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  1. Good point, I guess it's a good thing they released air drop at the beginning of winter after all. How far you've gone in the story line or distance wise? I've seen my base getting attacked before, had repair the front gate once, do you have to repair other things as well? I think it would be really cool if they opened up different characters from the story line at your base, or you could work on your own character. I guess that's why i'm so interested in Rising Heroes. I would kill for a beta key. Oh I didn't realize the side quests were connected, I wonder if they are all part of a continuous story line too, or just separate one mission extras. I'm glad I found someone to nerd out with about Zombies, Run! I've been curious about a lot of things that I haven't been able to find answers to online.
  2. Warrior Princess? Awesome! I feel pretty much the same way. Have been "skinny fat" for the past few years and I want me some muscle. I'll definitely be following your progress.
  3. Yeah, I probably can't either. I definitely can't handle running every day, it makes for feet/ankle injuries galore. Ha! Zombie chase joke, excellent. I just saw the airdrop mode, it looks awesome. It's rather unfortunate they released it right as winter hit, and I no longer can run outside with gps. Have you tried it yet, is it fun? Considering how long it's taken me to get through season 1 though your probably right, and season 1 doesn't even have supply/extra missions. Is season 2 different than season 1 in anything besides storyline? I think it would be really sweet if they expanded the mini game though, building my base is fun but I can see it getting pretty old.
  4. Yeah I know...the problem is that we often go to the gym together, so it's hard to get a jump on him. I'm going to have to sneak to the gym for a second run every day this week just to catch up! So do you have any idea if they are planning on making a season 3 anytime soon? I know they just finished season 2, but they've amassed quite a cult following which is I bet is clamoring for more already.
  5. Ha! I used to play Gaia too. Was obsessed with that and Neopets when I was in middle school. Ah, nostalgia. Wow, that is quite the day 1 update...I applaud your thoroughness!
  6. Well Week 1 has started off pretty good, made it to my Group Power class and was trying to figure out the weight system they have. I think I might have to adjust my goal a bit for this one though. Apparently the new sleeker weights are 1lb heavier than their bulkier counterparts, and i'm getting to the point where i'm going to need to switch over to get all the weights to fit on my bar. So 10lb becomes 11lb 5lb becomes 6lbs...ect. So perhaps i'll change my goal to switching weight sets next week, followed by one small plate on each side each week following. Also, I did my first extra core workout! Got home and wasn't a lazy bum, went downstairs and knocked out an extra 15min of core. I wasn't super thrilled with the workout video I was following, so I think i'll look around some more for something better. Looking forward to running tomorrow, my bf just finished season 1 in Zombies, Run! and he's dying to talk about the explosive ending, but i'm still 4 episodes away. I'd better get my butt running, the longer I wait the more time he has to let the ending slip! Also I took some before pictures, I might post them. It was good for my morale to see how far i've come already though.
  7. Haha true, thanks! Yeah, i'm not new to fitness, but I find it hard to maintain motivation during the winter months. Especially my running a half marathon goal...evil treadmills. Good luck on your quest too!
  8. We'll get you to stay on those tracks, standing on the sidelines watching them is just no fun! Also I definitely understand the desire to have more offline relationships with people, the internet just makes it so darn easy.
  9. I love Pintrest! Mostly I use it stalk things I want to put into/make for when I buy my first house though. The occasional awesome octopus hat... Where was Spezzy's story?
  10. It also has a box now where you can say "No Tracking" which seems to play the story just like normal and give you the same amount of awards, it just doesn't record any information about your runs. This works fine for me because the treadmill already tells me my pace/time/distance ect, also I hate holding my phone while running so the accelerometer is out along with the gps. Yup, just stumbled across NF thanks to a suggestion from someone on Myfitnesspal. My boyfriend thinks i'm a super nerd for wanting to try it out, but hey, I AM a nerd, and proud! Also, anything to motivate you right?
  11. I really love the Zombies, Run! App, that's what I use to motivate myself to go running on the dreaded treadmill this winter, I would definitely recommend it. Though I think if we're talking zombie time survival, you might need some of that spare tire to survive! I guess depending on the type of infection though, you could use your awesome hunting/fishing skills to keep consistently fed.
  12. Awesome you get to snowboard so often! Alaska is full of epic heli-snowboarding locations, but for people who suck like me there is only one resort with beginner runs. Of course it's about a hour and half and a pretty hairy drive away from my house, so the amount I get out there to practice is pathetically slim.
  13. Nevermind, I answered my own question. I fail at reading apparently!
  14. I've heard that picking music with certain beats per minute is helpful for pacing, but I really just enjoy listening to something that is energetic and makes me happy. Usually I zone out when running so much I hardly listen to my music, especially if i'm trail running and need to really pay attention to where my feet are going, and making sure I don't run headfirst into a bull moose. You know I thought it went by how long your songs are too, but i've actually had it cut my songs off midway to play the story pieces. This might be because it's not unheard of to have a 10 minute dubstep song, but I was surprised. Ha, well let us hope! I do weight lifting, rock climbing and swimming a lot but I still tend to have problems with my feet/ankles when I run for distance. Fingers crossed doing more specific leg strengthening exercises will help mitigate that. Also, your Quest post was quite amusing, and i've started to follow you. (That sounds a bit creepy...)
