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  1. Fitness this week - have been to the gym once this week, going again today. Looking forward to it! My biggest issue is diet. I gained a lot of weight since my lifestyle has changed significantly. I went from working in a concert venue (walking and carrying a lot, making long hours) and going to and from work on my bike to being in the office all day and getting there by metro (which is a 3 minute walk from my home), my lifestyle has changed significantly and I'm not sure where to start to get everything back on track. Gonna do some diet research today and come up with a plan...
  2. Luckily they're allowed at mine! There's a small 'functional' zone that includes CF-type stuff like (googled it) "functional rack, slam balls, plio boxes, bumper plates, olympic bars and kettlebells." I think there's such a popularity to it that they have to do it to keep their membership up. And yes - I intend to get back into rugby and play with my first club again
  3. Final decision I'm going to do a collage that I'll illustrate over - the final theme is based on the pictures I can find but will most likely be related to plastic in the ocean. The materials Piles of old news papers, acrylic colour pens, a pair of scissors (and still need to buy glue) Select and/or prepare a PLACE TO WORK. Kitchen table! Timeslots/prep prep: I'll collect images tonight, do some sketching this week while traveling to/from work. collage: Will clear an afternoon or evening next week (about 2-3 hours needed) illustration/finishing up: 2-3 hours
  4. Ooo I'm down for this! Sadly haven't been very creative over the past year. Coming from an art graduate... I am ashamed. Think about art. What kind of art do you like to look at? A lot of different things. Mostly contemporary things linking to societal issues. Rothko made me cry love his work! What do you like to make? Have you ever made art before, and how did it go? I'mma combine these two questions - I did art academy as a bachelor's degree. Illustration was my major, motion graphics the minor. Loved it, but decided in year 3 that I didn't think I'd want that to be my profession. So yes, I made art, mostly illustrations, sometimes an animation. Did pretty well. Kinda miss it. What might you like to create for this challenge? Do not begin working on your piece yet. Just think about it. Something about humans messing up the ocean. Plastic soup? Pulse fishing?
  5. 1.b: today I bought carrots, chickpeas and sweet potatoes, tomorrow I'll prep my work lunches. Made a gorgeous quiche for dinner tonight. Body is very sore after yesterday - great to feel this way again! Back to the gym tomorrow
  6. Thank you! It's good to be back I see I wrote thesis instead of master - I studied Communication science. Re gym: I went to a crossfit-ish gym for a few months and am now attending a 'regular' gym (a lot more affordable + right around the corner, so no excuse not to go). My routines are mostly based on what I learned at the CF gym and I'm a big fan of weight lifting and HIIT - the combination is perfect for rugby too.
  7. Will power! I recognise this - cake offers in the office are so hard to say no to sometimes. Good job Good luck with your challenge, you seem to be doing great so far!
  8. Two years since my last visit?! Oops. Time to start over! Back to square 1 Me in a nutshell: I am a 27-year-old rugby enthusiast. A lot of good things happened in the past year: I obtained my thesis in October, started my first serious (office) job the same month, moved cities in January (back to my favourite city). Of course, this had some consequences: since moving, my rugbyteam was too far for me to travel up and down there three times a week. I didn't play rugby that much and I didn't visit my gym as much as I should have - with this new life having a big impact on me and my routine, I decided to focus on work and a new life first before focusing on everything around it. This break from sports is clearly showing now: I feel unfit and gained about 10 kgs. Not too affected by it (as I knew it was a temporary thing), but I've had enough and would like to get back into shape! My aim: to be fit before the rugby season kicks off again in September. I'm focusing on three things: 1. Fitness (cardio, HIIT) 2. Diet 3. Strength (core + legs) 4 Week Structure Week 1. Back in the Saddle pt I. a. step 1: back to the gym! b. make a diet plan c. make a 4 week work-out plan Week 2. Second gear. a) gym on Mon, Wed, Fri b) bring a healthy lunch + snack to work 3x Week 3. Sticking with it. a) gym on Mon, Wed, Fri b) bring a healthy lunch + snack to work 3x 4. Kicking it up a notch: HIIT! a) gym on Mon, Wed, Fri b) bring a healthy lunch + snack to work 3x Specifics are coming later this weekend. Look forward to the coming four weeks!
