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  1. I'm not quite there at 48 but thought I would say hello anyway.
  2. I used to have this fantasy goal of participating in a local beginner’s triathlon. However, last year when I decided to get serious about training in the swim portion, I discovered that swimming laps creates barf inducing motion sickness. I'm thinking I am more of a duathlon kind of girl.
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4946[/ATTACH] I thought this was super duper neat-o. They have a PDF you can download or you can buy a limited edition poster at this link.
  4. Here is what I've learned, everyone learns differently. I was taught to read with phonics (sounding it out) so I wrongly assumed that would work for my own kid. I quickly learned she is a sight reader and phonics just pissed her off because the rules don't always apply. (and why that is was a long discussion that frustrated her too) What did work was when she came to a word she didn't know she would ask "how do you say that word". I would answer and she would look at the word and repeat it several times. Often we would write it down (her own idea) and later she would look up the definitio
  5. Thanks Ladywildross and Doodle Week 5 Update The past week did not go well at all. There was a lot of pain in my hip, leg and knee so I did not get in the amount of work outs I had hoped to complete. I ate a lot of junk this past week and I know it was emotional eating so I need to work on that. The after math from my Grandfather’s passing has been harshing my calm. He did not want a memorial so folks have had a hard time with coming to terms with their feelings and getting closure. We have all decided to get together for a potluck next Sunday to share memories, photos, etc and get our o
  6. Week 3 and 4 Updates! Week 3 The week started out great! It ended less great. Diet: averages for week Carbs: 115 (+15) Protein: 73 (In range) Not bad Fitness: We ended up having record hot temperatures and I kept thinking it would be cooler in the evening but it was still 90 at midnight. So I did the workout I posted midweek though Thursday and did not do any running Friday, Saturday or Sunday. So I only did 3 of 6 workouts for week 3. I realized that I do not have any contingency plans for emergency or weather issues. What I should have done was pick one of the plethoras of aerobic DVD’s
  7. Your runs are going great. This >"After doing some Google Maps magic, I found out it was definitely just a mile away, a mile that I could make easily" is awesome. So I just ran to park that was a mile away but it was no big thing. HA! Someday I'm gonna do that. Reading your posts keeps me motivated, so thanks for that. Glad you had a great July 4th.
  8. We all know you can do this, you just need to remind yourself that you can.
  9. You are doing amazing! I also wanted to tell you that I also don't like running outside so I tend to run at night. I feel "safer" and like to prented that zombies are chasing me. I'm weird like that. Congrats on completeing the week 3 extra challenge too!
  10. Thanks guys! I appreciate all of the encouragement. I wish I could get on here more often. Week 3 Midweek Update Diet: Monday: Carbs: 75 grams (range 50-100) Protein: 53 grams (range 70-98) - short about 17 grams, I don’t know why this has been such a struggle for me. Tuesday: July 3rd was our city’s big July 4th celebration. They hold it the day before so the local cities can have their own July 4th shindigs without the big city one interfering, or something like that. Anyway, I ate some things I knew better than to eat, like potato chips. Not only was I way over on my carb count but th
  11. Week 2 Update Diet: My averages for the week are protein 98 (range 70-98); carbs 104 (range 50-100). I am a little disappointed in myself that I went over my daily average in carbs. I was really hungry this past week and really enjoyed munching on apples and blueberries, which are high in carbs. Certainly they were good choices for carb intake, but more than I should have had. Fitness: I’m not going to lie; I totally rocked my fitness this week. Monday: Warm up: up and down my stairs 12X2X: 20 body weight squats 10 pushups (wall) 20 walking lunges 10 dumbbell rows (5lb dumbbell, each a
  12. You are rocking this challenge!
  13. Great goals and you are doing great at achieving them.
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