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  1. Thanks, guys, that seems to be the consensus from what I have read, too, that it is a combination of loss of fat and skin not recovering. She is still at the stage where muscle is replacing fat (i.e her weight is constant, but her body size is going down), so that makes sense.
  2. Here is the situation. My wife and I are both in our early 50's, and for the past year have switched our eating habits (pretty much a paleo diet, though we do eat cheese and dairy, so not strict with it). We both do strength training at home, that combines body weight exercises with weight training doing lunges, squats, etc. We both have toned more than a bit, and given where we started from, are much improved ( I know that because I helped our son move into a new apartment in 90 degree heat to a third floor walkup, and survived:) Here is the situation: A couple of weeks ago my wife started
  3. What I found was that after taking grains out of my diet and stopped using sweetener, that the craving just isn't there any more. If you do get it, berries are wonderful ways to help sate it, a small handful of blueberries or raspberries do it.
  4. If it works for you, use it. Quite frankly, the paleo purism is a bit over the top, and butter is not unhealthy for you as a fat in your diet, as long as it is in moderation (put it this way, there are ancient cultures that have been eating dairy a long, long time, in places like tibet it is a mainstay of the diet). That said, coconut oil is wonderful for frying, it has a high smoke point and is very good for you,too...
  5. Basically, people ate what they had at hand. People in tropical areas probably had a lot more abundance of choices, in colder climates, it would be a lot more limited, in winter they would be living on meat, maybe dairy, and whatever they could find that was still out there in the cold, roots and tubers and such. The problem with the evolutionary argument is that man has evolved over millions of years, and our bodies can digest a wide range of foods, and early man ate simple carbs, they existed, there were wild grains and such they probably ate, if not cultivated it. I can also tell you that e
  6. Yeah, this isn't a diet in the sense of the various ones for short term weight loss. I have problems with labeling grains as evil, it is one thing to say that grains can cause issues and need to be eaten in moderation, it is another to say they are poison. There are a lot of diets, in Asia and the Mediterranean region, that lived on grains, and those people were pretty healthy. It doesn't mean I think people should be living on grains, I don't eat grains right now and eventually I will limit it, but grains are not evil, either, unlike HFC which truly is. If someone has a lot of lean muscle mas
  7. That is the amendment that leaves powers to the states not given to the Federal government, which marriage is one of those (it is why DOMA was illegal, they had no right to deny federal benefits to legally married people in their states). However, those powers are subject to federal court review, that I believe was a later amendment, extending the US constitution to the states, and as such, the 10th is tempered by other things, specifically the 14th. When the court decided loving in 1967, the 14th amendment was cited as to why states could not ban interracial marriages, and it will probably be
  8. Hatred in my experience comes about from fear and ignorance. People hate Muslims, for example, because of Muslim radicalism and things like Iran and then Islamic terrorism, with 9/11 bringing it to a head, people are afraid all muslims are crazy and want them dead, and the hate comes out. More commonly, it is about being different, and also having something to look down upon. A lot of the people who hate gays, do so because they have never known one, and believe the cartoonish, vile caractitures that have been the stock and trade of both religious groups and society as a whole (not unlike the
  9. I think the 'debunking' of the Paleo diet comes from a couple of things: 1)It comes about, quite honestly, because some proponents of Paleo tend to treat it like Christian Fundamentalism, in that they sell this whole idea of paleo being 'the original diet' and get into this whole crap about 'that isn't true paleo..'.....the point about Paleo is if it works, and also that there is no bible for it, no literal works.....and if having some grains works for people, that is fine, and to say "paleo man didn't eat dairy products, so you can't' is downright, well, stupid to me (among other things, th
  10. The wonderful world of being trans, where you not only have to deal with the fears and nastiness of non trans folk, you have to deal with what a friend of mine called 'the tranny police', dedicated to making sure that everyone meets their idea of what you should be...like, as a M to F if you admitted you liked things like cars or sports, or you didn't fit the world of self pity many get into, or weren't into the world of clubs and having sex, or anything else they decided was authentic or inauthentic. It is ironic that trans folks are fighting for the right to be themselves, but then fighting
  11. Sadly, there are still a lot of people out there who believe who you are is a choice, that if someone is lesbian it is because women can please another woman better than a man can so they are in it for the lust only, gay men had wimpy dads and domineering moms, the whole gamut is still out there, not to mention, of course, the whole religion nonsense (and I say nonsense, not that I believe religion is nonsense, but rather in religion some pretty crappy 'logic' to dance around the fact that calling it a choice or 'a sin against nature' flies in the face of science and reason)...I have heard it
  12. As many people have said, the biggest thing to getting fit is diet, 80% of getting fit is what you eat. I don't know what you are eating right now, but this might be a great time to help both yourself and your family (it can be difficult to try and eat one way while your family is eating another), these days kids especially can have trouble learning to eat the right things and so forth. Another big thing is not to try and do too much, too soon......so for example, cutting down on the amount of soda you drink is a good first step, with the goal being to try and drop it entirely (diet soda is no
  13. The fact that your flatmate wants to go to the gym is really, really cool, one of the best ways to get fit is to have someone else partnered with you. Among other things, it takes away some of the awkwardness at the gym, since your partner is likely to be as clueless as yourself:). In terms of what to do, others have given some good advice on moves like squats, deadlifts and so forth. While the machines can work multiple muscle groups, I personally don't think they work as well. I agree with others, if you can get a personal trainer to work with you on the basic lifting techniques, it is more
  14. I agree with the advice that getting fit is 80% in diet, there is just no way around it. Genetics does play a role in weight, but it is not an excuse, either, for not being fit. There are people who have metabolisms where they can't gain weight, they are stick thin, could eat junk food from here to eternity, and would be skinny, others look at a candy bar and their butt and thighs gain....but all that genetics says is how we respond to things, unless someone has some sort of weird condition, there likely is a way for them to get in reasonable shape and not starve themselves or be forced to eat
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