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  1. So, Sarakingdom pointed out that if I'm trying to decrease stress, then a camoflaged (ok, that is spelt wrong, but I cannae be bothered fixin' it) 10 point challenge isnae the way to go. I did say bad words when she pointed this out. Much as I hate to admit it she is right. So, revised challenge: turn up, do it, do it again. Build those habits. 1) Turn up (and turn up again tomorrow) - I just need to keep some momentum going here, having started moving again, I want to keep moving. Kinds of exercise that are included: kickboxing and jujitsu training, ru
  2. Good luck with your work trip - hopefully you will get some down time. Right now it sounds like any down time is a win.
  3. ye see, Not-As-Big-As-Medium-Sized-Tank-But-Bigger-Than-Wee-Tank-Tank, some o us cannae quite remember us quite as many words as that in a one-er. An we dinnae ken ye cousin. Apologies, like, moderately big wee man, but ye cannae blame us for not knowing the remembering.
  4. I like this lifting advice a lot. Makes me want to go to the gym. Fabulous!
  5. Yay for 5 minutes of meditation and recognising that recovery is important! Welcome to the monastery.
  6. Kishi speaks words of wisdom. Also: Absolutely!!!!!!! I wish we all had folk looking out for us and caring for us and stopping us from burning out. And yes while some folk are lucky enough to have someone standing by and saying "its time for a break", they are the lucky ones. So yes, look out for yourself and take good care because you matter. Sounds like you are in an incredibly tough place in your life. Self care will make a difference. All the tiny changes you can make will make a difference. And one day you'll have gotten through the system enough that
  7. Yay. Welcome to the monks! But come on, cheating on the holds on your physio. You know better than that. I like the idea of working on kicks while you rehab your shoulder. Sounds like fun.
  8. I'm still in shock seeing your kitten play with a comb! How does a feline not associate a comb with torture? Bizarre. Only possibly explanation is that it isn't actually a cat - its some computer scientist's automation pretending to be a cat. No other possible explanation. Good luck with the weather. Muffins, charged technology, luck, kitten. It'll be fine! Good luck all the same.
  9. Ah no, so my plan to hide the complications of the challenge have completely failed! DUH! The good news is that I had a technique and bag session at home this morning - first diy kickboxing for a long time. I had forgotten (true story), just how much fun sessions like this are. I loved it. And I love my heavy bag. Must play more with the heavy bag (self sabotage avoidance, I'm going to buy bag gloves so I don't do my classic of using the heavy bag, then forgetting gloves for training, historically, this is a thing). Hmmmmmm, I'm spotting a theme, self sabotage may simply be absent m
  10. Aye, sometimes its just the fightin', then the drinkin' and followed by the lyin' doon. Sometimes ye cannae do them all. How aboots ye keeps the habit goin' - get that drinkin' happenin' an go a wee bit i bit easy on the rest. Ye ken? Thats a mighty fine recruiting song your gonnagle made up!
  11. Reporting in: while I remember..... So far: Bass played - both days. Morning back care = both days. Turning up = lunchtime walk monday, jujitsu today. Veges = loads both days Feegle = classic self sabotage on monday by leaving running gear at home ...... , just finished drinkin' 'erb tea. Good start. Now I just need to do it again. Off to do GMB anti-stress thingie before bed.
  12. All righty - thinking time is over, underpants are collected, special sheep liniment is locked in the cupboard. I think I have quite a few goals this time. So much for keeping it simple stoopid. 1) Turn up (and turn up again tomorrow) - I just need to keep some momentum going here, having started moving again, I want to keep moving. Kinds of exercise that are included: kickboxing (sub challenge - at kb I'm aiming for flow and connection between the moves, while still keeping precision and crispness, this is making training way more fun) and jujitsu training, running, wal
  13. Oh yes, to turnin' up agin tomorroa Liking the hittin' an' the kickin', plannin' on doin' some o that. The mandatory drinkin' hmmmmmmm, me an the special sheep liniment, we're not best friends the mo. I'm a wee bit-i-bit a feared that the feegles will disprove...... but it means more special sheep liniment for them..... thinking of the herbal tea of an evening. Will help with only indulging in the sheep liniment twice a week. Absolutely! While avoiding the challenge turning into doing all of the things..... Ha ha, yes, this, absolutel*
  14. Oh no re lungs that don't want to play nice! Sounds like getting healthy again should be near the top of your list. A bit of self care? All the more energetic goals can just backburner for a bit until you can breathe. Good goals.
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