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  1. AugustaAdaByron's (Ada's) Balancing Act

    Workout from Thursday 16/11 Pause Squat 20kg x5 40kg x5 52.5kg x4x4 Pause Deadlift (Knee) 62.5kg x4x4 Slingshot Bench Press 20kg x10 30kg x5 40kg x3 45kg x1 52.5kg x8x3
  2. AugustaAdaByron's (Ada's) Balancing Act

    Workout from Tuesday 14/11 Deadlift 60kg x5 65kg x3 72.5kg x4x3 Squat 20kg x5 40kg x5 50kg x3 57.5kg x8x3 Bench Press 20kg x10 30kg x5 40kg x3 45kg x8x2 (+2 rep PB!) 45kg x7 (7th was a grind again so I didn't go for an 8th)
  3. Ada's new attempt to a challenge

    Still alive. But not checking in much because I've been busy. I have not been sticking to calories but I'm on reverse so I guess going a bit over is better than going a bit under I hope. My weight hasn't changed since I started the reverse. (Although it had some huge spikes.) Sleep is going OK though. Water too for the most part. It's hard to drink a lot of water during the weekends.
  4. AugustaAdaByron's (Ada's) Balancing Act

    Workout from Saturday 11/11 Squat 20kg x10 40kg x5 50kg x3 60kg x1 65kg x4x4 Bench Press 20kg x10 30kg x5 40kg x3 45kg x1 50kg x3x4 Deadlift 60kg x8x3
  5. Ada's new attempt to a challenge

    Sooo I'm back again, trying to do a challenge. Time permitting. My cut/reverse attempts were futile (my fault mostly because there were many occasions where I didn't track at all) so I'm back to my starting weight (how original of me!) but the platform has me eating less calories. So I'm now back to reverse hoping to increase my calories substantially before I attempt to cut again. I'm thinking of reversing until after Christmas and then deciding what I want to do. So my goals are: 1) Stay compliant to my calories. That's hard to do. The moment I think I'm at my starting weight, which is the most I've been in a while, I want to go back to a cut. But then I can't comply to the cut calories and I end up almost binging. (Or, rather, binging according to the cut calories.) Also, I'll be travelling from Saturday until Wednesday so I need to be compliant during those days and also do grocery shopping on Wednesday evening when I'm back. This trip is stressful for reasons that I can't talk about yet. I might reveal them after I'm back. 2) Sleep before midnight (Friday and Saturday and next week are excluded). I've been doing that recently. 3) Drink water. I drink less than 2L at the moment, I'd like to consistently drink ~2.5L at some point. The goal here is to just log how much water I drink. No lifting goal because I do that anyway. On the good news, while I was away from the challenges I did my squat and bench 1RM for 2 sets of 3 so I've gained a bit of hope again for the lifts to get better.
  6. Hey everybody! When I first created the battle log I had written a very extended intro that doesn't make sense anymore. To be honest I'm not sure it made much sense back then. I'm just replacing it with this... "This is just a training log!"