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  1. On the whole, I'd give myself a B on this challenge because I missed a few runs. But I feel really great about it!
  2. Forgot to post week or so! It went well. I hit most of my runs, including a 6.44 mile one. Hit all of my strength training days, packed a lunch more often than not, and read just about every night.
  3. 50 pull-ups yesterday, 5 sets of 10. Fishing. Wife caught a nice crappie, I caught a little perch, Buddy caught a bigger one.
  4. 210 push-ups, 1000 crunches. Some draws and dry fire practice.
  5. 210 push-ups today,1000 crunches, no run though. Maybe tomorrow. Packed a lunch, did some reading.
  6. Yesterday: Ran for half an hour, did my 50 pull-ups. Rest day today.
  7. Yesterday: 205 push-ups (5x35, 1x30). Ran 32:43 mins this morning (guessing it was around 2.5 miles)
  8. Weird weekend fitness wise. Only got two cardio days in, but hit my strength training goals. Yesterday did 205 push-ups and 1000 crunches (spread throughout the day). Overall I'm feeling more healthy than I have in a long time.
  9. Blah!!!! No fun Hoping you feel better soon.
  10. Did my 50 pull-ups today. Ran 3.24 miles in 33:18. Going to do some reading before bed
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