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  1. I'm here and I'm hoping for more puns!
  2. Hey! Good luck on your challenge!
  3. Workout from Thursday 25/05 Squat 20kg x10 40kg x5 52.5kg x6x6 Slingshot Bench Press 20kg x10 30kg x5 37.5kg x3 42.5kg x10x3 Top Down Deadlift 52.5kg x10x3 Plank 60sec x3
  4. Workout from Wednesday 24/05 Deadlift 60kg x5 67.5kg x3 72.5kg x3x2 77.5kg x2x2 82.5kg x1+almost 1 (my grip was failing me on the second rep, didn't lock out properly) 82.5kg xgrip fail Bench Press 20kg x10 30kg x5 37.5kg x6x2 40kg x5x2 42.5kg x4x2 Pause Squat 20kg x10 40kg x5 52.5kg x4x4 Hyperextensions bw x10x3
  5. Maybe it's a matter of not getting good sleep so I'll go to the ENT first.
  6. I got the results of the blood test back yesterday. All the results came back normal so I'm still confused as to why I'm tired. I did get a referral to an ENT since my nose is always runny. I'm going to post a full challenge tomorrow.
  7. Hello and welcome back! Good luck with your challenge! I'll be following
  8. I have to admit, it did cross my mind to change the theme to cats or some other animal.
  9. BarBell? BallBuster?