  9. 20/20!! Also I solemnly swear to respond to all my favourite's peoples forums this weekend. <4
  10. HAHA. The University pulled the harshest pranks on me. In an introductory course about boring tedious things (I mean: how to read/write references and find books in the library and seeing if an article is legit and blablabla), we have an online quiz of 20 questions. I plowed through all the questions, taking me ages, and I had 19 out of 20 correct. HURRAY! The test can be done over and over again, and it showed me which one was wrong. Let me just adjust that one answer, I thought, what could possible go wrong, I thought. Hello, I am Icarus and I flew INTO THE SUN. Redoing the quiz just gives you twenty different questions. Of course. Why didn't I think of that? I can hear the demonic laughter of the online university quiz demons. Brb, redoing the whole damn thing.
  11. Baaa, thank you! That might actually be the after dinner cravings! Tiredness, or dehydration. Thank you for finding another puzzle piece, Terah! Still working on them, too! Some days better than others. Also - I'm making assumptions. If I grab the crisps, that could very well mean savoury, right? Haaa! So you are the mysterious, secretive, uncanny, enigmatic, dark and abstruse DFG! I for my life never connected DFG to DrFeelgood, as I have seen you around the forums. This also means I am very busted on not being up to date in the Doodlie Thread at all. Nice to meet, fellow Flip Bitch! I have no idea what you backs do either! Thank youuuu <444456
  12. I ran into a list with Whole30 recipes a-plenty. In case people need a little extra inspiration with their Whole30.
  13. Soreness > yay! SPROUTS! Buuuuuh :c I love them and bf hates them - except when ovenbaked with bacon and maple syrup. Cheater.) Thanks for sharing your grocery list with me, might implement it again as I'm sure I eat too many carbs (or more than I'd like to, anyway). Adding my favorite thing of all the things: <3<3<3<3<3 In regards to Skyrim: I picked it up again yesterday as I find walking around Skyrim the most relaxing thing after lectures/homework. Always a goodiegoodie, but am considering the path that you've spelled out before. The non-sneaking-armor-clancking thievery speaks to me.
  14. You're doing awesomely! And admire above sentence ~ snacking after dinner is the biggest struggle for me.
  15. I JUST FINISHED AND ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT (also because I saw the plot WAY before my boyfriend did and I AM THE SHERLOCK!) But yes - very trippy, sometimes even a bit beyond silly (waterfalls and what not). But my my my did I love this episode.
  16. Making me all sentimental. Who's coming to Wacken with me?! </3 Hurray hurrayyyy!! I saw your stamina epicness. How do your legs feel now? (Also what exactly does 100g carbs buy you? :3)
  17. As for today's struggles <4 I'm getting pretty good at this inner dialogue thing. Today's Workout: completed. Spent 15 minutes on the bike, followed by some doodlie time. During the 15 mins, I watched a vid that's homework for my following lectures (some statistics, hurray!). Afterwards I mechanically walked back to the house, placed my laptop on the bed and was ready to go upstairs for a shower when I realised I had only done a warm-up. "Couch", I thought. "No", said I, "back inside, a small workout, go". During the workout I had to push myself through the rounds, nearly giving up when I got tired or didn't have the form I wanted during my squats, but I was able to urge myself on to do one more good squat before putting the bar back in its place. And another round. And another. I can now watch The Abominable Bride without regrets. Articles (5/10) Three yesterday, another two today. Admittedly, today I had two easy (short) ones, but I also threw in a little video watching and reread my paraphrases. I'm growing more and more confident in my ability to get through this pre-master ~ a person that's been slumbering for the past years is slowly waking up. I love reading, am curious for the topics I'm reading, and I may actually be getting the hang of planning. I'm so happy I went back to school! Mindful eating Like I said, internal dialogue is doing okay. Today, when coming home, the first thought that jumped to mind was: CRIIIISPS. Then: let me rephrase that. Crisps means savoury. Do I crave savoury? Yes. That might be it. Hand sandwich with fantastic yummy matured Old Amsterdam cheese instead. Nommy. When placing the cheese back in the fridge, my eye caught the Coke bottle. YAS. ...NO. Coke? This means: you're thirsty. Tea? Not now. Water? Nah. Okay, have some soy milk instead. Later, when my boyfriend came home with groceries and pulled out some profiteroles I did eventually cave in. But that's okay ~ today it's okay. I'm still learning and have changed a lot of thought patterns already. (Just next time, if I do cave, let me cave once, not thrice ).
