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  1. I thought I'd keep the distance the same and try to make it in less time. Looking at given training plans is surely an idea, thank you!
  2. Thank you very much for your detailed answer! Breathing, noted! 👍
  3. Hello everyone, I would appreciate your opinion on my running plans for 2021. There are two rounds that I would like to be able to run. Round 1: 6.5 km I would like to do in 45 minutes (currently bit more than 90 minutes) Round 2: 12 km I would like to do in 1,5 hours (currently bit more than 3 hours) Current plan: I walk / jog / run each of the rounds 1x per week. how would you set the milestones in between? Haven't run much in my life so would like your opinion on what you would recommend to a layman here. Thanks and greet
  4. Hello everyone, this post is less about physical health and more about mental health. I hope to get some opinions from you guys here. I found a job after being unemployed for five months. And the job combines everything I wanted. However, after three months, one thing is visibly worrying me, especially because we are now in the home office a lot. I'm in customer service, so I take requests from customers. The simplest things are complaints or reorders of individual parts. It gets complicated when the customer needs extensions for certain applications and wants to know w
  5. The course is very demanding and difficult. On the one hand, this is something good, after all, I paid a lot of money for it. On the other hand, it diminishes my interest in it tremendously. Especially since my interests change constantly anyway. It's quite possible that I can put the course to good use afterwards. Strangely enough, this is not a motivation for me at the moment. That sounds good. I want to start a bullet journal and make plans for the upcoming year. Usually I start something and about a week later it's forgotten and something else got my attention. So I g
  6. Hi Norell, I am also 27 and there was a time when I enjoyed swimming very much. I even was the fastest one in class. But that was a very, very long time ago. I am living at a lake right now so I could easily start getting into it again. Will join your journeys of challenges when you start them See ya!
  7. Hello everyone, its been five years that was active in this forum. Back then I fought with eating to much chocolate. After one fasting and finding a for me fitting nutrition program this is completely gone now. There is no craving for chocolate anymore. Unfortunately I completely stopped working out. I enjoyed it until three years ago. I went running and did some exercises at home or went to the gym. Not regularly but I simply started a workout when I felt like it and that was rather often. Now I don't do any workouts at all. When I go for a walk I can feel my feet want
  8. Adding one task per months. December: Goethe one hour a day January: Spanish one lesson a day February: bodyweight training 15 minutes per day March: adding another 15 min bodyweight training, so 30 min in total April: one hour walk or jog per day May: don't know yet
  9. Hello everyone, because I learned from the past, my December / Holiday 2020 Challenge consists "only" of fulfilling following two points each day: Goethe "Learn to teach German" certificate * one hour completing the tasks and writing my own script Enjoy my free time with one of the following * watch one episode of an anime series or a movie * read some pages of a book * color by numbers What do I want to do or reach in the next six months? * pass the Spanish Level A2 Exam by DELE * go/jog 11 km in 2 hours * get the
  10. Hard to believe, I am living here for two weeks now and I still haven't seen anything of the landscape except the way to the car. I officially declare now that I will have an half an hour walk out there today. I know my boyfriend - he moved in with me. :-) I still haven't talked to the other persons here except the hello when I meet someone on the way to the car / to the flat. Maybe when the kitchen is finished we gonna invite them over for a official hello and getting to know each other a bit. On of the neighbors has an awesome taste in music as I've heard on the floor so far and he e
  11. Something from Austria xD Last night was a severe trip for me. That I am not coming home immediately was clear from the beginning. Last night was a severe trip for me. I cannot remember what was yesterday. And she says: When you come home like this once more we are divorced people. When you come home like this once more you got the divorce my friend. Last night was a severe trip for me. All payed drinks for me and you don't say no to that. Last night was a severe trip for me. I had a good time and no there you don't go home, home, hooome. And she says: When you come home like t
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