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  1. I thought I'd keep the distance the same and try to make it in less time. Looking at given training plans is surely an idea, thank you!
  2. Hello everyone, I would appreciate your opinion on my running plans for 2021. There are two rounds that I would like to be able to run. Round 1: 6.5 km I would like to do in 45 minutes (currently bit more than 90 minutes) Round 2: 12 km I would like to do in 1,5 hours (currently bit more than 3 hours) Current plan: I walk / jog / run each of the rounds 1x per week. how would you set the milestones in between? Haven't run much in my life so would like your opinion on what you would recommend to a layman here. Thanks and greetings!
  3. The course is very demanding and difficult. On the one hand, this is something good, after all, I paid a lot of money for it. On the other hand, it diminishes my interest in it tremendously. Especially since my interests change constantly anyway. It's quite possible that I can put the course to good use afterwards. Strangely enough, this is not a motivation for me at the moment. That sounds good. I want to start a bullet journal and make plans for the upcoming year. Usually I start something and about a week later it's forgotten and something else got my attention. So I guess I wouldn't be a good accountability buddy but if you want to give it a try I'm in.
  4. Hi Norell, I am also 27 and there was a time when I enjoyed swimming very much. I even was the fastest one in class. But that was a very, very long time ago. I am living at a lake right now so I could easily start getting into it again. Will join your journeys of challenges when you start them See ya!
  5. Hello everyone, its been five years that was active in this forum. Back then I fought with eating to much chocolate. After one fasting and finding a for me fitting nutrition program this is completely gone now. There is no craving for chocolate anymore. Unfortunately I completely stopped working out. I enjoyed it until three years ago. I went running and did some exercises at home or went to the gym. Not regularly but I simply started a workout when I felt like it and that was rather often. Now I don't do any workouts at all. When I go for a walk I can feel my feet wanting to go faster and even run but somehow I just stay at walking. Regarding my hobbies I am completely into reading fantasy books and watching anime. I was jobless for five months this summer and I used that time to help other people learn German. Although I had no experience in it. I liked it so much that I started a very expensive course for teaching German. Now that I have a job back in my field (technical) the motivation to continue with the course is nearly zero. I want to get back to working out and I want to finish the course for teaching German (just because I spent so much money on it..). Off into an adventure in RL again and not only in books and movies
  6. Adding one task per months. December: Goethe one hour a day January: Spanish one lesson a day February: bodyweight training 15 minutes per day March: adding another 15 min bodyweight training, so 30 min in total April: one hour walk or jog per day May: don't know yet
  7. Hello everyone, because I learned from the past, my December / Holiday 2020 Challenge consists "only" of fulfilling following two points each day: Goethe "Learn to teach German" certificate * one hour completing the tasks and writing my own script Enjoy my free time with one of the following * watch one episode of an anime series or a movie * read some pages of a book * color by numbers What do I want to do or reach in the next six months? * pass the Spanish Level A2 Exam by DELE * go/jog 11 km in 2 hours * get the Goethe certificate for teaching German * read twenty books * play Final Fantasy * keep my job and become incredibly good at it * paint some color by numbers pictures
  8. Hard to believe, I am living here for two weeks now and I still haven't seen anything of the landscape except the way to the car. I officially declare now that I will have an half an hour walk out there today. I know my boyfriend - he moved in with me. :-) I still haven't talked to the other persons here except the hello when I meet someone on the way to the car / to the flat. Maybe when the kitchen is finished we gonna invite them over for a official hello and getting to know each other a bit. On of the neighbors has an awesome taste in music as I've heard on the floor so far and he even plays the guitar to the songs he listens to. Gotta find out more about that Designing my own batcave. This will drag on over some years because money is always short and we just threw in what we had (so we definitely miss some cupboards, chairs, ..) and every time we get a bit money able to spend we will get something new. Guess this is also fine, cause this way you always have some joy about having something new. Getting rid of as much stuff as possible is an excellent suggestion. I definitely should have got rid of a lot of clothes. There are about 10 shirts, 3 trousers and 3 sweatpants that I need and which I got out of the boxes - the other stuff is still in two huge boxes because I don't have a wardrobe to keep them in and I don't need them anyways now. But I am always like - maybe, someday I wanna wear it again - which I am saying for years now Anyways, those clothes would go to people who need them, it even would be a good deed also but instead I let them rot in my box. Aw dammit, I just realize that I urgently must do something against that =/ And you're also completely right about that moving itself is enough to do. Every day is like going to work, coming home and getting anything done. Sort documents, place stuff in the drawers / boxes / .., clean clean clean, get the registration done, ... Also a lot of time was lost driving somewhere to shop for things that are still needed and get something warm to eat because we don't have a working kitchen yet. Those two weeks flew by like nothing. Haha yeah I didn't even write on those boxes what is in them, when we needed something from them while the movement I searched quite a long time for it. Luckily there are only 3-4 rooms (40 m2) so the stuff was all placed in the bathroom and then I sorted everything out when the helpers were gone. Definitely gonna remember this for the next time moving Thanks to all of you fellows for your care and tips
  9. Windranger


    My usual nutrition consists of chocolate, sweet cereals and coffee. So every normal warm meal with veggies or meat is a healthy meal for me. The way of walking varies daily a lot for me too. But I just realized that vocational school starts soon, this + university will cut out a lot of movement. Guess I gotta concentrate on keeping my metabolism going this challenge. Probably a fixed schedule for each day will make it easier for me to cope with my goals. Nutrition: 1 main meal, 0.75 liters water per day & have a food journal Exercise: gym on Tuesday - gotta get a plan for that too Sleep: 10:15 PM to 05:15 AM Seems better than before. Sounds good, must have a closer look soon. Thank you fellows! :-)
  10. Windranger


    1) My level of what? No.. uuhm at work I walk most of the time and I get one healthy meal per day so I am fine but still rather powerless and out of breath quickly. 2) Look good in a bikini next summer. Yeah that is my main problem for the last 5 years: motivation - or self discipline. I got neither this nor that. I want to be successfull at university and be in good shape but all I got so far a physical and mental problems.. 1) Nutrition goal: 0.75 liter water each day (I know it's not enough, but small steps) 2) Exercise goal: hit the gym once a week 3) Meditation goal: one autogeneous training per week Sounds manageable for me but so did the others. Well we'll see, thank you fellows for you help!
  11. Windranger


    Hey guys! You wanna create my quests? I messed up every single challenge - I cannot even get started. Please create some completely easy quests and command me to do that xD xD
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