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  1. There can't be just one!
  2. Which one of the two?
  3. BTW the weight on the bar doesn't have to be fixed for all sets, right?
  4. Week 2 - Day 7 Goal 1: Lose the holiday and the illnesses' weight. Tracked and was under the burned calories but my weight is up. I hope it'll start going away soon. Goal 2: No excuses. Did the rest of my work out and went for a walk. Goal 3: Sleep. Did it woke up earlier than the alarm again but I slept a bit less than planned. Bonus Goal: Deutsch. Nope, gym night. Bonus (in general): Don't drop out. Haven't yet! Went to the gym in the morning (and meal prepped before the gym since I woke up early) to finish the workout I didn't finish on Saturday. (Just pause squats with timed rest and DB/cable stuff.) Then, later, I met with a Nerd to have coffee and discuss possible ways of torturing other Nerds (but I can't talk much about it yet). I was left with the impression that we could be successful at that, potentially with a bit of help from one more person. I got in the U-Bahn to return home afterwards but as I was looking outside I realised that the weather was finally nice enough so I got off the train and walked the rest of the way back. Cooked dinner (rump steak with pasta and broccoli) and then spent some time on the phone and online.
  5. Most of the are fine and they're very nice to talk to but a couple of them give me an entirely different impression. Anyway, the circuit on Saturday was a lot of fun and now I'm also sore enough to be afraid to sneeze.
  6. I did a 3x10 workout a couple of weeks ago at 64kg. 1) I'd need 61kg for the beginner level and 91kg for the intermediate level (91kg would be my shitty form 1RM). 2) I needed 5-7 minutes rest between the sets to catch my breath because my heart rate was going way up on the last reps and because I was worried I'd start rounding my back more (which I already did on the last reps anyway).
  7. That a couple of them stop talking when I get in their vicinity. (Of course they could be discussing something personal, in which case I find it kinda impolite.) And the fact that they still like to remind me the joke I made over a month ago. lol on the gif and your sentiment.
  8. Week 2 - Day 6 Goal 1: Lose the holiday and the illnesses' weight. Tracked and left 1000kcal for dinner at the gym, woke up 0.6kg heavier today though! (And yes, we've reached that point where we are bringing food and actually stay and have dinner at the gym.) Goal 2: No excuses. Did half of my workout (I'd have finished all of it if I didn't have to wait for a bench) and then joined the kickboxing circuit. Goal 3: Sleep. Did it woke up early. I think it's becoming a habit. Bonus Goal: Deutsch. Nope, gym night. Bonus (in general): Don't drop out. Haven't yet! I'm not entirely sure I'll keep attending ladies night. Most girls are nice but I don't do well around big crowds and some times I think there are girls who would rather I was not there.
  9. Zero tolerance for fake people! QFT
  10. Workout from Sunday 26/02 (The rest of yesterday's workout) Pause Squat (70s rest between sets) 20kg x10 40kg x3 45kg x3x8 Lat pulldown 32kg x10x5 DB Row 7.5kg x10x5
  11. FTFY
  12. When saying "socially awkward" and "missing up social cues" is like you're putting a huge bat signal in the sky for me to see! You know, I used to be socially awkward...
  13. Workout from Saturday 25/02 Deadlift 50kg x5 60kg x5 65kg x3 70kg x6x3 80kg x1 Bench Press 20kg x10 30kg x5 35kg x3 42.5kg x3x8 I had to stop after that because the circuit was starting. I'll go tomorrow to do pause squat and the DB stuff. I think I like kick boxing a lot. If I was to add doing something else regularly that could be an option (or some MMA).
  14. Had an early morning today. I woke up around 8am (without an alarm, I'm very urprised about it). Went out for my Saturday morning walk, got a cappuccino and a cheddar cheese pie, and on my way back home I walked into the mall for grocery shopping. Since I started earlier today I decided to walk around a bit and remembered that I was supposed to replace the black pair of jeans that gave out on me during the previous challenge. So now I have a new pair of black jeans! @SpecialSundae, thanks for the link! Anyway, after that I did the grocery shopping (bulk cooking pasta bolognese for this week's lunches) and got bacon again for tomorrow's breakfast and maybe for one of the week's dinners. EDIT because I forgot AGAIN. I gave in and in my order of protein bars I also added Epsom salts which arrived this week. I'll see if I can make time to try them during the weekend.
  15. Week 2 - Day 5 Goal 1: Lose the holiday and the illnesses' weight. Tracked but I was slightly over. It's slow progress since I only had planned food and I went out for coffee, which ended up being mint tea (hot water poured over fresh mint leaves, it was not as strong but smelled great). Goal 2: No excuses. Rest day. Goal 3: Sleep. Did it and woke up before the alarm again! Bonus Goal: Deutsch. Nope, social night. (Read also the post above.) Bonus (in general): Don't drop out. Haven't yet!