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  1. I got bored and decided to make a smoothie. Guess the ingredients:
  2. Also for some reason the website decided to post the same thing three times, and I dunno how to delete posts, so have a baby turtle:
  3. Thanks! Gonna get started on my workout in a few mins - hopefully my muscles haven't disintegrated!
  4. Hey guys, I know it's been a while, but I've just been really ill, and had some other things going on too. Fortunately, I'm well enough to get back on track, so I'm gonna start my workouts again tomorrow. I feel like I've gotten better just in time! With the three weeks left (it is three weeks, right?), I can still complete those and add them to my first week, to complete four weeks of the challenge. I heard you guys like corgis:
  5. Unfortunately, still feeling sick. If things stay as they are, it should clear up sometime this week.
  6. Also check out my mother's challenge thread here! Go ma!
  7. Yeah, but neither is maths! I'm feeling better today, but not perfect, so I might just have a day off today, also. Next time I get the flu I'll do some push-ups, eh?
  8. I'm feeling really queasy right now, so I may have to put the workout off until tomorrow, but it may disappear later so hopefully I can get it done today
  9. Okay, so I adjusted my progression for squats a little, so if you wanna check that out, that'd be great. I checked out the Tabata method, and I can safely say it's something I'll attempt in the future. The very far away, distant future.
  10. I really don't wanna do my squats today. Motivate me?
  11. Wow, great advice! How would you suggest I change the progression? The progression I have already is part of the ABWorkout, so I don't really know how else to do it. Would it be possible for you to go on the spreadsheet and give me an example of a progression like the one you linked? That was incredibly helpful by the way, so thanks! Thanks for the support!
  12. So it's a hooded figure with a sword and a bird. Right then. It's either Mordecai from Borderlands or that-guy-whose-name-I-can-never-remember from Assassin's Creed
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