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  1. My [cauliflower] ears were burning... the Sloth has summoned me... At your service.
  2. I remember this feeling. When after reaching all of your goals you feel you should be at the top of the world, except you're not. You're just asking "now what?" That's why I like how that Gary V guy always talks about buying the New York Jets. Because he probably won't reach that goal in this lifetime, he'll keep working towards it--he finds joy in the hustle. This has been my issue for the longest time. I'm always blaming my depression, which is a bit of a fine line to walk, and it seems to have been kicking my ass extra-hard lately. But I'm really not doing myself any favors by skipping workouts, not eating, and drinking only CELSIUS Original energy drinks (which have no high fructose corn syrup or aspartame and are available in 10 different flavors--find it at your local 7-Eleven or Wallgreens). I'm with you on this.
  3. Welcome, welcome. I also was 142 lbs. for several years, though I am 5'2. The gains were hard-fought, but I think I've stabilized a few pounds now. We also have 3 things in common with the miscellaneous facts. 😉
  4. Still working on that. I got it in the afternoon before work again. Yeah, it's S&S. Still the same until I get to an almost daily casual 32kg with an RPE of around 5-6.
  5. So far, no... it's just as bad. But hopefully we get something good out of it...
  6. . I got my ass whooped on the last challenge. But the good thing is that it's a video game, and we can always start over. It may not be where we left off, but you at least know where the traps are the second time around. What I've learned is that if I come home at night and it doesn't happen, it's probably not going to, especially if I have to cook dinner. So the goal is to get these Swings and Getups in early on during the day. WEEK 0 Sun - NO Mo - NO Tue - NO Wed - YES Thu - YES Fri - NO Sat - NO WEEK 1 Sun - NO Mon - YES Tue - NO Wed - NO Thu - YES Fri - NO Sat - NO WEEK 2 Sun - NO Mon - NO Tue - YES Wed - NO Thu - NO Fri - NO Sat - NO WEEK 3 Sun - YES Mon - NO Tue - NO Wed Thu Fri Sat WEEK 4 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  7. Plus, I’m not gonna lie, it’s gross 360 days of the year.
  8. It was pretty nice, but exhausting at the same time. I just had my first workout yesterday in I don't remember how long. I gotta start cleaning up the garage so I can set up the home gym then!
  9. Well I got some light hits in last night, so I'm still losing with honor.
  10. It did. Though I’ve pretty much been one-hit-killed. I’m still swinging, but I’m already on ny way down.
  11. Not well. Not well at all... Had to grab a last-minute flight to the Philippines for a family thing. Pooped my brains out for 4 days while dealing with the jet lag. I’ll find a substitute for S&S, since I don’t have my kettlebells here.
  12. So, got some unfinished business in 2020... LIST: > Install drywall > Install flooring > Fix sprinkler pipe > Comfortable Simple > LLC report > Unpack garage > Set-up office > Organize living room > Hummer Tune-up (ASAP) > Write Pressure Passing > Write Bang Muay Thai > Write John Danaher Instructionals > CSCS CEUs > Write Clinch King > Write Saenchai Muay Thai > Chop down the Myrtle > Read Free+Style > Read Overcoming Gravity > Complete GMB Elements > Complete GMB Floor 1 > Repair Screen > Repair fence > Plants > Lawn > Buy dining set > Buy patio set > Complete BioForce > Take USA Gymnastics Courses > Update Training log > 1stPhorm Legionnaire Training > Learn JavaScript
  13. Ah yes, the original memes. Our age is showing...
  14. This is pretty much what is happening. I have no idea what is going on, and I can't seem to get anything done. So, I'm just going with one mission right now, which is to hit my daily Swings and Get-ups. Weight doesn't matter, it's a binary yes or no status. Other tasks may come later, but only secondarily, as I need an anchor on reality. WEEK 1 Sun - NO Mon - Swings only (i.e. NO) Tue - YES Wed - NO Thu - YES Fri - NO Sat - NO WEEK 2 Sun - NO Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat WEEK 3 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat NO WEEK 4 Sun - NO Mon - NO Tue - NO Wed - NO Thu - YES Fri - NO Sat - NO On a positive note however (as to not to be a complete downer), there have I guess been some positive changes. Our youngest has been relatively well-behaved and trainable lately, I've cleared out most of the branches we have in the front of the house, I finally got new glasses (after wearing prescriptions from 2013) and am even learning to use contact lenses, and I've finally reached StrongFirst Elite status.
  15. You totally can. It's just volume accumulation. Take a day off whenever you need to. But it'd probably be good to just use it as your sole pulling movement, at least for the 20 sessions. Yeah, that's still technically GtG; it's the frequency of practice that you're trying to get in. Like a single sub-maximal set of any exercise performed 3x a day, 5 days a week eventually adds up to 15 sets a week, which is a lot, especially considering they're all performed fresh. No, that's fine. Rest is very individual, as long as you're actually actively resting, not "resting" like I am, where I'm scrolling through Instagram or something. 😁 You could also check this program out.
  16. 😆😆 hey, it’s good to have. And yeah, the psychological barrier about gaining weight is hard to get rid of, and it tends to rob a lot of people of a lot of potential gains. I do think your acknowledgement of it as a secondary goal makes it a lot easier to put it on the backburner should you decide to prioritize OCR. A lighter, wiry build would probably make you more efficient. Plus, just doing straight pull-ups would probably give your back all the stimulus it needs to muscle itself up. I’d suggest something like the Fighter Pull-up Program, which I believe @Elastigirl has followed. Working on quality reps really grooves your movement and allows you to practice pulling in a Hollow position rather than an arched one. I used to follow a similar high-frequency program when I was skinny, and I had no complaints about my back.
  17. This is what I was thinking. Also is it a secondary aesthetic goal? I believe I read about you wanting to prep for OCRs. I’m thinking just getting really strong at pull-ups and hangs would be good for OCR in terms of pulling. I don’t imagine a lot of horizontal pulling obstacles besides the incline walk with a rope.
  18. @sarakingdom and @analoggirl, I may have to collaborate with you more regarding executive function skills. Stuff is way too relatable.
  19. How are you tracking total sleep? (Water and sleep have been evading me, but I’m fighting back, dammit.)
  20. I usually just double-up on beef and fish servings. Cod I hear is one of the cheaper protein sources out there. I also used to eat a lot of canned tuna, which I now replaced with canned sardines. How are you with collagen protein? LonoLife has a bunch of products that add a bit of easy protein throughout the day. I like their bone broth a lot, especially during the cold months.
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