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  1. Where no Wolverine has gone before

    Don't forget that she had been out of the water for a bit when she noticed the steam. Her body temp would have had time to rise again. And who knows, maybe the breathing techniques did have something to do with it. Or she's just that hot.
  2. Where no Wolverine has gone before

    I heard about this phenomenon. I'm sorry to say that you're not a locomotive. Here's what's happening: 1. cold air holds very little water. 2. your body is warmer than the air. 3. air around your body becomes warmer and holds more water. 4. that air moves away and the water condenses quickly. Result: steam. It's basically the same thing that happens when you breathe in cold weather and your breath comes out foggy. It's still neat though!
  3. Basement Cat's battle log

    Monday, November 20th 2017 Inverted rows: 5, 4, 4, 3 Negative knee push-ups: 10, 10, 8, 6 Got a long way to go until real pull ups and push ups. Hoo boy.
  4. Overheard In The Gym

    Nope! Those people are real.Just look for 'curls in the squat rack' on google images, you'll find plenty of photo evidence. Curl bros tend to look like this:
  5. I'm going to guess that it gets colder where you live since you mention working out indoors. Your metabolism tends to slow down when you cut calories significantly and the cold weather would exacerbate that phenomenon. Human brains still associate 'cold' with 'less food available' and so slow down metabolism. It also depends on how much you actually need to drop. If you're 10 pounds away from the mark, it will be slower than if you need to drop 100. You say you are only 3 pounds from the mark, so it could easily be that you won't notice the change on the scale but other things are changing, as Farflight mentioned. You can up your caloric intake for a few days to kick start your metabolism again and then resume your cut.
  6. Basement Cat's battle log

    It certainly does. I'm in better shape than mister Burns. That's something.
  7. Basement Cat's battle log

    The whole workout was 10-15 minutes. I do 100 m dashes in the parking lot. My total run time was probably in the neighborhood of 90 seconds, and that was in separate 'waves'. I need to brush up on my writing skills.
  8. Where no Wolverine has gone before

    Great job, Lara! Congrats on getting those adamantium claws. Have a celebratory cuddle.
  9. Random Thoughts of Randomness

    Ooh, this one is fun for Fallout players. What makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.? I need a blue jumpsuit...
  10. Basement Cat's battle log

    Ok, so I did a tryout sprint workout yesterday in the underground parking lot. It was only 10 or 15 minutes, but it already highlighted some things: The good: my legs, butt and back are sore, but that's DOMS. No shin splints, no joint pain. I'll take that as a sign that my running technique is adequate. The bad: my endurance is absolute crap. I felt like the RC car at the end of toy story as it ran out of juice. My lungs aren't up to scratch either. The funny: somebody came into the lot as I was running. They seemed to think I was up to no good. It doesn't help that I was wearing a black hoodie with red writing on it. It's my NF hoodi, but from a distance... So, the workout schedule for the coming weeks will be like this: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: inverted rows and negative knee push ups. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays: running workout Sundays: food prep for the week (yes it counts as a workout!)
  11. Basement Cat's battle log

    Yes to the first question, no to the second one. I hate cooking in the morning, hence the protein shake. I love bacon and eggs, hence the dinner menu, and I'm fine with the same lunch all week unless it's a failed cooking experiment. That's one thing that is consistent between both my good and bad habits: I'm fine with routine. When I binge on my bad habits, it's always the same brand of soda, chips, wine, etc. I will vary every week, and perhaps on the weekends if I run out of the stuff I made. Batch cooking is a life saver for me because I am lazy. I would just go buy something from the store if I wasn't in the mood to prepare a new lunch/dinner. Gotta kill the bad habits!
  12. Blast from the Past - do you remember?

    How about this?
  13. Annoyed with you..... :-D

    Ah, nothing brings joy like constantly being at risk of losing your pants in public. Have you considered the possibility that you are getting hotter? It's making your pants dilate and thus feel looser. Seriously though, congratulations! Keep going!
  14. Where no Wolverine has gone before

    A wolverine on ice? Seriously though, great job! Keep at it!
  15. Ba Dum Tiss (Bad Joke Thread)

    Found this on the interwebs.