  15. I read on the blog they have that season 1 missions only give 1 wrench and the first pass through season 2 missions give 3, so it would make sense if later on it gets more even. Looking forward to hitting season 2, just so it doesn't take 3 missions just to expand my base walls! Haha, I actually already did all the race missions. I wanted to use the 20k race mission for my half marathon, so I ran the other two leading up to it the week before. I almost like the format of the race missions more than the regular ones, the fact that it just plays over your music makes it less abrupt. Though I tend to listen to dubstep as I run, so there isn't much lyric interference. That's actually an awesome calculator, thank you for the link! Good news too, I love when everything falls into place nicely. I've been doing a lot of squats/lunges ect because i've heard it also helps your run speed/keeps you from getting injured as much, do you find this is the case as well?
  16. Thank you! It's good to know i'm not the only one struggling with running in the winter, I just hope it doesn't hurt my time too much. I'd like to run a sub 2hr half this year, so i'm going to have to really kick my butt into gear when spring hits. I actually also use the Zombies, Run! App. I'm almost through the first season, and it's a great motivator. Every time I think about running now I think, "I need more wrenches!"
  17. Has anyone else run into the problem that when looking at guild descriptions you just want to become some sort of crazy person and join all of them? Assasawarrioradvendronk anyone?
  18. Living in Alaska I have to battle the Jormag and Black Hole every winter. Starting late October the giant ice dragon sweeps over covering everything in snow and ice and making a lot of the activities I like to do impossible, or at least significantly more difficult. Also the giant sucking black hole of a season starts where the sun is down when I go to work, and is gone again by the time I get out. The cold and the lack of light makes me want to hibernate like a bear. Hiking, trail running and swimming are replaced by snuggling in my down comforter and playing Guild Wars 2 or WoW. I’d like to stop this vicious cycle of hibernation weight…Bears, you can keep it! Main Quest: Be a stronger healthier more confident version of myself all year long. Also looking great naked would be a bonus. Specific Goals: 1. Improve my 5k time from a 10/min mile to an 8/min mile + 1 to DEX I’ve been running a lot this year, finished my first half marathon in October (got 2hrs 13min, yay!) but switching to running on the treadmill has been bad for my morale. I just can’t stand to run more than 3ish miles before I get so bored I have to stop. I’d like to continue to run more half marathons in the spring when the races start up again, but right now distance is a no go for me. So I’ve decided for the first part of the winter I’d like to just focus on my 5k time, as this will help my overall half marathon time, perhaps not as much as distance running, but it’s better than quitting cold turkey. After a few months I’ll try to ramp back up into distance running to get me ready for race season. The plan is to run 2-3 days a week. 2. Strength Training 3x/Week +1 STR I had to change this goal after the first week. Started as a goal to improve my weights at group Power class, but due to conflicting schedules and my general need for independence, I started my own strength training routine. Trying to do it 3x a week, but this I think will continue to be an ever evolving goal as I learn more about the strange and foreign realm of the weights room. 3. Do extra core exercises 3 days a week + 1 CHA (I'll be far more charismatic with sexy abs?) This one also started as a supplement to a lacking Group Power class curriculum, but now I just do more ab work than normal on my own after my regular strength training program. Being able to run in just a sports bra without having my stomach a jigglin and a swayin is one of my main priorities, and i'm attacking it here and in the kitchen. Life Goal: 1. Save $2000.00 to put towards my first house down payment. +1 WIS I’m currently saving up to buy my very first townhouse, and it is turning out to be quite a journey! After a trip to a loan officer I’ve managed to come up with a pretty solid plan to get me into a house by next summer, but I’m going to really need to focus. In 6 weeks I need to have 2 grand more safely nestled away in my savings account, and you know what, I think I just might do it. Though all my goals for this challenge are fitness related, I’m still going to be watching what I eat and monitoring my weight/body fat/how sexy I look in the mirror, for my overall goal of looking badass naked. Starting Stats: Height: 5’2†Age: 24 (Both not really a changeable stats, but included for informational purposes) Weight: 114.8 Waist: 26.5in Hips: 33.5 Upper Arm: 10in Upper Thigh: 20.5in Body Fat: 23% - (Measured by gyms electrode system, so this number is relatively suspect) After much debate I decided to post my starting photo to motivate myself. I figured what the hey, everyone on the interwebs already has access to my fb which has bikini pictures in it, so what difference is it to post one on a fitness site. It's a bikini shot, so i'm providing a link to it instead of posting it directly to NF. Probably not work safe unless your allowed to look at swim suited people... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v181/space_monkey287/Progress%20Pics/20131109_092008-1.png Starting Weights: Legs - 45lbs Chest - 45lbs Back/Shoulders - 35lbs Triceps/Biceps - 20/30lbs Motivation: I want to be able to run faster half marathons, I have a dream of collecting awesome finishers medals from all over the US. Also I want my confidence back. Every day I come upon situations where I knew if I were more confident, felt better about myself ect, I would succeed where i'm currently failing. Sure, how you look on the outside isn't everything, but to me it's something I can control, and if I can control it, why the heck aren't I? I saw someone else's post that had these progress bars as their grading system, and I loved it! Whoever that was out there, you are a genius and I hope you don't mind if I use it too. Grading System: A 100-90% B 89-80% C 79-70% D 69-60% F 59% -below 91.65%91.65% Take 2 Minutes Off 5K Time - 20sec/Week 83.31%83.31% Strength Training Program 3x/week 83.31%83.31% 3 Core Exercise Sessions a Week 100%100% Money Saved for House Downpayment Thanks for reading, and wish me luck!
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