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  1. Haven't even tried yet, I'm in the middle of finals so I'm scrambling all over the place right now.

    After this weekend I'll actually be able to put more structure into physical stuff instead of having it on the backburner.

    In fact I've got a final in 30 minutes so I gotta run, thanks for asking tho!

  2. Oops. It seems I accidentally shattered my first goal.

    6:15 Mile today at the rec center.

    Reassessing, New goal is to run 3 seven minute miles. This was my goal in High School Cross Country that I believe I never quite reached, but it seems I've underestimated myself so far so I'll give it a shot.

    Went climbing while I was there as well. They've got a 3 story rock wall and I went up about 4 times. Forearms are dead so I don't feel like typing more right now.

  3. Thanks! For my third goal I'm thinking of just making it to go climbing at least once a week at the university rec center. I haven't gotten so into it to learn all the lingo yet so I have no idea what I should be looking at as far as climbing grade and stuff like that.

  4. I signed up for one of these last summer, an injury put me out of commission (see the bloody sock), trying again this summer. Since then I've been mostly focusing on my academic life; I was just elected Webmaster/Secretary for Physics Society at my University if you want my Nerd Credentials. Biking to class and for work keeps me active all the time though and I do try to dedicate some time once in a while to exercising for exercising's sake. This passed weekend I just completed my first Half-Marathon in 1:55 which was way better than I was expecting, and I've got Run for your Lives (a Zombie infested 5k) coming up June 23 so this is really going to be more of a 7-1/2 week challenge for me.

    Without further ado:








    and maybe working on a dual class into Assassin









    7 Minutes. Havent timed 1 mile in a little while this might be too easy

    or a tad ambitious. Will adjust if its too easy. Will do it anyway if it's too hard.

    Oops, shattered with 6:15



    3 miles Shattered the previous goal so I'm readjusting to make it 3 miles at 7 minutes each.

    Pull Ups

    5. Again not sure if ambitious or easy. Same rules apply.




    Once a week. at least once a week at the rock wall at my

    University Rec center. If I go home I'll climb other shit

    instead... like trees!





    Survive Zombocalypse

    Its a bit after the challenge is over so I'm not making

    it official. But I want to complete Run for your Lives

    in about 26 mins. Which sounds slow for a 5k but there

    are obstacles involved.

    Life goal


    Acquire one. I've got nothing to do over the summer,

    and no useful work experience for the field I want to enter.

    This could well be my easiest or hardest challenge.

    Will start sending out Resumes/Harassing professors asap.











    At the moment I can do like 1 pull-up and that's mostly because I'm skinny; I haven't really got any semblance of upper body strength right now.

    Wisdom is also poorly represented. I am a physics student so in reality that's my most valued trait, but for the Nerd Fitness RPG Challenge that should be fine.

    Let me know what you think and give me some ideas for my third goal!

  5. So no post yesterday because I turned in early so I could wake up before it got too hot to go outside...

    Turns out that might have been a bad idea... ended up banging my shin on a rock and having to go get stitches.. Woo! aftermath is the new avatar.

    anyway I'm ok, it mostly just feels bruised but overall progress with the goals has been going well.

    I was looking around at the NF blog and saw came up with an idea for a nicely specific goal to add,

    I want to do

    , but instead of just moving to the side to move in a circle, and I want to do one full circle for starters which should be somewhere around 10-15

    so yeah 360° pushups

  6. Welcome to the Rebellion, Nigel! Glad to have you.

    Good luck with your goals. What sort of strength exercises are you thinking of? I know I'm limited mostly to bodyweight exercises and whatever I can do with what I have around the house which often turns out to be a surprising amount.

  7. Alright, my vitals and benchmarks from my first full day



    Measurements (in. unless specified)

    • Height 5'10"
    • Weight 145 lb
    • Neck


    • Shoulders


    • Chest


    • Bicep


    • Stomach


    • Waist


    • Hips


    • Thighs


    • Calves


    • Hair (just for fun)


    as far as a workout goes, it's still way too hot to go outside... maybe if I wake up early enough tomorrow I can head out for a run or something, so for what I could do in my bedroom I attempted a bodyweight circuit

    30 bodyweight squats... too easy need to find a way to add weight or otherwise increase the difficulty

    5 real pushups... all I could manage should I work on inclined pushups for a while?

    30 bent over dumbell(backpack) rows... with my giant calc book and Russian book... should probably add a couple more for the weight

    30 reverse crunches.. also too easy

    at the rec center at school we've got this... Structure? its not really a machine it's essentially just a pair of handles and a half a yoga ball for back support... it's the same motion as the reverse crunch but because you're standing so it makes it phenomenally harder and I've never been able to do more than 10 at once. I need to find a way to do that at home.

    I went grocery shopping! My dad doesnt really keep much in the way of fruits and vegetables in the house, so I took it upon myself. I've always liked eating the stuff but I never seem to remember I have it and end up having to throw it out...

    so yeah, things I need to work on:

    Upper Body

    Find harder exercises for Lower

    Eat before it goes bad

    Alright, I'm gonna go make a sandwich and practice Russian... Comments Suggestions are more than welcome

  8. Hey thanks for the welcome!

    My very vague goals are to eat better and get more trim... I don't really want to gain or lose a whole lot of weight in doing so (although I could probably stand to gain a few pounds)

    I went ahead and signed up for the 6 week challenge so if you want some specific goals you can check the link in my signature.

