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  1. Hey Nerds!! So, ummmmmmmmmm, yea. I'm shocklingly bad at updating shit, it seems. But hey, better late than never, right? Anyway, a couple cool things to tell y'all. First, I think about a week-ish ago, I pulled a new PR for deads!!! 365 pounds for one rep! I felt super awesome after 315 and decided to go for it. MAYBE could have gotten a second rep, but I didn't want to risk it. Also, as of today, I am officially signed up for my first Strongman comp!! It's not technically official, but it's being run by two champion Strongman competitors at my gym. There's four events for my weight class: Log Clean & Press at 180 lbs, Jeep Tire Deadlifts at ?? lbs, Keg Over Bar at 200 lbs, and Hero Carry at ?? lbs. Hero Carry is actually called something else, but I can't remember, and it's basically the same thing anyway. My weight class is 185-220 pounds, which actually works really well. I weighed in this morning at 213.9 pounds, so I'm doing all right. I will say, the Log Clean & Press is going to fucking SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. 180 pounds for that is double what I normally press, and it's with a 12 inch diameter log bar. I have 2 months or so until the comp. My goal is to get one rep with the damn log.
  2. Here's me being super late to the party, as usual. But YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! The game was so much fun. I really hope it becomes more than a one-shot too.
  3. Thanks! I hated my last job. This one I actually kinda like. But I certainly would be more than open to a new job. Yup!! She is indeed. We're using Discord and maybe possibly attempting to use Roll20 if Puck decides to try it.
  4. Welcome!! It's good to be back! ============================== So an update. Because updates are fun. I haven't been to the gym since Monday. My left foot has been bothering me something fierce, and it seems to finally be going away. Near as I can tell, it was an aggravated case of Plantar Fasciitis (or w/e the fuck it's called). I'm worried that my Vibrams might be causing it, though that seems far fetched since I've been wearing them for 5+ years. More likely, I think, is that the vibration through the foot pegs on the bike might be causing it. THAT would really suck. Like, really, really, suck. Time will tell. In other news, I'm still employed!! Yay! I had a pretty major scare/wake up call last Friday, and all this week I was so sure I was going to be fired any second. See, I managed to royally fuck up two big jobs, to the tune of a few thousand dollars of loss. Short version, the training officer came in on Monday and today and I'm sure he was evaluating me. It was bad enough I updated my resume, set up a new Monster.com profile, and started quietly talking to friends in the area that might have jobs available. So hopes and prayers for Oramac's job prospects would be appreciated, whether keeping the one I have, or quickly finding a good new one. In good news, I get to play a game of D&D with @Starpuck, @DarK_RaideR, @Jarric, and @Tanktimus the Encourager tomorrow!! WOOT!! I'm super excited about this. I'm playing Carric Nailo. Can't say too much here yet. Don't want to give away my backstory!! (even though they probably already know it)
  5. Hey everyone. After nearly a year long hiatus, I'm back. As I haven't really been able to get into the Challenges so much, and I don't really have time to post at work, I'm going to shift over to a Battle Log here. Most likely I won't be posting every day, but I'll post as often as I can. Maybe a few bullet points to fill you all in on what happened over the last year or so. - I got a new job last May. That was cool. But it's also why I can't really post much anymore. Also, I might be looking for a new job now, again. - I bought a motorcycle! 2015 Honda CB500F. It's fun. - I broke my thumb on said motorcycle last November. Didn't lift at all until about two months ago when I finally got the ok from the Doc. The bike is fine. - I'm (almost) back to my pre-broken-thumb deadlift weight. Other lifts are catching up slower. - I'm going to see a doctor again because my foot is bothering me. /sigh. Well, that pretty much does it. I'm here. Life is........ok-ish. Fingers crossed it gets better. On that note, I'll post today's workout! Everything is working sets after warmup Deads: 2x2 315 Front Squat: 1x5 115 Face Pulls: 3x10 35 Abductor/Adductor: 3x10 105 Split Squats: 2x10 bodyweight Foam rolling.
  6. Wow!! So I'm caught up! And, you know, alive still. Hi! Anyway... Amazing work, as always!! I'm so happy with it. The world is taking shape! I have no idea what White Wolf you're talking about. My first thought was The Witcher, but that doesn't sound like what you're talking about? Anyway, the symbols are spot on and amazing! Ya know, I seem to remember someone from a city south of you along the Mississippi River who's name looks like camaro telling you all this at one point too. Add another Critter!! There's 3 of us here now! WOOT! As per usual, amazing work from Puck! YES!!! All the yes!
