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  1. Plus, I’m not gonna lie, it’s gross 360 days of the year.
  2. It was pretty nice, but exhausting at the same time. I just had my first workout yesterday in I don't remember how long. I gotta start cleaning up the garage so I can set up the home gym then!
  3. Well I got some light hits in last night, so I'm still losing with honor.
  4. It did. Though I’ve pretty much been one-hit-killed. I’m still swinging, but I’m already on ny way down.
  5. Not well. Not well at all... Had to grab a last-minute flight to the Philippines for a family thing. Pooped my brains out for 4 days while dealing with the jet lag. I’ll find a substitute for S&S, since I don’t have my kettlebells here.
  6. So, got some unfinished business in 2020... LIST: > Install drywall > Install flooring > Fix sprinkler pipe > Comfortable Simple > LLC report > Unpack garage > Set-up office > Organize living room > Hummer Tune-up (ASAP) > Write Pressure Passing > Write Bang Muay Thai > Write John Danaher Instructionals > CSCS CEUs > Write Clinch King > Write Saenchai Muay Thai > Chop down the Myrtle > Read Free+Style > Read Overcoming Gravity > Complete GMB Elements > Complete GMB Floor 1 > Repair Screen > Repair fence > Plants > Lawn > Buy dining set > Buy patio set > Complete BioForce > Take USA Gymnastics Courses > Update Training log > 1stPhorm Legionnaire Training > Learn JavaScript
  7. Ah yes, the original memes. Our age is showing...
  8. This is pretty much what is happening. I have no idea what is going on, and I can't seem to get anything done. So, I'm just going with one mission right now, which is to hit my daily Swings and Get-ups. Weight doesn't matter, it's a binary yes or no status. Other tasks may come later, but only secondarily, as I need an anchor on reality. WEEK 1 Sun - NO Mon - Swings only (i.e. NO) Tue - YES Wed - NO Thu - YES Fri - NO Sat - NO WEEK 2 Sun - NO Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat WEEK 3 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat NO WEEK 4 Sun - NO Mon - NO Tue - NO Wed - NO Thu - YES Fri - NO Sat - NO On a positive note however (as to not to be a complete downer), there have I guess been some positive changes. Our youngest has been relatively well-behaved and trainable lately, I've cleared out most of the branches we have in the front of the house, I finally got new glasses (after wearing prescriptions from 2013) and am even learning to use contact lenses, and I've finally reached StrongFirst Elite status.
  9. You totally can. It's just volume accumulation. Take a day off whenever you need to. But it'd probably be good to just use it as your sole pulling movement, at least for the 20 sessions. Yeah, that's still technically GtG; it's the frequency of practice that you're trying to get in. Like a single sub-maximal set of any exercise performed 3x a day, 5 days a week eventually adds up to 15 sets a week, which is a lot, especially considering they're all performed fresh. No, that's fine. Rest is very individual, as long as you're actually actively resting, not "resting" like I am, where I'm scrolling through Instagram or something. 😁 You could also check this program out.
  10. 😆😆 hey, it’s good to have. And yeah, the psychological barrier about gaining weight is hard to get rid of, and it tends to rob a lot of people of a lot of potential gains. I do think your acknowledgement of it as a secondary goal makes it a lot easier to put it on the backburner should you decide to prioritize OCR. A lighter, wiry build would probably make you more efficient. Plus, just doing straight pull-ups would probably give your back all the stimulus it needs to muscle itself up. I’d suggest something like the Fighter Pull-up Program, which I believe @Elastigirl has followed. Working on quality reps really grooves your movement and allows you to practice pulling in a Hollow position rather than an arched one. I used to follow a similar high-frequency program when I was skinny, and I had no complaints about my back.
  11. This is what I was thinking. Also is it a secondary aesthetic goal? I believe I read about you wanting to prep for OCRs. I’m thinking just getting really strong at pull-ups and hangs would be good for OCR in terms of pulling. I don’t imagine a lot of horizontal pulling obstacles besides the incline walk with a rope.
  12. @sarakingdom and @analoggirl, I may have to collaborate with you more regarding executive function skills. Stuff is way too relatable.
  13. How are you tracking total sleep? (Water and sleep have been evading me, but I’m fighting back, dammit.)
  14. I usually just double-up on beef and fish servings. Cod I hear is one of the cheaper protein sources out there. I also used to eat a lot of canned tuna, which I now replaced with canned sardines. How are you with collagen protein? LonoLife has a bunch of products that add a bit of easy protein throughout the day. I like their bone broth a lot, especially during the cold months.
