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  1. Hey Nerds!! So, ummmmmmmmmm, yea. I'm shocklingly bad at updating shit, it seems. But hey, better late than never, right? Anyway, a couple cool things to tell y'all. First, I think about a week-ish ago, I pulled a new PR for deads!!! 365 pounds for one rep! I felt super awesome after 315 and decided to go for it. MAYBE could have gotten a second rep, but I didn't want to risk it. Also, as of today, I am officially signed up for my first Strongman comp!! It's not technically official, but it's being run by two champion Strongman competitors at my g
  2. Here's me being super late to the party, as usual. But YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! The game was so much fun. I really hope it becomes more than a one-shot too.
  3. Thanks! I hated my last job. This one I actually kinda like. But I certainly would be more than open to a new job. Yup!! She is indeed. We're using Discord and maybe possibly attempting to use Roll20 if Puck decides to try it.
  4. Welcome!! It's good to be back! ============================== So an update. Because updates are fun. I haven't been to the gym since Monday. My left foot has been bothering me something fierce, and it seems to finally be going away. Near as I can tell, it was an aggravated case of Plantar Fasciitis (or w/e the fuck it's called). I'm worried that my Vibrams might be causing it, though that seems far fetched since I've been wearing them for 5+ years. More likely, I think, is that the vibration through the foot pegs on the bike might be causing it.
  5. Hey everyone. After nearly a year long hiatus, I'm back. As I haven't really been able to get into the Challenges so much, and I don't really have time to post at work, I'm going to shift over to a Battle Log here. Most likely I won't be posting every day, but I'll post as often as I can. Maybe a few bullet points to fill you all in on what happened over the last year or so. - I got a new job last May. That was cool. But it's also why I can't really post much anymore. Also, I might be looking for a new job now, again. - I bought a motorcycle! 2015 Honda CB500F. It'
  6. Wow!! So I'm caught up! And, you know, alive still. Hi! Anyway... Amazing work, as always!! I'm so happy with it. The world is taking shape! I have no idea what White Wolf you're talking about. My first thought was The Witcher, but that doesn't sound like what you're talking about? Anyway, the symbols are spot on and amazing! Ya know, I seem to remember someone from a city south of you along the Mississippi River who's name looks like camaro telling you all this at one point t
  7. Yes. This. Also, this. GO BLUES!!! Finally, this.
  8. Greetings!! I used to live in JC. I'm in St Louis now. I'm definitely still working with NF, though I'm not on the forums as much as I'd like.
  9. We're all here for you puck. Whether on the forum or not, you know we're cheering for you. You do you. If you need to take it easy and focus on you, do that. You know I'll always be willing to encourage you and believe in you. So will everyone else. One thing at a time. Also, deadlifts.
  10. Whatever it is, I'm confident you can handle it.
  11. Awesome job on the test!! I'm glad the mudder could help the mental game even so long after it's over. Simple is often the most effective. I like it. You got this shit.
  12. Woot!! I'm in! Happy to follow along. I've been thinking about adopting the Battle Log format for a while too, actually.
  13. As she pushed herself harder and harder, the sweat pouring down her brow and occasionally clouding her vision, the rogue known as Starpuck kept attacking the Terrasque with ruthless efficiency. Worn down and tired, she wondered if she would even be able to defeat the monster in time. After all, this was a world killer. Her breath coming in gasps, muscles aching with every strike, and her armor riddled with scrapes, cuts, and holes from fending off the attacks of this mighty beast, she wondered if she would die fighting this seemingly impossible foe. Having no idea how long the ba
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