the fact that you're able to eat more protein overall throughout the day. There's also nothing wrong with supplementing with protein powder, as it might be the most affordable source of high-quality protein available. Without protein powder I don't think I'd be able to get to 200g without blending chicken breasts. I did listen to it. There is a HUGE difference between should and in spite of, so thank you for clarifying that. I disagree with the assumption that calorie counting is unworkable for most people. My personal experience with calorie counting began before smartphones, when I would hand-jam my macros with pen and paper. Sometimes things seem impossible until we stick with the foundational habits long enough for it to be part of our lives. Working out every day might seem impossible for a sedentary individual. They'll do it for a bit, get too sore, then give up and stay on the couch for a week, thinking working out every say is no way to live. Yet we probably know many people who do just that. It's just about having a plan and building the skills to support the habits. Technically, as long as you're not drinking straight olive oil or eating keto fat bombs, you're practicing calorie control as well by keeping track of your macros. Weight Watchers is actually one of the most successful companies out there; they've been around for close to 40 years, and allow their clients to do exactly what you were saying was very difficult to manage--control caloric intake without actually personally counting the calories. Instead they re-package caloric load as "points" to get their clients out of the mindset of calories. I'm not a doctor or a dietitian, so I can't really comment on diabetes and what they're allowed to eat. Unlimited pasta while staying withing your calorie counts however, I don't see an issue with. What's do you think is the problem with this one?
  20. Always listen to @Defining's advice. It's always good and fact-based. From what I gather here you've just started, maybe you've yo-yo dieted, and you don't have anyone guiding you? From my work with clients who want weight loss we always try to manage expectations first and foremost. Almost all of them had set goals that they weren't willing to pay the price for, or put in the time it required to achieve. Dramatic weight loss is very difficult, and I mean REALLY, UNFAIRLY difficult. For every person with a before and after photo there are 95 others who didn't make it. I do not want to discourage you, but one of the studies thrown around is the statistic of only 6% of overweight individuals who lose weight are able to keep it off after 5 years (and even fewer after 15). That's around the same likelihood of being a millionaire in America. Of course this study was done in the '30s, and we have a lot more tools available to us now, but it's also a lot easier to go the opposite way as well. (I myself am struggling with some quarantine weight.) I think the millionaire comparison still applies--if you didn't accidentally stumble upon it, it's going to take you a little bit of luck and A LOT of work and time to be part of the 6%. But I think you're in the right track. What I would do is get a coach for like 3-6 months (the best time to get one is when you're starting out--you get the most bang for your buck) to get you on a basic hypertrophy and mobility program that can get enthusiastic about. I'd bump your protein up to 200g, and the calories up to around 2600 as a maintenance to set. And sleep a lot. Nothing special, just a little bit of work for a long amount of time. Although I do agree, and always tell the calorie zealots, that CICO is an oversimplification and doesn't help the people who actually need it, what gives them ammo are all the people denying the idea of calories altogether. Calories are just units of energy, and we really have no idea what we're taking in or out. Everything is a rough estimate that could be off by as much as 25% from each side of the balance. But when someone says they are in a deficit and are not losing weight, they are in fact not. A deficit is a physiological condition where your body is expending more calories than you are consuming--it is a state of being, not something you do. (I didn't hear anything about the woman on the podcast averaging an 800-calorie deficit, but if she was gaining fat, she was, physiologically, not in a deficit. Her body has trained itself to become so efficient that the bare minimum that she eats becomes a surplus.)
  21. It seems to be the standard for comp bells. 12kg light blue, 16kg yellow, 24kg green, 32kg red, 48kg gold(?). Thank you so much for using them! I was afraid they faded into obscurity. I'm trying to re-shoot a few more, so if anybody has any ideas on what I can do, I'm all ears. But tell me more about this backflip practice. Maybe I'll try to get mine back. Yeah, it's the in-between of bodyweight and barbell training; you essentially train around what you have. It blends balances adjustability and the need for creativity to create the overload. That's why I personally find the in-between in-betweener weights (e.g. 18kg) really weird and virtually pointless. Someone training for general fitness with KBs, I would recommend getting maybe 2 weights, but rarely more than 4. It just clutters-up the space that it's supposed to save, it defeats the point of a "minimalist" setup, it creates the illusion of choice, and it stifles the exerciser's creativity. Personally, I've limited myself to 3 weights as of late, and sold the other ones. (No, I totally did not price-gouge anyone, though I feel like I should have charged a little more, considering the current availability of iron. Haha) It forces me to focus and master the basics. I'm really suspicious of adjustables, especially for swings, cleans, and snatches. It's basically a projectile waiting to happen.
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