  18. Thank you! I love the mindfulness all around the boards too, and I love having found it back. It's been gone for a while and I really have to train that whole mindfulness thing again. I think it helps in a lot of situations, not just with negative emotional reactions (although: hear hear on that one!); it is also incredibly valuable in setting goals and reaching them. Building intrinsic motivation is much more effective than extrinsic motivations. Mindfulness can help you stick to that ultimate goal, remind you of that intrinsic motivation, rather than indulge in the moment ~ whilst still enjoying that moment as living in the now is +++. Have I lost you? I hope not. #rambling And ikr on the fandoms! That's why I'm mixing them aaaall up in one big fandom love child! I'm glad my struggles amuse you so <4
  19. Keep up the good work jarnoc! You can do iiiet. Hopefully you'll find the time to squeeze in that run I'm sure you will.
  20. I think that's wicked!!! Hehehe. Sam Gewissies. (That's it - I'm moving!)
  21. I liked it! The only thing I missed was boxing gear, so that I could actually punch something Now I had a balance ball, stuck under the table, and I punched that. May have misinterpreted the round and will do some more shadow dancing jumping whatevering with the next workout. I like that there's enough space for your own interpretation with the strength + cardio round.
  22. Uuuuuuugh. So. Tired. Day 1 is done! Started out swell, with a quick Doodlie workout just as I popped out of bed. Then some homework, till it was time for My First Lecture! Wooohoooo! Thinking I am ready, I pack my gear, then remember I need my uni pass. Go to grab it from the place I know I left it: it isn't there. Panic. Open drawers and rip out their content, flailing their bodyparts around the room. All to no avail. No pass. I decide to leave the pace, else I'll be late. Run for the tram. See a dog that looks JUST LIKE MINE (but still alive) I WANT TO PET THE DAMN DOG - but keep going. See the tram in the distance. See car traffic lights jump to green. Throw myself in front of cars and run for tram. Make it just in time. Arrive at uni ~ must locate auditorium. Do not understand classroom number system thingy nor signage spread across the building. Run up random staircase. Find another lost looking soul. Exchange information. Find out we're looking for the same place. We find the place. In time. Realise then that it is the same auditorium where we had our introductions half a year ago. Ha-haaa we're dumb dumbs! First lecture: I know all the stuff, because I read it already. Still fun. Nice speaking lady. Go for coffee with four 'friends' I met during Introduction. Express my interest in learning. Get frowned upon. Feel like Hermione for the first time since primary school. Except: I CARE NOT HERMIONE IS COOL. Leave university happy. Realise I write this in a way I'd imagine a dog thinks. Want to pet the dog. Day 1: Articles read: 3/10 Exercise: done. In the morning! Food: Was tempted. Answered questions. Replaced cookies for a banana. All was good. Planning for tomorrow: Wake at 7.30 Work on freelance assignment until 9.30 + send them the damn draft. Then go to uniiii for second lecture!
  23. Uuuuugh that mountain <3 I studied in Luzern for a while and they had the most spectacular views there - up until November, when the mist settled in the valley and Mt Pilatus was nowhere to be seen half the time. Ugh, such gorgeous memories. I miss the mountains! Dutch mountains: (blue skies inaccurate 90% of the time :> ) </3 The kettlebells! So cool! Don't let gooo <3
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