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  1. You know what this tells me! Next time should be 5 full deadlifts (not single leg) with 85 pounds!
  2. Works for me. If we can't get everyone for this game, might I recommend 5th Edition? It's far less numbers-intense than Pathfinder and lends itself better to story driven play.
  3. JUST DO EET!! PEER PRESSURE!!! RAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Are you saying I'm the dumb one like Grog? But yea, I'll watch out for you like Grog watches out for Pike. Umm........so maybe I don't want you running the Mudder with me. Between your awesome looking back and stellar pullups, and those mile times, you're gonna make me look bad!! But seriously. If that's what it takes, make me look bad and run the Mudder!!! I know it's expensive. If you can't do it, ignore my incessant rambling bullshit. What Rhia said!
  4. All I'm hearing is, you're in, right? No excuses! You got this shit on lock down. WOOT!! That's awesome! Also, do you mind sharing the links? By PM if necessary. YAS!! Sorry Broba, it looks like we Nerds are inviting ourselves to your place and forcing you to play D&D (after you're back from your honeymoon and all settled in, of course).
  5. Welcome back man!! I'd be down for either. I'm sure I still have Oramac's character sheet on google somewhere probably. That said, with my new job I wouldn't be able to post more than maybe 1-2 times a day, tops.
  6. I had a quick question. Has anyone ever run or played F.A.T.A.L.? The character creation is incredibly detailed, but the rest of the system seems a bit sparse.
  7. Well then doing the Chicago TM with us should be a walk in the park!
  8. Whoa! That's a great workout! If nothing else, it's good for measuring against itself. That can give a solid idea of long-term progression.
  9. I'm happy to keep an eye on you! Wait. That sounded wrong....... But yea, you know what I mean! Oh? I feel like there's a story here. If the light is directly above, I'd think the shadows on her face would be much longer. Especially from that bit of hair hanging down, and under the nose/eyes. Yes! To Broba you listen!
  10. Here ya go! Good deal. Yea maybe stepping it up a notch would be good. Just be sure to focus on getting better, but not to the extent that you injure yourself. Here's the cool thing: as much help as you give others, you'll get in return. Everyone on the course is on your team. There may be some unintentional touching of the posterior, but people will help conquer those walls! As for the monkey bars, there's not a lot of help to be had, but also know that Funky Monkey is probably the most physically intense obstacle on the course. Hell, I've only completed it once out of 4 tries. Definitely get your mind of a good spot here. Do what you gotta do. Again, I'll give all the help and encouragement I can, as will everyone else, but at the end of the day your mental grit will make the difference. Pull out that 20 seconds of courage and go BEAST MODE on your fears! Awesome!! She's more than welcome. I'm looking forward to meeting you both and helping y'all conquer this shit!
  11. You know what goes here.
  12. You know what I'm gonna say! Chicago Tough Mudder!!! DO EET!!!!!! YAY!!! GO PUCK!! I'm so proud of you! You're kicking some serious ass.
  13. I'm in and following of course!! First and foremost, congratulations! The wedding is a big deal, and I know you have to prioritize it. As for this, don't worry so much about running. The group I normally run with (of which 1-3 are coming to Chicago as well) usually runs from the start to the first obstacle, then walks or runs however each person likes. Personally, I usually end up running somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of the event. For training, if you can comfortably walk 5 miles you're fine. Strength is a good thing to train as well, of course, for the monkey bars and big walls and whatnot. The thing most people neglect to train is their mind. Yes, I'm serious. There's a few obstacles that aren't particularly tough physically, but are designed to challenge certain fears (claustrophobia, for instance). This is one major reason why there are no penalties for skipping obstacles. You are encouraged to try them all, but nobody will think less of you if you have to skip one.
  14. And I laughed! Now my coworkers think I'm crazy (or crazier than they already did anyway). Following of course.
  15. Well that is unfortunate. Maybe there's a way to set aside time in the mornings or something for meditation at least?