  15. How many years ago? You're 35--your body does not work the way it used to. (When I was 28 I could skip 3 meals and get my abs back.) Different strategies are required. 10% body fat sounds like a reasonable goal, but is there any particular reason why you're tied to the 145-146 part? Any reason for this? How's your heart rate during these sessions? What's your morning resting heart rate? And the more important questions: > How many hours do you sleep a week? > With all the training you do, what recovery methods do you utilize? > Is there a reason your T levels were so low? Many times it's chronic stress that causes this, which is the worst environment for body recomposition. > What do you enjoy doing the most? How often do you get to do it?
  16. These guys are pretty good. And if you're investing in coaching, do it for 6 months. The longer you work with your coach, the better they'll be able to adjust your individual program.
  17. Like 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps. During the rest, instead of sitting and doing nothing, you perform the matched mobility movement. You don't need to rest the entire 3 minutes, but I wouldn't rush, nor try to superset any of them. If it takes too long, you could just do half the exercises one day and half on the other. A variation would be a movement category. It's set up to be a bodyweight-oriented workout, so you use progressions rather than weights increases. For example, Ring Rows, Pull-ups, and Rope Climbs are variations of the same category (Pulling).
  18. Kettlebell Swings. Just don't drop them. 😁
  19. I think the idea is from movement sequencing. You have to be able to isometrically brace your midsection first to stabilize the spine, then load from the shoulders or hips, and out; so I would start with that. I'd go with Hollow Body Holds for this. Next would be loading the hips--the most powerful joint in the body. I'd say a basic Standing Founder is a good isometric hip hinge, posterior chain-loading exercise. Learning to brace and hinge allows you to develop good movement patterns that will translate to proper lower body training to optimize results and keep your joints in the best position. Finally, stabilize the shoulder blades. Planks can do these, whether they be elevated, on the hands, on the elbows, etc. as long as you concentrate on the packing of the scapulae. Maybe add a hang and a bridge. Once you're holding those for 30 or so seconds move to the next progression. When you're able to manage tension well, you can go into slow eccentrics, which allow you to go through more range of motion with more control.
  20. I used to go to a bouldering gym. Competed once, and did an outdoor climb once. The thing about bouldering is it's quite specific--grip, hang, pull. If you climb more than 3 times a week, you probably don't need any more supplemental grip work. All the leg exercises probably aren't necessary either. It might even behoove you to have explosive chicken legs. Otherwise I think you kind of have the right idea with the training. 5x5 strength work on big movements. You don't really need the full 3 minutes to rest, but what I'd do is a mobility exercise to pair with your strength movement. Bouldering is less associated with outdoor sports and more with gymnastics. I'd do something like: Rotator cuff, elbow, and wrist work and prehab Handstand work Pull variation + shoulder extension Push variation + shoulder flexion Pike variation + posterior chain stretch Plank variation + hip extension Rotation/anti-rotation + hip abduction stretch Hollow vatiation + bridge Squat variation + posterior chain Running maybe for recovery and cardiac output, but if climbing is the focus I don't think it's that necessary. For general physical preparedness you could also incorporate some simple kettlebell work with Simple & Sinister to cover in general fitness that are unaddressed, like explosive hip extension and full body tension.
  21. Did someone say kettlebells? All good options here. The main challenge I find in home training is accountability. I personally have to either be training for an event to be regular, otherwise I have to go to the gym. If you have the cash to spend, I would suggest trying out Nerd Fitness Academy for a month or two, and see how having a specific plan and accountability a works out for you. Community is one of the biggest factors in maintaining fitness participation. (Hence, the guilds.)
  22. Depends on your technique, but for a home option I'd personally get a C2 rower, primarily because of how light and space-saving it is. You can go through the free Asensei intro to rowing, and even go for the Dark Horse Youtube channel for technical details. If you do go with the treadmill, I'd start with incline walking and short high-incline sprints. Running is a lot more technical than a lot of people think, and the incline usually forces them to run correctly. I like using TFW's Hurricane template for folks I train. Also, I would avoid buying brand new fitness equipment. You can get huge discounts on used ones that are barely used, particularly in March.
  23. Don't know, people mostly go for joint locks with me. I'm the notoriously-hard-to-choke guy in our gym. Haha
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