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  1. Hey! Sorry I've been absent a bit here. Sorry you're having a hard time with the plateau. It's something everyone hits sooner or later, and it's a PITA to deal with. I honestly don't know a ton about calorie counting and macros and the like, but I do know a couple people around here have had some success with eating more (good stuff!) since they're also lifting more and burning more. Keep it up!! I'm sure you'll get it figured out.
  2. Indeed. Don't let one bad week spoil the rest of it. You got this moving forward! Also, how was D&D? And how did you like Spiderman? (and the after after credits trolling )
  3. I would absolutely do this, except that I'm pretty sure my apartment complex would very much frown upon cleaning and butchering a deer in the common ground. This must be recorded and posted!! No excuses!
  4. Agreed. I've field dressed my own deer before, though I didn't process it myself. I'd love to get some venison this fall as well, but I don't have a place to hunt. (and I can't hunt in Illinois b/c I use a 300 black)
  5. Hi! I'm not dead! And I'm more than happy to fuel your D&D obsessions! I guess that makes me the enabler? I'm the same way. Currently running a published adventure, so my prep is basically "read the book and see what I can tailor to my party; wing the rest". It's worked and my players are having fun, but I feel like I'm leaving a lot of cool narrative on the table. (bah-dah-bing!) Ya know, you can always draw Lykos for some more practice! But seriously, that wererat looks amazing. You've really knocked that one out of the park. Hell yea! You've come a long way for sure, and it's SOOOOOOOO awesome to see the progression!
  6. Absolutely possible. Honestly, it's something I've never done either, and it upsets me more than it should. So I commend you for making it happen! Well done, my good sir. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think these are hilarious. Yes, yes. To Starpuck you listen. She is right.
  7. That brought a tear to my eye. So amazing!
  8. Sounds like you've got yourself a good plan at least. You're seeing the hurdles and setting yourself up to jump over them. That's huge. Seriously, that's a big deal. You got this!!
  9. Hi Broba!! Yes, I'm late to the party. As per usual. I swear I'm not normally late IRL. Anyway, of course I'm following!
  10. This is the mostest awesomest thing I've heard all week!! Oh man I want to be in your games. You have no idea.
  11. Hi! I'm being horrible about posting here. Sorry. Sounds like June was pretty good though. Overall, a downward trend is a good thing, even if there were some spikes along the way. Well done!
  12. Wait wait wait. So you're a badass DM with players chomping at the bit to play again, and you've never read the PHB?!?!?!?!?!?!? I'm seriously in awe over here. You are my hero. I want to play Starpuck in a game of D&D now. No joke. Also, to this second point, I'm tellin' ya: take improv classes!!!! You could learn so so so much from it, and it's crazy fun to boot. Holy crap, that is awesome!! The arm looks perfect, and the blood really sells it.
  13. Wow! I'm late to the party. Thanks for the explanation. Hopefully I'm not the Full Cup Guy. Or, at least, I try not to be. In any case, I'm here and following now!
  14. That's an awesome compliment to get! I am curious though, as I'm not a practitioner of Aikido. Outside of training, in the unfortunate circumstance you need to actually use your training, isn't the idea to inflict pain?
  15. You bet man! Way to kick all the ass this challenge, even with a few hiccups thrown in there. You rocked this shit.
  16. WOOT WOOT!! Awesome pictures, awesome clothes (I run as Cap too), and awesome race!! You killed it man!
  17. Excellent challenge! You got a hell of a lot accomplished, what with figuring out all the new scheduling stuff with the new job, and getting a good place for all your different goals. You done good!
  18. Looks like it was definitely a solid challenge, given the travel restrictions. How far does this running club usually run? Might be something for me to look into as well.
  19. Woot!! Awesome job! Way to kill it! For the first thing, duct tape!! Wrap it around the part of the shoe where laces would go, and also around the ankle in kind of a zig zag pattern, and your shoes should stay on fine. Or get a pair of Vibrams Spyridon MR Elites. (shameless plug, as those are the shoes I use, and they just flat don't come off) My very first Tough Mudder was just like that!! Oh man, I feel for ya. That's a rough course to start on. But look at the bright side: every course after that is easier!
  20. Damn right man. Channel that craving into the iron if you have to.
  21. That's more or less the response I expected. You're more than welcome! I don't live super close to the stadium, but I'll gladly host if you need a place. Interestingly, one of my major goals is a Cards/Cubs game at Wrigley that I have sadly not completed yet.
  22. Thanks Teri. I appreciate it. I'll definitely let you know!
  23. I don't know if I can be your friend anymore. Ok, but seriously. I'm glad you've got yourself a great woman and had a great time!! Take your time getting settled back at work, and enjoy the afterglow!
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