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  1. One of my cats died today. She died at home of kidney failure. I hope she didn't suffer too much. At least she was surrounded by her things instead of in a strange place. I don't feel like doing much today.
  2. Wednesday August 15th Workout done Push ups : 4 sets of 12 Inverted rows : 3 sets of 10 Squats: 3 sets of 10 (with 20lbs of dumbells) Planks: 3 sets of 30 seconds.
  3. I love the highly scientific scale. Good luck with your challenge! Living on the road is a different kind of challenge!
  4. I wasn't planning on starting a new challenge, considering my track record, but since this one just started... So the plan is pretty standard: eat real foods in reasonable amounts. Workout regularly. I have a 4 exercise workout plan: push ups, squats, inverted rows and planks. Also some running involved on off days, but not too much due to the heat wave. I'll be officially starting tomorrow with 3-5 sets of each exercise. Cheers! (feeling a bit down, not up to a fancy description)
  5. Neat challenge! And neat choice of pics!
  6. Hey! You're doing great, and that kitten is adorable! Orange tabbies FTW!
  7. I know it's important to eat a good quantity of vegetables/fruit, but what about variety? How many different types should I aim for? I think I'm ok vegetable wise, my list comes up to seventeen. 1) Green cabbage 2) Red cabbage 3) Turnip 4) Carrot 5) Rutabaga 6) Onions 7) Peppers (all colors) 8) Celery 9) Acorn squash 10) Butternut squash 11) Spinach 12) Garlic 13) Mushrooms 14) Broccoli 15) Cauliflower 16) Tomatoes 17) Brussel sprouts But fruit wise... I got two: apples and bananas. I'm really not a fan of fruit. Should I add more or am I ok with the veggies? (I do tend to put onions in everything though.)
  8. Quick update. I haven't been a good girl with food, but exercise wise I'm doing okay. I've been walking/scooting to work most of the time, except during the heatwave because it was dangerous. Reintegrating the strength routine :inverted row, push-up, squat and *ugh* planks. Probably some dumbbell presses too. just because. I also have a couch to 5k program ready to go. Since I'm walking anyway, might as well start running. My shoes are already falling apart. Too much walking. Or they were cheap *shifty eyes*.
  9. Well, the temperature dropped quite a bit, but on the bright side the sidewalks are clear again. I should be able to get some practice in during the weekend. More importantly, one of my friends did me a solid and loaned me a few dollars so I can get some butter, eggs and other essentials (meat) until the next paycheck. He asked me to treat him to lunch in return when I get paid. A shortage of butter and eggs is a major crisis. *nod nod*
  10. It's still not possible to navigate the sidewalks, but I compensate by taking the stairs at work. And I work on the 10th floor, so it's quite a climb. I did my customary end-of-month-so-low-on-food menu and I lost close to 6 pounds since last Saturday. I expect it will be a full 6 pounds by tomorrow, but considering my cycle just started, at least half of that is water, so all is well. The situation with the scooter and the snow made it necessary to get the bus pass for this month, so I wound up spending an extra 100$ that I had not planned for. Mind you, that was entirely my fault. I've lived here all my life and should have known better than to expect March not to have a few extra bucketfuls of snow. Still, that's 100$ that went to transport instead of food. Good thing I keep a well stocked pantry with plenty of dry goods for such emergencies. I am getting tired of split peas and lentils though, nutritious as they are. I have discovered that adding rice to peas and beans helps reduce the worst of the 'side effects' if you know what I mean. That's good to know if I ever get myself in such a mess again. Then again, tomato paste is magic and makes everything wonderful.
  11. And I jinxed myself with that post yesterday. Il neige à plein ciel! (we're getting a skyload of snow) as we say in Québec. I did walk 2/3 of the way, but the snow was getting to be a bit too much. My socks are soaked. Oh well, perhaps next week, because looking at the sky today we're going to get a good 2 inches of snow. Maybe I should get snow tires on that thing...
  12. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I got my scooter, the snow came back. (*&@#!) It seems to be receding again, so tomorrow is going to be the first full distance try, if the weather is on my side (knock on wood).
  13. Yep. And that's cheaper than on the Ottawa side. There, it's about 115$ Public transit is way too expensive.
  14. Haven't updated in a while. Still coasting along, but being a bit lazy. Weight is stable at around 200 (meh). The sidewalks are clear of snow, so it's time for me to get my kick scooter! The plan is to go to work and back on the kick scooter every work day, from March to October at least. The distance is about 8 km one way, so that would be 16 km or 9.9 miles a day. The bus pass is about 100 dollars a month, so I would save 800 $ as a nice bonus. That will go towards my driver's license (classes are mandatory in Quebec. And expensive!) Cheers!
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