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  1. Thanks for all the advice guys, this makes me feel much better. My aim is to build muscle, I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm happy with myself aesthetically, I just want to be stronger, so the lack of protein in my diet is what worries me. But yes I hear you all in that trying to do it all in one go is a bad idea anyway!
  2. Hi guys, So my issue is that I'm really hung up on the fact that correct nutrition is about 70% of seeing results from your exercising. Now I don't currently have much option for what I eat as for the past couple of months (but only for a few more weeks! Yay) I've been living off the generosity of my housemates so I can't be a picky eater. Unfortunately though because I'm so hung up on the idea that there's no point in exercising if you don't have a good diet I'm finding it really hard to sum up the motivation to exercise as I'm one of those people who loses motivation easily if I don't see change quickly (working on that mindset but obviously that doesn't change overnight! Lol). My question to you guys is is it worth exercising regardless of what kind of diet you have? Should I still put in the effort to exercise even if I can't supplement it with a good diet? Thanks
  3. I just made it on excel, might give google calender a go though, sounds neat. My work out is about half an hour of flexibility stretches and bodyweight exercises. I have it drawn on a piece of paper on my wall which I can't be bothered to go look at right now Last week worked well for the timetable. I didn't keep to some of it >_> (mainly the study bit) but I know that I can and that was what i was trying to test, so it should be good.
  4. Ok, I've come up with a trial timetable: Monday: Morning: Lectures. Afternoon: Lectures. Evening: Work out + light study Tuesday: Morning: (nothing planned) Afternoon: Monday lecture study Evening:(nothing planned) Wednesday: Morning: Lectures Afternoon: Dissertation for a few hours in library Evening: Scuba club/swim Thursday: Morning: Optional lectures Afternoon: Planned work out Evening: Wednesday lecture study Friday: Morning: (nothing planned) Afternoon: Parkour training Evening: Dissertation Saturday: Morning: (nothing planned) Afternoon: Planned work out & Dissertation Evening: Dissertation Sunday: Morning: (nothing planned) Afternoon: Possibly swimming Evening: (nothing planned) So I've penciled in everything I want to fit in and left myself more than enough room to move things around and add things in. My actual timetable includes times rather than just Morning/Afternoon/Evening, or course I'm not going to work out for 6 hours straight Thursday afternoon But I couldn't figure out a quick way to input all the times here, so this is just the jist of my timetable I will try this out starting Monday as that's when lectures start
  5. My dissertation is about whether you can educate the public through the medium of video games. Like can we learn about history from games such as Assassins Creed? Can we learn about science and scientific theory from various Sci-fi games? Appropriately nerdy ^^
  6. Bit late to the party but better late than never! This is the FIRST TIME I've been here since christmas! Which is awful. But at least I'm getting back into the swing of things now. Main Quest Creating structure in my life encompassing all my commitments INCLUDING a workout plan 3 Goals - Create a timetable with wiggle room (I feel if I make myself stick to a rigorous schedule I'll end up resenting it!) - Fit in my work out at least 3 times a week - Have more protein in my diet (And carry on with Parkour, but that's all intended in the workouts) Side Quest - Complete at least 2/3 of dissertation Motivation Honestly my motivation is simply that I know I want this! And I know that this will overall make me much closer to becoming the person I want to be. I'm pretty close personality wise, career wise I've had a recent breakthrough with a new lecturer who's been setting me up with all these opportunities; now I just need to carry on working on the physical side too
  7. Done! Ages ago albeit, but better late than never. Ok scores: Paelo diet: Failed miserably. Turns out I just wasn't prepared to make the changed necessary to get into this diet. Mostly because I don't give myself enough time to make good food as I'm usually busy with something else. Parkour: I'm going to give myself a B for this one. I did train a lot, but it lacked quite a bit over christmas, other than that i think i did very well. TaeKwondo: D. I did go back, but i still didn't keep it up. I just really didn't want to go what with it being so dark out, and there's currently the ever looming threat that if I don't spend every waking minute studying then I'm going to fail! We'll see how things go this term. Last term!
  8. Parkour has definitely become a habit. I love it, love the way it feels, it's incredibly enjoyable, doesn't feel like working out at all. Taekwondo not so much, I don't know how I feel about it anymore, will have to see about that one. Paleo hasn't really worked for 2 reasons. 1. Expense, 2. the time it takes to make a paleo meal. The 2nd one may not seem like much, but when cooking isn't massively enjoyable and you're used to not having to spend much time doing it it's difficult to find the time to do something you don't really enjoy. I am eating much healthier though, so definitely something! As for the organisation, I'm finished with uni now (for christmas) so I'm going to try and prepare myself and organise for next term
  9. I held my plank for 40 seconds. Reckon I could have held it for longer, but I was in a rush this morning
  10. Feeling better about everything now. Gotten in closer with the guys i do parkour with so can do more sessions which makes me feel much better
  11. When do you think you'll be able to get back into climbing? I'd like to get into climbing, did a bit of it before the summer, only indoor stuff though, one of the only sports that I was actually really good at on my first try cos I'm so small and light Was a good feeling!
  12. It's been a couple weeks, not a couple days, I just only really realised it now. But next week I have some money coming in so it's not for much longer ^^ Thanks a lot for the support. It's good to have someone understand
  13. Not the best week. I'm religiously doing parkour every week but my dedication to taekwondo is ebbing, had 2 friggin meltdowns over coursework (all fixed now so no worries ). I dunno, I'm not feeling TKD so much anymore, I used to WANT to go do it, now it feels like a chore. I think it might actually be because of how dark it gets now, TKD is in the evening and I really don't think I want to leave the house in the dark for a 30 min walk to TKD and back again... Also I'm feeling the stresses of my diet. I don't have any money until next week (thank God it's not for much longer) which means I have to rely on what my BF/housemates buy for me. Which is great, I'm super lucky that they'd do this for me. But it has made me start to feel a little frustrated with my workouts. I don't really have much in the way of protein or stuff other than bread/pasta to eat. As we know, 90% of working out is diet. And mine is crap and has been crap for a bit, not through choice, so I'm feeling a bit like my workouts right now are for nothing as I'm not getting the right nutrients for muscle/cardio building Thankfully it's not for much longer, but that means I won't feel like my workouts actually mean anything until next week. Trials of life >__<
  14. Ok, the paleo part of the quest isn't going so smoothly. Think I'll change it to try and get in a couple of paleo meals a week than paleo days. I'm reallt suffering money wise at the moment. Final year of university and I'm not getting a job as I know I will not be able to balance it with my uni work as I'm finding it very difficult to stay motivated for uni (16 straight years of education will do that >_<). I can survive on my student loan, but this term I had to pay out a bit extra than usual so I'm relying on my lovely boyfriend a little for food When January comes around I can budget for this better!
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