    I'll be doing mostly bodyweight exercises by necessity over the summer because I dont really have access to a gym, but once I get back to school in the fall we've got a great Rec Center there.

    as far as sports I'm definitely not looking to join my school's varsity or anything, but I would like to get a group of friends together to maybe start some Parkour

  9. Thanks for the advice!

    On the exercise front, I know I want to do something every day because I'm not really looking to pack on a lot or anything like that. I do, however, sort of differentiate between simply exercising and actually working out.

    I say every day because sometimes I hardly even leave the house so I want to make sure to myself I at the very least go jog around the block or something every day and if I do it everyday it's phenomenally easier to get motivated for when I do want to do a more intense workout.

    I didn't make any specific goals for individual exercises because I don't want to end up focusing on any one thing like how many pushups I can do or how much I can bench... I will keep track of what I do accomplish with these sorts of exercises tho to make sure I am making progress towards getting in better shape. Especially with upper body which is my biggest weakness at the moment. I do like the idea of bear crawling a city block tho... Downtown here I come

    I'll start taking pictures and measurements tomorrow, but its worth mentioning I'm not trying to look like the guys from 300. So I guess I can only hope the fit of my clothes isn't going to radically change because I can't afford a new wardrobe lol.

  10. Alright, I'm a bit late to the party but not too late to get started, so for my first real action as a member I'm going to try to set some goals for myself.


    I currently float somewhere between 135 and 140 at 5'10" and I'm actually pretty happy as the skinny bastard that I am, but I'd like to be a more toned skinny bastard, so to quantify, if I can either

    Lose 5 pounds of fat or Gain 5 pounds of muscle

    I'll consider it a success. I've never really worked toward a goal like this before so I'm not sure which way its going to end up going... the only way I ever had to quantify my fitness before was my 800 time in high school track, so if anyone has any ideas for a better measurement for the same general goal I might consider reassessing later, fat% perhaps? I'm not sure of a good way to calculate this with the resources I have available tho.


    For the time being, I don't have access to any sort of facilities with the purpose of working out (this will change when I go back to school in the fall). So I'm pretty much limited to bodyweight exercises and improvised workouts. Also its freaking HOT out. I think I almost got heat stroke on a bike ride the other day...


    in general I just need to eat healthier. My whole life it never really seemed to matter what I ate or what I did; I never fluctuated more than about 5 pounds (and I still do fluctuate that much) but this all resulted in me having a diet consisting largely of junk food and soda... A lot of soda... seriously a lot... My mom tells me that my first words were something to the effect of "Gimme a drink of that Coke"

    so goals...

    Protein, Fruits, and Vegetables with EVERY meal.

    Learn to actually cook for myself.

    Cut out soda COMPLETELY.


    Wholly Flying Spaghetti Monster am I addicted to soda, since I started college I've progressively started cutting down on it to one or two a day... which is still way too much. I've been replacing it with water and tea as much as I can.

    And just generally I was raised by people with shitty diets. I don't blame them and don't feel like explaining the reasons for it right now. But thankfully I'm not picky when it comes to food... in fact I actually purposely try stuff I don't think I'll like sometimes. But until Mid-August I'm still living with my Dad and his girlfriend... I'm probably going to have to start cooking for everyone.


    The simplest measurable goal I could set for myself here is grades but unfortunately that's not really going to be applicable in the short overlap with school of this 6 week challenge. But to summarize my problems with school... I'm a very smart person and a very bad student. (AP Calculus in high school, I had a D in the class, and got 5/5 on the AP test and a 95% on the final) My problem is probably some sort of undiagnosed ADD, and I believe what I need is some sort of Order and Discipline when it comes, not just to school, but everything else in my life. So to actually make an observable goal(s)

    Exercise every day including at least one activity focused on strength, and one on cardio

    Learn something every day

    Practice a language every day

    Post my progress on here every day


    Just me myself and I... I need to overcome the basic laziness and excuses I've had my whole life and gain the discipline to do what I should regardless of what sort of sense of immediate gain I get out of it

    Alright! I think that should be a good start for now... I welcome input and comments, especially on the first goal I've listed above...

  11. I haven't actually joined a forum in forever (with the intent of doing more than getting help with linux). So lets get personal and maybe I'll actually stick around this one.

    I'm a 20 year old Physics student at UIUC.

    I've been a skinny bastard for a long time... I weighed 125 from 8th grade all through high school. I ran track there and have not very successfully tried to keep running now that I'm in college.

    I finally gained my freshman 15... about 3/4 the way through my sophomore year so I'm now a slightly less skinny bastard. Looking now to actually do that on purpose.

    I prefer the term Geek to Nerd, personally. My qualifications in a nutshell... As I mentioned before I am a physics student. My cinematic interests generally revolve around Star Trek, Star Wars, and Firefly. I'm too cheap to buy video games, usually, but Valve just made TF2 free to play, my steamname is the same as my username on here. Probably a lot more could go into this category but I don't want to ramble too long.

    So yeah! I'm looking forward to hopefully finding some sense of community to help me with my goals, and maybe I'll actually frequent a forum for once.

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