  7. Yes. This. Also, this. GO BLUES!!! Finally, this.
  8. Greetings!! I used to live in JC. I'm in St Louis now. I'm definitely still working with NF, though I'm not on the forums as much as I'd like.
  9. We're all here for you puck. Whether on the forum or not, you know we're cheering for you. You do you. If you need to take it easy and focus on you, do that. You know I'll always be willing to encourage you and believe in you. So will everyone else. One thing at a time. Also, deadlifts.
  10. Whatever it is, I'm confident you can handle it.
  11. Awesome job on the test!! I'm glad the mudder could help the mental game even so long after it's over. Simple is often the most effective. I like it. You got this shit.
  12. Woot!! I'm in! Happy to follow along. I've been thinking about adopting the Battle Log format for a while too, actually.
  13. As she pushed herself harder and harder, the sweat pouring down her brow and occasionally clouding her vision, the rogue known as Starpuck kept attacking the Terrasque with ruthless efficiency. Worn down and tired, she wondered if she would even be able to defeat the monster in time. After all, this was a world killer. Her breath coming in gasps, muscles aching with every strike, and her armor riddled with scrapes, cuts, and holes from fending off the attacks of this mighty beast, she wondered if she would die fighting this seemingly impossible foe. Having no idea how long the battle had lasted, she knew only that every second she delayed and every small bit of damage she inflicted would save countless innocent lives. Her attacks, though many and powerful by her standards, didn't seem to be inflicting enough damage to sway the creature from its rampage. More times than she could count, she felt the slash of its claws against her skin; the horrid smell of its breath haunting her nostrils; its gargantuan size threatening to scare her into submission. More than once she thought about giving up. Surely she'd done enough damage, someone else could land the killing blow. Perhaps Vox Machina would show up in Whitestone and defeat the beast after all. But even through her wavering thoughts, her iron will and desire to win kept her going. When her muscles threatened to burst and she thought she might pass out from exhaustion, somehow she reached a reserve and kept fighting. If came time when she was nearing what she knew would be even the end of her reserves. Hoping against hope for a miracle, sweat pouring down her face, hair matted to her armor and barely able to lift her arms against the seemingly unstoppable beast, with the last of her willpower she jumped upon the back of the beast, standing several stories above the surrounding countryside, she could see for miles. Briefly, she stopped to ponder such a pristine view, and her gaze fell on a small group of people just coming over a low rise. She saw, to her dismay, Vox Machina! Still too far off to even cast spells, they were running forward to help as fast as they could. Seeing Vex flying on her broom, Grog taking massive steps as his rage kicked in, Keyleth shifting into her beloved Minxie form, Scanlan meandering forward almost whimsically, Pike being carried by Grog, and Percy getting Bad News out in preparation for a shot, she felt renewed power in her abilities. Leaping forward off the Terrasque's back, the deftly flipped a dagger to reverse her grip and dug it deep into the beast's massive neck and using it to slide down, cutting a swath through the beast that left blood gushing out and covering her already dirty form. Even as she landed after her leap, she could sense the beast wavering and, looking back, realized that its eyes had closed and it was falling forward! Once more, Starpuck leapt out of the way as the beast crashed to the ground, dead. She couldn't believe it! She'd slain the Terrasque by herself, and with the famed heroes of Vox Machina watching the final blow! Looking over at them, she saw wonder, dismay, and pride in their faces, as they each stepped forward to congratulate her on such a monumental achievement.....
  14. Man I am WAAAAAAY behind on my math here.
  15. Yes! That is the point! Take time purely for yourself. It really does help.
  16. Don't you effing apologize!
  17. Read this awesome article from right here on Nerd Fitness! You have no idea how many times I've had similar thoughts.
  18. Why not just bring a protein bar or pre-workout with you to work, and chomp it down quick on the drive to the gym?
  19. Same here. My gym bag is in my car right now, and I'm doing squats and bench after work, per my trainer. Morning Oramac doesn't like the gym. Evening Oramac loves the gym. Made me think of Halestorm. Probably not relevant. But w/e, I like the song.
  20. Hmm. I actually like the one on the left. It's happier!
  21. Are you kidding me? You're 25 damage away from 1000 in a session. That's ONE REP with +25 pounds on the bar. Nah. You're gonna have to do 1250 damage in a session to crit. (Gotta keep it challenging for you!)
  22. Definitely an option! There's actually a lot of good shit in StL. Believe it or not, Forest Park is bigger than Central Park in New York. Plus loads of other stuff. WOOT WOOT!
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