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  1. Things are great! Thanks for the support.
  2. Hi! I haven't posted in a long time, but I am well! I have been going to the gym three times a week. I did Whole30 last month and dropped a good amount of weight. I started to reintroduce foods and had a very severe reaction. So I am basically sticking with Whole30 until I figure out what happen. So I am losing weight. So... BIKINI CHALLENGE IS A SUCCESS and I am figuring out my skin issues, i am healthier and I am going to ITALY So I am a very happy Life is good!!!!
  3. I am sore today! I went to the gym yesterday. After working my way up to #150 for my squat last year, I stopped for a while and restarted with the empty bar. Now I am working my way up without too many problems, until yesterday... At #80 for my squats, bench press and barbell row I am starting to be challenged.
  4. Yes I am glad to be back. And colleagues were very welcoming and kind. Although is it a hectic pace! Hahaha! Ok! I looked good at the gym But it is a little distracting when you are doing squats and you can see people checking you out in the mirror!
  5. Worked out and I think I am starting to see the effects of the workouts I kinda looked good at the gym I just need to keep going... I am eating better and my skin is healing.
  6. I am off leave and back to work today. Workout plan for after school
  7. Skin was much better today and stomach was better too. I had a doctor's appt and had a procedure done and could not lift today
  8. So I am reacting to food again... red face and stomach bloating... So far I know I need to say no to Bagels, cookies and cannolis :(
  9. I give you permission to have a birthday week, so you can schedule in all the birthday joy into your busy life!
  10. I am off to the gym! I found another Italian love! Alessandro Mannarino! :love_heart: and done! two down this week, one more to go, I am thinking Friday after my doctor's appt.
  11. Si! Due volte a Roma e Firenze! E tu?
  12. I am having skin issues again. No cookies, no nuts! so far I think those are the worst offenders! Skin feels really raw and my stomach feels awful and I have bloating. I am hoping with diet changes I can get my skin and body not so inflamed. I think I have a flood of cortisol and my immune system kicks into high gear and it wipes me out!
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :love_heart: :love_heart: :love_heart: I am glad you enjoyed yourself in a way that would make you happy!
  14. Thanks for the encouragement Yeah I have, that area gets crowded too! I am learning to be flexible enough not to let the crowds slow me down.
  15. I can't help but share some Italian culture Ma il cielo e sempre pui blu by Rino Gaetano A song from the 1970's, a political commentary on Italian society and a damn catchy tune.
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