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  1. Well everyone I had no idea who or why my stuff was stolen. I was having such a great day Sunday. I went and had a massage at a great spa and went to a great dinner (surprisingly still good for me after I talked with the manager lol). I was having such a great night and when I got to the hotel I found out my things were taken from the hotel...At first I had to file a police report and the hotel said their insurance would cover it after some time... Luckily I work with technology and my boss is a vengeful old man lol. Yesterday we finally had a hit on the MAC address and it was pretty simple to figure out some things (wish I could tell you more but my boss is the genius not me lol.) So needless to say I am typing on MY LAPTOP AGAIN!!! I have in fact failed this week (I got all sad and emotionally ate) a bit so it appears my extra money will be going towards a good cause but now that I got some justice I feel rejuvenated.I will be hitting the gym hard and went grocery shopping again today and feel my next week will be accounted for. I am not sad about failing but rather glad that a bit of failure only resulted in a bit of bad eating not months worth of bending lol. I am not sure who cares about the details but I am not pressing charges. I know it sounds crazy but the person was young and I felt the need to be merciful. I grew up with a hard situation and feel that there needs to be better ways to teach our youth. I hope that he can learn from his mistakes and makes a change much like I am trying to do. Rock on everyone I will be back at it with my laptop back in good hands Also had some eggplant and didn't hate it looooooooooool!
  2. Hey everybody I will update as well as reply back to all of you later tonight or tomorrow am. My laptop phone and randoms were stolen on Sunday so no access to the interwebs. Keeping strong with the workout and diet even through the bad mood lol. Hope everyone is killing it!!!
  4. I think that is great advice! I will definitely listen to my body! I think the only thing on that list I have done well is lunges lol That is why it so much more exciting. You are for sure right when you say proper form is key. I need to work more on that. I really appreciate you taking the time help me out. I will make sure to update you as I will be laying on the floor of the gym unable to walk lol Thanks man!!!
  5. Yo! I have a question for you? I am doing a legs workout bright and early Monday morning I am going to start putting it together now. Any ideas on what will really work me? I won't be able to put up massive numbers but those will be coming soon
  6. OMG I am going to try eggplant a few more times just to see if I can get it to the point where I like it. If not I will continue to try random veggies that I haven't got around to trying yet:) Thank you very much @Zabella I will try it when I get home as well as tomorrow on my day off! Zombiekiller25: I appreciate you reading up and enjoying what is happening. It really makes me want to try harder so as to not let you down! I busted my ass at work today and will continue to do so everyday! I just wish I was bad ass enough to put up the numbers you do! I can't wait to get back to the gym to do some real lifting. Red1263: I have used the quote a few times. I pretty much only do that on others wall's so as to avoid confusion. For some reason I just really like doing the : I have no reason and it's probably strange lol It feels more personal maybe? HAHA I do a lot of shit weird Sarahlindsay and anyone else interested: Today was a real challenge! Not being able to go to the gym or have a space more than 15 feet to work out in made me feel like I wasn't gonna do enough. That is until I started doing it lol. Then I hurt super bad! I have to say it was a cool change of pace but I miss the gym for sure. Here is the workout. *Warning* I don't know names very well but I tried Calf raises 3 inch surface difference X15 Jumping jacks fast X30 Push ups X till I couldn't then did 10 on knees after Plank for 15 sec Squats X30 Bicycle crunches Lunges X20 Crunch forward left forward right (not sure if it has a name) X20 Leg raises X >10... Weak fatty belly lol Next 4 with 10 lbs bag with handles Upright row X25 Curls X25 Hammer Curls X25 Triceps extension X25 I did it like a circuit and did it 3 times. Plus as much walking as I could possibly get in. Thanks for reading. If you have any ideas on what else I could do in that space please let me know. I am willing to modify for next time
  7. Sarahlindsay: I will update tonight after work. So far so good as my body is pissed off at me for working out Zabella: I do have a veggie that I have tried once or twice but don't know how to cook it. EGGPLANT I know its probably a normal one for some but it is crazy odd for myself. I used almond flour and covered it then pan fried. Not sure what else to do with it. Input? lilbichy: I kinda get a lunch break? I mostly just eat at my desk and stay working. I can pretty much come and go as I want to so I can move around. I just moved my chair out of the way and a table behind me and have a nice workout area. It's kinda hard to get walks in here though. It is a proving grounds so there is no where to walk
  8. Welcome to your first challenge!!! Changing your eating habits and not too long down the road you will be so much more healthy! What kind of physical activities are you going to do to prepare you to hike? Also good luck!
  9. "Suddenly there are problems" *ring ring* *ring ring* "piss off!" *ring ring* *ring ring* "Hello... What... Ugh fine I will be there. How long? Agh I hate you. See you Monday." "What was that?" "Looks like life has decided to try and ruin our adventure... It's super early and I have been called into work. 7am to 8pm. Work emergency. Good news is I will spend the morning posting on others NF feeds :)" "What cause you are at work you think you get to skip a workout?" "I knew you were gonna do this..." "Well it's strength day so we have to figure out a way to kick it up at the desk and work out! Don't forget to pack food for the entire day. No trips to Taco Bell for you. Always remember no matter what is happening I am sure you can spare random minutes or lunch hour to get your shit done. In your case you are able to do an entire workout while at work so lets talk about what we will do!" "No excuses workout" "Today is going to be about using only body weight! Push ups Planks Jumping Jacks Lunges Squats things that use what is under your belly (abs I think) these are just some of the things we will be using to get in a workout so you don't FAIL! There is a nice 10 lbs weight at your desk we will also be incorporating. Just think of all the calories you will be burning and how sore you get to be the next day :)" A special thanks to everyone who is posting ideas and other workouts that use the body. Without them I would have been spending an extra hour or so searching the internet for ideas purposely trying to get out of working out. Keep at it everyone!!!
  10. Figured I would hop over here and make a comment as well You are a beast sir!!! Keep updating so I can follow your progress!
  11. I love Oliver Queen!!! Good luck and kick some ass! I hope you continue to update us so we can all cheer you on.
  12. Great motivation!!! Plus your kids will live a better and healthier life with a parent that will go out and have fun with them. Keep at it and update us all on progress
  13. No worries I over use this pesky thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep at it and don't forget to update us:)
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