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  1. My cooking is still going really well, staying pretty true to paleo (minus some potatoes and rice, haha). I need to go to the chiropractor way more often though, I really shouldn't be this tight >< Going to my first yoga class (like a REAL class!) tomorrow morning, wish me luck!
  2. I'm really proud of you for getting the treatment you need and taking care of yourself so well- I know that you're well on your way to a healthy relationship with food and nothing can keep you down :3 Please keep in touch, even if you aren't "doing the challenge"!
  3. Aaaaaaaand I'm nearly a week late. My goals didn't change, and I've only failed outright in drawing. The costumes are coming along fairly well, the yoga and meditation are great, the diet is almost a total success (just eating more starch than I should....) and I'm plugging away at my classes. Meh, keeping on keeping on.
  4. Oh Rafiki, you were so underrated :3 I'm having the best time with my meditation right now, it's like I just broke through after coming back to Hawaii. Definitely proves environment has a huge part in it.
  5. End Week 2. I'm finally home in Hawaii, back to REAL goals and progress! WHOOO!!!! The goals are the same this time, just amped up a bit since I don't have an excuse of being back in AZ!! Yoga every day At home weight training once a day (just some smaller stuff, but better than nothing!) Grocery shop today = eat clean, only have chips or popcorn twice this week! mmmmsalt Not fitness related: Sketch 15 minutes a day Morning meditate online classes round 2!! UNPACK BEFORE THIS GETS RIDICULOUS. Make 2 costumes/parts of them.
  6. I'm not having the best start to my challenge. I'm visiting home and my parents now, and it's not the most positive environment. It's very hard for me to focus, think positive, and have time to do much to myself while I'm here. I'm doing the best I can, and know that as soon as I get back to my normal routine and home (really, anywhere else but as home in HI is my next stop...) it will go so much better.
  7. Oh no, Murphy's Law, right? I really hope you feel better soon- make sure you take vitamins and drink enough water! /denmother
  8. POSTURE!!! Yes!! Why didn't I even think of that?! Haha, sorry, got a bit excited there. I love how yoga, especially inversions, are helping my posture, but I have a bit of work to do on it too. Please remember your inhaler, we don't want you making yourself sick!
  9. Late to the party, but LOVE your organization!! Good luck on the veggies part, I know you'll find ways to love them!
  10. Wheeee update, end of week 1! Drawing: Fail. I've only done it once for about half an hour, the sketchdaily on reddit was Star Trek, so I couldn't not. Very hard to focus on ANYTHING at the "childhood home." Eating: Meh. I haven't had much of an appetite, so less chances of me eating shit if I'm eating way less anyway. However, there was pumpkin pie. It was a good day. Workouts: Only missed one or two, and I guess now my chiropractor's office is having a 45-minute class three times a week. I'll try to get into one if schedule permits. Meditation: Ha, you're funny. Ponytime: less than an hour, but quality as all get out. Lots of cuddles and sneaking him treats :3 Kind of focusing on the family dog more- she's very sick, so I've been watching out for her a lot. Poor thing. Distraction time: Meh, hasn't happened. I've been doing a lot at home and constantly busy on something, so not too much time being wasted unless it's late. I could really fit in more, though. Classes: RAGING SUCCESS! And now more have started. Let's go again!
  11. Ha, and there's not even kids around... It's so frustrating and has been a huge reason for my slip-ups this week, but I AM happy to be able to help out... <3 those Kodama mean so much to me. I'm planning on getting one tattooed on me really soon!
  12. Yeah, I'll still reply to anything in here and participate in weekly challenges and whatnot, but I'll be updating my own thread in the level 1's. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/40135-roninmoro-starts-talking/
  13. Late to the party, but I'm sure that go-getter attitude is so good for you!! ..when you aren't hurting yourself. I'm definitely gonna be keeping in touch!!
  14. I'm mainly using them as a measure of flexibility but it'd also be great for during dance-offs I think. Yes, I regularly end up participating in dance-offs (possibly less likely given goal 2). No, I wasn't born in the 80s. I really don't know how it happens but they are a regular occurrence in my life. Oh dear. Uh, that means you're doing it right.
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